December 16, 2009

Planning a Family Adventure Travel Vacation

So you have decided to take your family on an adventure travel vacation? It can be fun and adventurous but make sure you have a plan that has been carefully thought out if you want your vacation to memorable in a good way.

My kids are easy because I can suggest anything and they will think it is a fun, adventurous vacation idea but not all families are like that. Some kids are hard to please and thus a sit down family discussion might pay off in the long run. Allow everyone to have their input and then plan your adventure accordingly.

There are many things for you consider before you decide on a destination if you have small kids. Is the adventure trip something that they can physically handle? Is it a long drive? Will your destination be outfitted to handle and serve kids? What kind of weather will you run into at your destination. Sure it might be a warm beautiful day where home is but if you are heading north then perhaps you had better make sure all the kids have warm clothing packed and ready... or maybe it is just the opposite. What about medication? I have a child that is diabetic so we have to pack extra bottles of insulin in case we somehow loose one. All these things you will have to consider.

Make sure all of your children have identification on them and go over with them what to do in case of emergency. Even more so if you are leaving the country. The kids need to know what to do and who to contact if you become separated. You need to have a meeting place planned out ahead of time.

Most of the travel agencies that offer family adventure opportunities can help you plan your trip so that it is fun and safe but don't depend on them. When it comes to your family you don't want to take any risk. Plan the right way and adventure travel will become your families favorite way to vacation.

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