December 16, 2009

Top Destinations For Christmas Breaks UK Style

When summer is upon us, we often think of exploring distant shores. But when the nights draw in and magic of Christmas illuminates the winter nights, many people decide to take a break in Britain. In this article we'll explore some ideas for Christmas breaks. UK towns, cities and countryside provide some interesting festive propositions for those deciding where to go.


The British capital is often well visited because of the vast Christmas lights that go up along its key shopping thoroughfares. Regents Street is a prime example - the lights of which are turned on by a famous person annually. It is true that snow is quite uncommon in London, but last year it broke with this tradition, and the city has more than a dusting of snow in the winter months. The city is certainly an option for those looking for Christmas breaks, UK style.

The Isle Of Skye

Quite possibly the antithesis of old London town, the isle of Skye offers what many people describe as some of the finest coastal and mountain landscapes in Britain. If you choose to come here, you should be aware of the isolated nature of the place; ideal if you have been in a built up area for awhile and need to escape with friends or family. Beaches and wildlife make it a real option for Christmas breaks. UK escapes don't get more dramatic than this.


Another isolated yet beautiful spot is Dartmoor, in the heart of Devonshire. More likely than London to get snow around the festive season, it offer a great deal of places to explore with the family or with friends. Christmas breaks in the UK are also about socialising though, and you'll find plenty of friendly pubs to enjoy food and drink in (many of these are family friendly). If you want more action, you can always escape to Plymouth or Exeter for a more lively experience. But for those who want solitude and pretty English countryside, there are plenty cottages and holiday homes to stay in on Dartmoor.

Christmas breaks, UK style are arguably better enjoyed when you seek out more traditional locations and quaint pubs and villages. A little planning can make a festive getaway extra special. If you go to one of the more remote places, it's a good idea to make a backup plan for if the solitude gets too much - i.e. find out where the nearest pub is!

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