December 16, 2009

Experiencing the Classic Charm of Coastal New England Through a Yacht Charter

The coast of New England is lined with several ancient harbor towns, fishing villages and towns that have continued to attract people over years through their sheer charm. Life here is simple and relaxed. New England has an ancient history, a good marine life and good food. The architecture and the landmarks here are timeless and have stood representing the place since centuries which is what makes this place really special.

A New England yacht charter can be a good option if you want to explore everything that this place has to offer. Some of the best known places and islands are very well hidden and reachable by sea which is why New England yacht charters can prove to be helpful.

To experience the real charm of New England include the locations mentioned below in your travel itinerary:

* Block Island- Block Island is a picturesque island that has everything to offer, a beautiful beach, a charming village, several hiking trails, breathtaking views and fresh sea food. Tourists can go on a nature trail, walk through the narrow streets of the charming village or just relax on the beach and soak up some sun.

* Martha's Vineyard- Martha's vineyard is the largest island in Boston and a place like no other. This is the most preferred place for a summer retreat since it has a very diverse landscape. Those who come here would feel themselves being transported to another time where the lifestyle is relaxed and everything moves at a slower pace. There are several places here to explore, nature trails, biking trails, beaches and the famous colored cliffs of Aquinnah.

* Nantucket- Nantucket is home to high end tourism since years now with affluent families spending their summer weeks here. The grand old houses with splendid architecture here have been standing here since hundreds of years. Everything from the historical buildings, ancient houses, old fashioned maze of cobbled streets here speak of history.

* Elizabeth islands- the Elizabeth islands still remain untouched by tourism which makes it a charming location to bask in the summer sun swim and snorkel in the waters. There are plenty of beach side restaurants here that serve fresh sea food and cuisine made from local produce.

* Newport- Newport is one of the most exciting and interesting places in New England. There are plenty of huge mansions here that were built in the 19th century by wealthy industrialists. Newport is also famous for its many music festivals that draw in large crowds from around the country. The old part of the town has some intricate maze of narrow streets that are perfect for a lazy stroll to check some of the old historic buildings in the location.

If you are planning to travel to New England and are looking for a New England yacht charter, then these links can help you find some of the best New England yacht charters.

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