December 16, 2009

Visit the Uninhabited Islands of Virgin Island by Yacht Charters

The Virgin Islands evoke an image of an isolated island surrounded by crystal clear azure waters. Majority of the islands in BVI are still uninhabited and stumbling upon such an island can feel like stumbling upon paradise on earth. The Virgin Islands not only have excellent beaches but also interesting landscapes and terrains since most islands are of volcanic origin.

With a trusted BVI yacht charter one can visit island after island, one more beautiful than the last. Here, there is no end to the places that can be explored and every day can be an adventure since you would never know what to expect next.

Virgin Island yacht charters can allow you to explore some of the most secluded and hidden islands, most of which are stunningly beautiful. Some of the best places to visit in BVI are:

* Saint Thomas - the island of Saint Thomas has it all, beautiful beaches, bays, restaurants, ancient ruins, architectural marvels and shopping districts. There are several beaches and bays here, all of which have gorgeous white sand and are lined with beach style food shacks and tiny stores selling local trinkets.

* Saint John - Saint John is one of the prettiest islands in Virgin Islands and also one of the smallest. The island has some picture perfect beaches and most of the island is protected by a National Park. The national park has several hills, valleys, beaches and nature trails which are quite breathtaking.

* Virgin Gorda - the island is still not commercialized and offers great intimacy with only a few villas and hotels. One of the best places here is the beach, The Baths. The Baths is quite stunning with its various granite boulders, caves and pools. Apart from the Baths there are several other stunning beaches on the island, some of which are private.

* Anegada - Anegada is one of the largest islands in Virgin Islands and one of the most scarcely populated. The island is surrounded by coral reef and is known to be one of the best sites for scuba diving and snorkeling.

* Saint Croix - this is the largest island in the Virgin Islands. The island is quite unique in its own right since it has plenty of stunning beaches, chain of hills, forests, quaint fishing villages and charming towns. The island is one of the best places to scuba dive in BVI and home to several marine creatures including some endangered species. There are also quite a lot of nature hiking trails here which is a perfect way to explore the local flora and fauna and enjoy the diverse landscape here.

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