December 16, 2009

Travel France and Italy in Style With a Yacht Charter

France and Italy are probably the most visited countries in Europe. Both these countries are rich in culture, history and offer unparalleled gastronomical delights. Perhaps the best known and some of the most beautiful places here are the French and the Italian Riviera. The coastlines in both these countries have long sandy beaches with crystal clear water, sunny weather, charming fishing villages and quaint little markets.

To truly experience France and Italy would mean that you would have to stay away from some of the large touristy cities and explore the hidden treasures in the Riviera which is where you would be able to experience the laid back and relaxed lifestyle of the locals and feast your eyes on some of the most breath taking views.

French Riviera:

The French Riviera is known for its elegance and chic sophistication with sea side resorts that can make you feel basked in luxury just by the sheer beauty of the place. St. Tropez is one of the most locations in the French Riviera, the playground of the rich and famous. Here you would find yourself lost in a maze of outdoor cafes, cobble stoned streets, colorful little markets and chic beaches like the Pampelonne beach.

Cannes, which in synonymous with film festivals is another location you must consider visiting. There are several offshore islands off Cannes like Isles de Lerins which are perfect for day excursions if you want to just relax and soak in the sun on the beautiful sandy beaches. There are so many such hidden islands here that perhaps the best way to visit them all is by a French Riviera Yacht charter. Having a French yacht will allow you to visit some of these hidden jewels in luxury.

Some of the other locations to include in your itinerary are Portofino, San Fruttuoso and Camogli.

Italian Riviera:

The Italian Riviera is a pristine stretch of coast line that can perhaps only be described as "picture perfect". The Riviera has several locations that offer a rich experience for all the senses, full of color and beauty.

Elba is the most visited island in the Riviera and for good reason, the coastline here offers several beautiful beaches, some of which are so well hidden that you would not find any visitors there. To explore some of the many untouched islands here Italy yacht charters are the best options. The island of Giglio has beaches that would leave you stunned. With its historic connections and the enchanting markets there is something for everyone here.

Porto Santo Stefano was once a small fishing port situated close to Porto Ercole. Both these ports are still kept well hidden from the throngs of tourists that are otherwise seen in most of Italy which gives you the opportunity to seek refuge in solitude at these beautiful ports.

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