December 16, 2009

Mexican Riviera Cruises

The Mexican Riviera course is one of the award winning cruises offered by the Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL). Due to the lovely environment and warm weather of the destination, it is constantly crowded with tourists from all over the world. The 2009 Reader's Choice Award presented the NCL with the award for the Best Cruise Line for Mexican Riviera. It could not be more accurate than this because the Norwegian Cruise Line offers the best courses for this route. How, you may ask? Well, this brief directory will explain everything. Starting off with the ship from the NCL fleet, the Norwegian Dawn and the Norwegian Gem are usually chosen for this course. Due to the beautiful and opulent look of both ships, you are bound to feel like a millionaire on-board. The treatment provided by the waiters and the staff alone makes you feel like a spoilt prince or princess. And we believe you deserve to be pampered this way.

The Norwegian Gem or Norwegian Dawn is most likely to take you to the Mexican Riviera. It is a beautiful place to go to. Like heaven on Earth, the Mexican Riviera is full of natural beauty and breath-taking views. The beach is a lovely sight to behold. If you are the sporty type, you can imagine yourself snorkeling under the water or simply swimming through the fresh blue sea. The Pacific Ocean has so much to show you. Everything beautiful awaits you at the Mexican Riviera. Who will take you over there? NCL, most proudly. The cruise offers the best of sport activities for those who prefer some physical excitement during their cruise. From scuba-diving to water-skiing to other sports and water activities, NCL offers it all. You can even try some dare-devil sports and go for the deep-water challenges. Don't worry because the NCL makes sure everything you do is done within safe parameters.

If you intend on relaxing and spending time under the sun then don't worry because NCL offers one of the best and most comfortable treatments for those who want rest. You will be offered the best and most peaceful retreats from the noisy world. You can bask under the Mexican Riviera sun or enjoy the grainy sand on the shore with your loved one. You can even socialize or sample yourself some delicious tequilas at the bar. The clubs and discos offer a lot of fun for those who want to shake a leg or two. The cruise to Mexican Riviera is almost a heavenly get-away from the noisy world. You can even sit back in your stateroom and enjoy the sunset from the balcony. Music is played whenever you please. No one will disturb you because NCL realizes how hectic life can get and how difficult it is to enjoy a simple cruise. It makes sure you face no inhibition in enjoying and unwinding.

The usual cruise days offered by the NCL consist of seven or eleven days. It is started off along the sparkling Pacific coast. The fresh blue water under the ship makes everything so magical and enchanting. The cruise begins along the south border of San Francisco. It gradually builds pace and heads along to Puerto Vallarta for an entire day and night. Don't worry: That time is spent in complete relaxation. Sometimes the cruise is changed and taken along the course of hot spots like Mazatlan and, then, Cabo San Lucas. These beautiful and hot places await you this weekend. Full of spicy food, sizzling dances and relaxing siestas can all be yours if you book yourself a seat with NCL this time. We promise you extreme Mexican fun.

Norwegian Cruise lines are a wonderful vacations for families, individuals, couples, and basically anyone that just wants to have a great time. Book your Norwegian cruises today!

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