April 17, 2009

Family Vacation Spots in South Carolina for Every Interest

Has your family started planning your annual summer vacation or long weekend? With rising food and fuel costs, your family may not want to travel much while on vacation. How about one location with multiple activities for everyone in your family? Family vacation spots in South Carolina offer many activities all in one location like family resorts. Many states have resorts, from romantic weekends to luxury spas, but not all resorts are family friendly or offer activities for your active toddlers to temperamental teenagers. Take the time to do some research about the resort your family is considering.

Here are a few family vacation spots in South Carolina worth considering:

Wild Dunes Resort in Charleston Pack your swim suits, goggles, beach towels and sun block. The most memorable beach vacation will be Wild Dunes Resort. Family vacation spots in South Carolina never had it so easy to plan your day. Plan an Island Adventure with the entire family, one of many family-oriented activities, which includes something for every child’s age. From walks through marshes and beaches to learning how to kayak and play tennis like a junior pro, your children will be motivated to get up early and plan another fun-filled day.

Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head Does your family thrive on chaos and quick fix meals? Need a vacation from your fast-paced lifestyle? Pack your suitcases and vacation at one of the most leisure-oriented isles in the Hilton Head area. Sea Pines Resort offers many choices, awarding it one of the best family vacation spots in South Carolina for your family. Spend a leisurely day at the beach feeding seagulls and playing amidst the warm waves, then stroll into Harbor Town or South Beach for dinner and peruse the various souvenir shops. Window shop the independently owned boutiques and then relax in your choice of a cozy villa or bungalow, which offers a choice of one to four bedrooms, or a vacation home rental that accommodates up to twelve people.

Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach If you and your family are music lovers and fearless coaster riders, then Hard Rock Park is the place you want to be this summer. The Hard Rock Café pales in comparison to this thrilling amusement park. Several nearby resorts have discount packages throughout the season, so you can visit the park more than once. Kids rarely get to rule on vacation, but at Hard Rock Park one of the most thrilling family vacation spots in South Carolina, your kids reign! Visit rides and shows and surprising characters and discoveries located throughout the park.

Lakes and Blackwater Rivers Region in Central South Carolina The central region of South Carolina, comprised of four counties, is one of the most relaxing family vacation spots in South Carolina for water recreation. Small towns await your arrival. Check out the Newberry Opera House and Congaree National Park, which touts such awards as national and state champion trees and the largest remnant of old-growth floodplain forests. Family vacation spots in South Carolina abound with a myriad of family activities and attractions to please every member of your family.

So are you ready to pack your suitcases and reserve a week or two in the Palmetto State? Family vacation spots in South Carolina are unlimited and able to accommodate even the most inactive teenager.


Vacation Tantrums & How To Avoid Them: The Three Parenting Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Trip to

Over the years in working with thousands of families, I regularly speak with parents who abort their trip to Disney World and return home early due to frustrations and disappointments with their children’s behavior. Many times, it’s a child’s repeated temper tantrums that are the cause. While leaving Disney may sound extreme, it’s actually more common than you might imagine.

After all, how many days of whining and tantrums could you take? How many days of constant negotiation and screaming battles would wear you out? And what’s worse…many of you feel helpless in these situations.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. Pay close attention to these three mistakes, and you have a good sense about how to stay out of trouble on your trip to Disney World.

Mistake Number 1: You’re working too hard to make them happy.

Okay I know this sounds weird. But I also understand that you want your kids to have a great time. You don’t want the tantrums. You don’t want the meltdowns. You don’t even want the constant whining and complaining.

Here’s the secret: It’s your job to create opportunities for happiness. It’s not your job to guarantee their happiness. They have to do their share!

All that you can do is expose them to a wonderful experience full of great opportunities for laughter and fun, and let them learn to accommodate long lines, disagreements with their siblings, and the need to get out of the sunshine before they get burned to death.

In these moments of unhappiness, allow them to have their moment. You don’t have to rescue them from it. In fact, they need to learn how to rescue themselves from this. This is a critical life lesson.

Mistake number 2: You fail to establish clear expectations for behavior.

Well in advance of Disney World, your kids need to understand what your expectations are in terms of their behavior in public. Let them know what is “acceptable public behavior” and that they will be welcome to enjoy outings to various parks, recreational areas and even Disney World when their behavior is in line with “acceptable public behavior.”

It is essential to define clearly where the “line is at” (so that everyone knows what is acceptable and unacceptable). Thus, no arguments or discussions later about this topic…especially in the moment of a tempter tantrum or a meltdown.

This might be different for different families, and so it’s important to specify this for your kids. Yet this isn’t enough! Yes I need to make sure you are aware of mistake number three.

Mistake number 3: You try to teach limits on behavior with your words, and not with consequences.

This is a common mistake we all make. We start to see our kids moving toward inappropriate behavior, or perhaps they’re getting out of control, and you begin to remind them or lecture them or scorn them. As the day wears on, we find ourselves getting more and more of this. If you happen to have a child who is somewhat difficult or challenging, you know that this can escalate into a situation that quickly grows out of control.

You avoid this mess by turning toward consequences, and not words. As you set your expectations with kids, let them know what the consequence will be for their failure to honor a particular limit.

For example, if you explain to the boys that any form of pushing or hitting means there will be a non-negotiable consequence: “You boys will both do a time out on the bench with five minutes of complete silence before we will do anything else.” Mom, Dad…you then you have to honor this. They need to know where the line is at. You teach this through the consequence. Not the threatened consequence.

And…you need to be the one to implement the consequence.

For more information about traveling peacefully and joyfully with no temper tantrums and no whining and no meltdowns, visit my parenting website at www.How-To-Stop-Tantrums.com. My name is Randy L. Cale, Ph.D., and I am the author of this material and the developer of The Tantrum Fixer, a step-by-step parenting solution that stops tantrums in less than a week.


Encinitas motel and Encinitas lodging for passing the vacation with family

When people think of Encinitas, they unavoidably imagine year around sun and beautiful beaches. Encinitas California sits on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. To the north of Encinitas there is Batiquitos Lagoon and the San Elijo Lagoon to the south. First people living in the area of today Encinitas Ca were Indians called San Dieguitos, the La Jollans, and the Dieguenos.

Diegueno's group were mission converts and they wanted to build the Spanish Missions. In the year 1669 Governor of Baja California, Gaspar de Portola, was traveling throughout the San Diego and Monterey in California area. His plan was to build so called presidios, where the population could learn and attend religious service.

The expedition was traveling thru City of Encinitas and Gaspar de Portola named the area of Encinitas for the small oak tree. He named the Encinitas area Encina Canada, that mean in Spanish "Hills of live oaks ?. The worst time to visit Encinitas is from the middle of May through the middle of June. During this time period, the coast is socked with low clouds and the sun breaks through for no more than a couple of hours a day. In fact, we call the annual process by the name of June Gloom.

Assuming you come at a different time, the beaches of Encinitas offer up plenty of variety and beauty. There are literally hundreds of beaches you can visit, but a select few are worth a mention.

If you are looking for the beach with college kids and a party scene, Pacific Beach is the place to be. The beach is wide, wild and packed. A sidewalk runs the length of the beach to the south and is a great place to people watch. If you prefer an alcoholic beverage with your people watching, the outdoors deck at Lahainas is the place to be. The suds flow all day, but make sure to get there early as the deck is small.

If you prefer to have most of the beach to yourself, you need to look to the beaches backed by cliffs. People are lazy, so they tend not to congregate in these areas since you have to hoof it up and down the paths to get to the beach. Stone Steps in Encinitas is a personal favorite. The beach is used sparsely, which makes it a good place to swim and just loaf.

Visiting Encinitas for the first time can be quite overwhelming, especially when you consider that there are so many things you can do. Deciding where to go and what to do can be quite time consuming, which is where, we can help. InnAtMoonlightBeach.com has Encinitas motel which you gives the contentment of living. Our other Encinitas lodging also will be great for your pleasure.

No matter what season you visit, the beach is one area that personifies the entire Encinitas lifestyle. Whether you watching the tide come in or soaking in the sun, the beach is where the action is. From Mission Beach to the Belmont Park rollercoaster - make sure you hit the beaches here.

Some days ago we some of friends went to Encinitas. We spent considerable time poolside at the Encinitas motel and when we felt we were being too lazy, we hiked along several of the bay's bike paths. People-watching is one of the main resort activities and one prime spot is the Bayside. Encinitas lodging a great place for afternoon or early-evening refreshments while watching the sun go down over the bay. We also enjoyed dinner there, where we chose from a creative selection of entrees.

The Encinitas motel was changing out many of its room furnishings while we were there and, by now, most guests should notice the tasteful new room designs that are in keeping with the motel four-diamond rating. Our room had just been changed out with new furniture, plush pillows and comforters and everything felt brand new. Internet service is included and the hotel offers shuttle service to some nearby shopping areas.

We enjoyed Encinitas motel provided by InnAtMoonlightBeach.com as the Encinitas. Now I’ve plan to go Encinitas lodging with my family. I hope you people will enjoy the Encinitas as like me.

Resources Box:

I saw people were enjoying in Encinitas motel as like there home. But some people like to choose Encinitas lodging for their living. Its feeling as like home.


Family Fun With Disneyland Paris Holidays

Looking for your next family vacation? How about a trip to Paris to visit Disneyland and have a vacation you will never forget. Disneyland is the ideal place for a family vacation no matter which location you choose, but the Paris location is a stunning place to bring every member of your family.

Disneyland resorts are well known as the ultimate family vacation location. Everything about a Disneyland resort is geared toward the enjoyment of every member of the family from the smallest child to the oldest adult. The Disneyland Resort Paris was once known as Euro Disney and it has been a vacation destination from the day it opened its doors to the public.

The Disneyland Resort Paris has over fifteen square miles of fun for everyone in your family. There are new attractions and events taking place at the resort all the time. First built in 1992, it has been a great addition to the Disney family. There are three parks and seven hotels for families to enjoy. Each of the parks and hotels has its own theme, to suit everyone's tastes for their holiday.

The first park that you will visit is Disneyland Paris Park. This park was designed with the classic Disney theme in mind. It has all of the famous Disney characters that you know and love. The famous fairy tales and stories that are a part of the Disney legend are on full display at this classic theme park. The amazing Main Street in the park is designed to give you the experience of being in the United States in the 1900's. Small town America is everywhere you look as you enjoy this fabulous park.

Next, head on over to Walt Disney Studios Park for a trip into the world of the movies. You will find plenty of entertainment on display in this park. The front lot of the park will show you all of the famous sets and props that are a part of Hollywood. In the Production Courtyard, you can take a tram tour or visit the movies in style with CineMagique.

Disney Village is the third park in Disneyland Resort Paris. This park will give you an American experience that you will find no where else in Europe. There is Buffalo Bill's Wild West Dinner Show and some of the very best restaurants, a night club and bars. There is plenty of adult fun in this park where you can dance in the nightclub or enjoy the music from every music genre at the music festivals that take place throughout the year.

Your accommodations while you are enjoying Disneyland Resort Paris are some of the finest hotels in the area. With seven to choose from, you can pick the hotel that suits your style and taste while you are on holiday with your family. The Disneyland Hotel is a lovely place to stay that is designed in the image of a Victorian mansion. The Hotel New York will take you back to 1930's Manhattan. Stay in the Sequoia Lodge for a truly American experience with lodgings that bring you the beauty of the American National Parks. Newport Bay Club is a nautical experience and Davy Crocketts Ranch are fabulously rustic bungalows for the nature lover. Hotel Cheyenne take you to the wild west and the Hotel Santa Fe is inspired by Route 66.

To book your travel at the right time, check out the seasonal events that take place at Disneyland Resort Paris throughout the year. You can book your trip so that you don't miss any of the spectacular events that are taking place at the resort all year long.

The Disneyland Resort Paris is a fabulous holiday destination with many attractions and events that are designed for every member of your family. The children will enjoy the classic characters that are there to entertain them on the holiday. Children are not the only members of the family that enjoy a visit to a Disneyland resort. Adults will find plenty of entertainment while they are treating their children to the trip of a lifetime. There is dancing and dining for adults to enjoy during the holiday, which make it a spectacular time for all.

Disneyland Resort Paris is a wonderful destination for your next family holiday. Book your trip now and prepare yourself for a relaxing and exciting time for everyone. Stay in one of the stunning seven hotels at the resort and enjoy a truly unique American experience. Disney is in the family entertainment business and there is no rival to the experience of a Disney vacation.


Veronica Jewell is an Internet technlogist who writes on a variety of subjects. She has written on behalf of The Co-operative Travel, who offer disneyland paris holidays and a variety of other cheap holidays.


The Best Family Adventure Vacation we have ever had

"The best family adventure vacation we have ever had."

"In this fast paced world I never get the time to spend with my teenagers. This is an excellent way to stop the clock and have fun with them. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime!"

"My goal was to have a special time with my granddaughter and we did. She does not stop talking about all the things she accomplished! I cannot think of anything I would have liked differently. Keep up the good work!"

Adventure travel outfitters from their clients regularly hear wonderful comments like these. Whether it is on a family rafting vacation, at a dude ranch, or participating in a wildlife expedition, family adventure holidays seem to be some of the most satisfying and rewarding vacations available. What is it about these vacations that make them so memorable and enjoyable? And what planning steps are suggested to families considering an outdoor adventure for their next family vacation to help make that trip impact as those described above?

Family adventure holidays are successful in large part because of the challenges they provide and the camaraderie that results from successfully meeting those challenges. There is nothing like climbing up on a horse for the first time and pulling on the reins to get it to gallop through a mountain meadow, or paddling a bouncing raft through eight-foot waves. Successfully steering your horse or helping paddle a raft through a rapid are what makes family rafting vacations and adventure holidays so rewarding. What a great feeling it is to face a challenge and do well! And, when you do this as a member of a group or team, everyone celebrates! When was the last time your family worked and played together to overcome a common challenge? Simply put, the teamwork required in most adventure activities brings people together, friends, strangers, and families alike.

Of course, it is very important to be as prepared as possible for any adventure travel vacation. Correctly preparing yourself and your family is the first step towards a successful outdoor adventure. The following suggestions may work for your family as you consider and plan your next adventure vacation:

Reading a book on the Salmon River Idaho Choose the Correct Adventure Vacation for your Family Perhaps the most important decision you can make regarding an adventure travel family vacation is which adventure to choose. Trips range from one-day river trips near your hometown to multi-day wildlife safaris in the distant corners of the earth. So how do you choose? Consider asking yourself the following questions to help you decide: Is my family or are most members of my family adventurous? In other words, is our family one that enjoys or would enjoy facing exciting challenges? If you answered no to this, then perhaps adventure travel vacations are not right for you and your family. If you answered yes, then the following questions should further assist you in deciding which adventure travel offerings are best for your family.

Do we or would we like to camp and spend time outdoors? Since most adventure travel holidays involve spending time outdoors and camping, it is important to at least feel comfortable with the idea of sleeping in a tent, being out in the sun all day, etc.

What experience do we have with the activities we are considering? If you have haven't participated in the activity or activities that are the feature of the vacation you are considering (rafting, backpacking, horseback riding, four-wheel driving, etc.), it might be best try the activity on a local and shorter-term basis. For example, a one-day raft trip should indicate to you whether or not your family would enjoy a longer wilderness river trip.

Have we ever traveled overseas as a family on a more typical vacation? Vacations that include creature comforts (such as hotels and restaurants) in a foreign country can often be challenging in their own right, as cultural and schedule differences can cause difficulties. When considering an overseas adventure vacation it is important to know that your family will be able to deal with the cultural and amenities differences of another country, as well as the challenges that adventure activities can provide.

Do the outfitters we are considering have experience running trips with families who have never participated on an adventure travel vacation? This is a very important question to ask the companies you are considering for your adventure vacation. Outfitters with experience have likely developed an approach to guiding trips that help first-timers with all aspects of their adventure, from helping with tent set-up to having extra activities available for children.

What type of elements do we most enjoy or would we most enjoy? In other words, is mine a family of water-loving swimmers, land-loving hikers, or...? This question ultimately decides what type of adventure vacation may be best suited for your family. If you have a family that loves to hike, then consider a backpacking or hiking with pack animals trip. If your family loves water then rafting down a wilderness river may be best. With all of the options now available to families looking for adventure travel, it is a safe bet that you would find many vacations that will prove to be as satisfying and rewarding to you as they were to the folks who were quoted above!

Once you have narrowed down the choices or have selected the adventure vacation that is well suited to your family, consider the following suggestions as a way to best prepare you and your child(ren) for the big adventure.

Involve Your Kids In Planning Getting your child(ren) excited about specific aspects of the trip will help engage them during the trip itself. If you are so inclined, take some time before you travel to show them maps, list animals that may be encountered on your trip, and discuss what type of activities will be included on the trip, etc. Above all else, consider each child's abilities and personality to ensure they have a fun and rewarding adventure without getting in over their heads.

Plan A Trip-Long Project A trip-long project may help your child(ren) enjoy the trip even more, and can provide a valuable record for lifelong memories. One popular option is to buy your child a disposable camera and have them create a photo essay of pictures they've taken. Another good idea is to create a journal for your children to write in each evening at camp. They can write, draw pictures, press flowers and go home with a running record of the trip.

Watch The Weather Once on the trip, watch the weather and heed advice from your guides in order to assure your comfort. As you know, children (especially small ones) are more susceptible to the elements than most adults. Bring lots of waterproof sunscreen and have your child apply it several times a day. However, do not apply sunscreen to your or their forehead. If it drips in your eyes from splashing or perspiration it can sting. Also, have your child wear a hat with a bill. Also, make sure that you have closely followed the gear and clothing requirements before the trip, in order for you and your children to be as comfortable as possible.

Drink Lots Of Water Dehydration may be the biggest hazard on any adventure trip, and the first sign is often a bad mood. Bring water bottles and have your whole family drink lots of fresh water. This is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure everyone has a good time.

Share Activities Most adventure travel outfitters encourage everyone to do as much or as little as they want to in camp and at other times while on the trip. If your children like to participate and lend hands, most outfitters welcome it! When deciding on a trip, find out from potential outfitters exactly how much hands-on participation there can be!

Hopefully, these suggestions inspire you and your family to participate in adventure travel vacations. And, we hope that should your next family vacation be filled with outdoor adventures that you too feel that your holiday was "the most incredible vacation we have ever had!"


Exclusive Disney World Tickets For Family Vacation

Among Orlando’s attractions, the Arabian Nights show is such a dinner show which presents lots of enchanting shows in the world’s largest indoor equestrian center. The mesmerizing love story of the Princess Scheherazade and the Prince Khalid depict the romantic story of true love. This stage show presents the unique blend of modern technology in sound, lighting and special effects. Moreover, the well trained beautiful horses not less than 60 and the colourful bright costumes of the characters enhance the attractiveness of this dinner show.

If your holiday destination is Orlando then never miss the chance to experience Arabian Nights dinner show. So, it is advisable for you to book the Arabian Nights Tickets in advance. If you are alone or with friend or family, this dinner show welcomes every individual with utmost hospitality. There are lots of ways to buy Disney World Tickets. You can buy the tickets directly or through various web sites.

Surely, you will be thrilled with pleasure at the moment you enter Palace of Horses which can accommodate 1,200 person easily. Horses play the major role to entertain the spectators. Among many kinds of horses, the Black Stallion is the center of all attractions. The solo performance of Black Stallion is awe-inspiring. That is why this particular horse became the icon of Arabian Nights Dinner Show.

Another interesting part of Arabian Nights is the foods they serve in this dinner show are delicious and mouthwatering. The guest of this show can have the meal and drink as they wish. The mouthwatering substances include Black Angus Chopped Steak, Grilled Chicken Breast, New York Strip Steak or a Primavera Pasta Bowl, salad etc. Apart from these cocktail and mocktail is also available. In short, we can say it is a great feast with a grand show. Hence to experience the Arabian Night dinner show, strict you trip to Orlando.

The smarter way to explore Orlando is having the Go Orlando Cards. This card enables you to visit over 50 attraction places. Generally, people opt this easiest way to make a tour which saves both your time and money.

Go Orlando Cards look like a credit card. What you have to do is to show this card wherever you go. It lessens the worries to buy tickets again and again. Just pay once after deciding how many days you have planned to visit the attractive places. After the first activation of the card you can use it to two weeks.


Camping: It's what you are missing

I have written a number of articles on camping. I have because camping is one of those activities that can really bring a family together. I can remember all of the camping trips on went on with my father when my brother and I were just kids. From those trips we learned a great deal from him about living and enjoying the outdoors as well as respecting it and leaving it better off then we found it.

Camping gives you a great starting point or base camp if you will, to venture off into other activities. Many campgrounds allow for various hiking trails, fishing spots, canoeing, and so much more. I have been to campgrounds that even take it a step further with guided tours of the environment that teach you the various wildlife that surrounds you and the vegetation that grows there. I never thought I would find this stuff interesting but it truly is and quite fascinating I might add.

Of course you can do simple day trips for these same tasks, but there is nothing like going on a long hike through the trails at Rickett’s Glenn and returning to your campsite, getting the campfire going, and sitting around with family and friends and talking about the day, what you saw and what you experienced.

Not too soon after the aroma of your dinner (for us its normal barbecued chicken) roasting over the open fire can be smelled from every campsite around. If you have never experienced cooking dinner out in the open over a fire, trust me, you are missing quite a bit.

Later in the evening, when the sun goes down and the crickets come out, it’s marshmallow time. Why for some reason do we as a people only eat marshmallows after roasting them over a fire I will never know, but the kids (and some adults, I won’t mention names) absolutely love it. I believe the kids get more fun out of looking for the perfect stick to put the marshmallows on then the marshmallow itself.

If you are feeling really ambitious you can make that campfire treat that has been around for generations, smores. They are simple to make, in between two graham crackers you will put a piece of chocolate and a roasted gooey marshmallow. Trust me they create a sugar rush unlike anything you have ever had.

These activities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what camping brings to the table. I have stories that I could write a book about and I am sure, once you get your family into camping, you will too. Would you like to make some extra money writing about your camping experience? You can join Bukisa today and start earning residual income on every article that you write about camping.


Shuswap Vacation Homes

Located near Sicamous, British Columbia and in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings you will find Shuswap Vacation Homes. Vacation homes where you can find the comfort of your own home. Homes that you will want to have in the family for making memories year after year. Or, homes in an affordable city with low property taxes where you can invest for your families future. Shuswap Vacation Homes are located in beautiful, lush surroundings near Shuswap Lake. Enjoy boating, skiing, canoeing and fishing. Take advantage of rock climbing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, bird watching and just leisurely days taking in the breathtaking beauty. Visit artists galleries, go shopping and treat yourself to meals out at nearby restaurants. You can even take a day trip and visit Calgary or Vancouver. At Shuswap Vacation Homes you can do as much or as little as you want. It is your home and you make the choices. Sicamous is a growing vacation destination. In these times, it provides for the perfect setting to begin a new business, invest in real estate or invest in your family without elevated costs. Shuswap Vacation Homes would be a perfect opportunity to earn extra income by leasing to vacationers wanting to experience the beautiful surrounding of British Columbia. Or, it is that opportunity to invest in a vacation home for your family to experience year after year and build lasting memories in an environment that you can make feel just like home. Everyone agrees that the opportunity to spend time with family and friends is what life is all about. Shuswap Vacation Homes provides a beautiful landscape for that. You will enjoy spectacular sunrises every morning and beautiful sunsets every evening at Shuswap Vacation Homes. All of the time in between is up to you to fill in as much or as little as you please.

To know more about Shuswap Vacation Homes in the Shuswap and Mara lakes region, please visit Shuswapvillas.com.


Branson Theaters and Shows

Being the live music capital of the World, Branson Missouri is packed full of theaters and shows for any vacationer to enjoy. Whether you are in the mood for some down-home bluegrass or country, or maybe even a comedy show, something can be found to meet your individual tastes. A perfect destination for families, Branson offers a wide range of wholesome shows in beautiful theaters that can spice up any family trip.

Captivating Branson Shows and Theaters

The more than 100 live shows that take place in Branson each day require 52 theaters in which to entertain guests. Some of these theaters have unique stories and others are newer state of the art venues, but they all play a special part in bringing action and entertainment to Branson visitors.

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater

Everyone knows the name Dick Clark, and now this classic icon brings you the best in musical entertainment within his massive theater. On most nights they are packed to capacity by visitors itching to see his show, Legends in Concert. A cast of many all star impersonators bring back some of the best entertainers. On any given night you can enjoy a song from Garth Brooks, Tina Turner, Buddy Holly, The Blues Brothers, and of course Elvis. A variety of other musical and comedy acts can be seen here on a weekly basis as well.

Baldknobber’s Country Music Theater

Home to the longest running Branson show, the Baldknobber’s Country Music Theater features the beloved Baldknobbers Jamboree. Don’t let the show’s age fool you though, the theater has recently been updated with the latest sound and light features, and viewing this classic entertainment will be sure to impress even the most skeptical visitors, as well as have you rolling on the floor laughing.

The Dixie Stampede Theater

This over 35,000 square foot theater is made to encompass the action packed show that guests witness while enjoying a wonderfully cooked four course meal. With seating for 1,000 guests to enjoy the ever captivating Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show, it is easy to see why this too, is one of the most popular theaters in Branson Missouri.

Branson’s largest theater for live entertainment, this elegant venue can easily house 4,000 people. With its grand antebellum theme and enormous 10,000 piece crystal chandelier, the entertainment that appears here is every bit as grand as the venue itself. When big name stars visit, the Grand Palace Theater is their location choice, and regular performers include Mel Tillis, The Oak Ridge Boys, and Jeff Foxworthy.

Legends Family Theater

The ideal location for families looking for a night of fun, the Legends Family Theater is home to many of the area’s most beloved shows. The Brett Family performs here regularly with their hit family show packed full of country and blue grass rhythm. Another popular show located within this venue is Bounce, Branson’s only basketball themed show.

Caravelle Theater

Comedy and great music combine within this beautiful theater. The Caravelle Theater is home to two of the biggest Branson shows. Liverpool Legends offers Beatles fans a trip back in time. This tribute band plays all of the Beatles’ most popular tunes as they perform a musical journey through the famous groups’ career. The Joey Riley Comedy Review will have you laughing so hard that you cry, as he entertains you with his brand of hilarious comedy.

If you love live shows and unique theaters, then Branson Missouri will not disappoint. For those vacationing alone or as a family or group, you can’t go wrong when you choose a show in a beautiful Branson theater. Come experience the fun and laughter for yourself in the Live Music Capital of the World.

About the author:

Mark Ruda doesn’t just work with hotels in Branson, Missouri, he lives there. He has extensive knowledge of the tourism industry, thanks to his experience marketing Branson, Missouri hotels. He is currently a marketing director for Thousand Hills Golf Resort, a popular golf resort in Branson offering rental cabins in Missouri and great vacation package options.


Travel Tips For Cheap Family Vacations

Family vacations are really an important time for the family. It’s probably the only time of the year that the whole family can get together and spend some real quality time with each other. It means fun for both the parents and kids. Many families may now tend to avoid thinking about vacation because of a tight budget and a slumping economy. Here, however, are some tips on how to cut down the cost of your next family vacation and yet still ensure loads of enjoyment for everyone:

1. Plan your vacation well in advance. This gives you plenty of time to surf the internet and get the best bargains on air tickets and hotel reservations for your family.

2. Try to be flexible about the dates of your travel. It’s better to travel in mid-week rather than on a weekend. Try to plan your travel in the off peak season. You are more likely to get cheaper air tickets and a good bargain on your hotel.

3. Save money on hotel rooms. Your hotel choice could consume much of the money spent on your vacation. If you have relatives or friends living near any probable vacation spot, then try make arrangements, if possible, to stay with them for the holiday. If planning an international vacation then consider using a hotel guide or surf the internet for the best rates you can find.

4. Save money by considering cheap cruises. These can be for only three to five days on many popular cruise ships with many fun designations. The inside cabins are the best choice and can actually be very affordable.

5. Check for a vacation rental. These provide a great value when it comes to a family vacations. You can save a lot on the hotel room and also on the food.

6. Before you leave for your vacation, buy all your own amenities like sunscreen, toothpaste, medicines, etc. These things usually cost more at vacation spots.

7. Try to travel with another family or with friends. You can consider booking a vacation cottage and share the cost of the stay. You can do the same with food because you will most likely have a kitchen in the cottage.

8. Choose a destination where you can have free fun. You’re already paying for your stay and the food could be costly so you don’t want to end up paying for all your entertainment as well.

9. Try to visit the off beaten path destinations. These destinations are a lot cheaper than the crowded destinations most might choose. You also will have the added advantage of privacy.

10. You can consider choosing a destination that you can drive to. You can also carry your own food and entertainment along. You can carry an ice box with bottled water, soda, and perhaps a selection of canned foods.

11. You may also consider a family camping trip. It’s filled with fun and adventure and it can really be within your budget. Your biggest expense might be the tent. You can carry an ice box with all your food and drinks. You might also plan a family barbeque. You can take your friends along so that you can split the price of gas and food.

12. We can’t ignore the fact that last minute vacation packages can be big money savers. Although planning your vacation in advance is good advice, you could also plan on catching a last minute deal. So get geared up, pack your bags, and start planning your next fun-filled cheap family vacation.


Exploring the Alluring city of Las Vegas and Florida

Eager to see and visit the world’s most beautiful places then take help of the world travel guide which will direct you easily to your favorite destinations. The world has lots of attractive places to travel. Among them Las Vegas is the must visit place which offers something for everyone. Las Vegas is known as a Disneyland for adults and its prime attraction is gambling. The gamblers come to Las Vegas for test their gambling skills. Las Vegas is also an ideal place for family vacation because the city has various entertainments to offer. Also entertainment has found a perfect place in the city. Spend your precious days of holiday in the city experiencing the attractive happening events and attractions.

Las Vegas Travel Guide is the simplest way to explore the city if you do not want to miss a single attraction. However, some of the things that are not to be missed when visiting Las Vegas are the giant clown in front of the Circus and a copy of the Great Pyramid. If you are looking for low peak seasons of traveling in Las Vegas then November to February is the perfect period when you can avail discount offers of the hotel rooms and flight tickets. To see the whole city it will take time so there may be necessity to extend your stay in the city. The luxurious hotels of the city can be a homely abode for your temporary stay.

Other than Las Vegas, Florida is also a great place to explore. The major attraction of Florida is Disney World which is well known for its theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, shopping and dinning venues, etc. Orlando has great weather most of the time though it has been known to rain off and on for several days. Most of the parks have indoor activities as well as the outdoor ones. The four main theme parks of Disney include the animal kingdom, the magic kingdom, Epcot, and MGM studios. However, to get clear idea just follow Florida travel guide which indicates every tourist attractions.

Rogers Ronald, an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tourism topics and recommends travel.worldmapsinfo.com for world travel guide, Las Vegas Travel Guide and Florida travel guide information.


Get the best pictures on your vacation

No matter if you’re embarking on a water vacation or a family vacation at a beautiful place like Dubrovnik for example, it’s going to be a special time for you and you want to remember them best with photos. Here are some ideas to enhance your vacation as well as your memories of them.

From that moment when you know where you’re going, doesn’t it make sense to check out the location before you get there? Create a list of attractions, accommodations, special points of interest, amusement areas, shopping, etc.

Thant, figure out the photo opps for each appropriate venue. Everyone can take a "so-so" photograph of the kids at an amusement park. But wouldn’t you rather capture a WOW masterpiece that could be hung over the mantle?

Whether you're going on a family gathering a skiing vacation in Austria or a beach and city-tour vacation in Dubrovnik, check out the books written about the destination and highlight the best photo opportunities BEFORE YOU GET THERE.

If you’re taking a hiking vacation to a more remote area, scout out the national parks in the area. The great thing about national parks is that the scenery is so breathtaking, that an average picture looks outstanding... just because of the location. Do an Internet search for possible photos at the National Park Service or simply do a Google search on the location. Phenomenal shots will present themselves all over the place.

Imagine a typical scenario you could find at Dubrovnik... you’re up at the crack of dawn (OK, not realistic for many of us, including me, but go with me here) and you’re just pulling into the most scenic overlook for 400 miles as the sun is starting to break the horizon.

You instinctively stop the car, grab your camera and your tripod, and look for the optimum location to set up. There's just one tiny little problem…You Didn't Take Your Tripod on this family vacation. Rather than smack yourself on the forehead, why not plan for these things now, by constructing a list before you leave?

Your list should include AT LEAST the following:

Tripod Do I need to repeat – BRING YOUR TRIPOD? It doesn’t take up much room, and it allows you to capture entirely new categories of pictures that wouldn’t be possible without one

Memory Bring all the memory you have. But don't stop there; also pack your portable storage devices if you have any.

Flash If your camera has a hot shoe, bring your external flash, and any additional equipment that can be used to help with bounce flash. Also, don't forget to use it during the daytime to make your pictures really come alive.

Shutter Release Cable Remember your external shutter release cable for those long exposures. How else are you going to get that “angel-hair” look of the waterfalls without camera-shake ruining the photo?

Remember the Basics Don’t forget the basics like: batteries, battery charger, camera bag, and additional lenses and filters (if applicable on your camera).

User Manual And just in case you need it, bring the manuals for your equipment. It's only when you start to use things that you realize you forgot how!

Finally, don’t get so wrapped up in taking the perfect picture that you don’t enjoy the trip. And, remember to use the tripod so that you'll be in at least some of the shots. I would like to recommend Dubrovnik with its amazing monuments, beaches and Dubrovnik hotel for an amazing vacation where you can get amazing pictures.


Photographically Documenting a Vacation

Photographically documenting a vacation

Speaking as a person who has avidly been taking vacations annually since shortly after high school graduation, and has had the privilege of visiting all 50 states and 56 countries at last count, I know how important it has been to me each time to get the photos from the camera to a photo album as quickly as possible. One reason is I'm a bachelor, and as a result, share my vacation by way of photos when I return, rather than during the trip with family. Many times I find people who, conversely, took a wonderful vacation years ago, but their photos are still stuffed in a shoebox somewhere, rather than in a photo album where they belong. Procrastination can become a bad habit.

Back in '87, I took a very long vacation of several months, traveling around the Pacific Rim, and ended up with over 3000 photos when I returned home, about 2000 of which I preserved in photo albums. Fortunately, before I started out, I came up with an idea of how to keep this mountain of photos in chronological order, which greatly helped in remembering exactly why that scene was photographed in the first place, and where. What I did was take a roll of masking tape along with me, and on each roll, as I finished it, I wrote the next number in sequence on the tape and put it on that roll. When I returned home, there were all my photos numbered consecutively from Day 1 to Day 112. Coupling that with the daily log I kept, and the notes I took in that log of some of the more obscure, confusing, or detailed photos in the stack, I was able to accurately label each of them. I've done that ever since.

I've also taken photos over the years of things that I had no intention of keeping, but that helped me keep track of what I was seeing. For instance, I was able to visit Rainbow Falls near Hilo, Hawaii, on that 1987 trip, and to help me remember which falls that was, I took a photo of the sign there at the parking lot which gave that name--very helpful for recall.

In addition, I have gotten in the habit of extensively labeling each of my photos so that I can literally loan my photo albums to a friend for a few days, knowing they can take themselves through the album(s), as opposed to having to arrange a time when I can come over and stand over their shoulder to explain each of the photos to them, which can become logistically impossible if 30+ people want to see them upon my return.

Point 3, the little scraps of paper--gate passes, youth hostel passes, brochures, etc., can be nicely kept at the back of the photo album in an acetate sheet protector, if your photo album is loose leaf, or if it's not loose leaf, in a clasp envelope taped to the back cover. Years later, those little things mean a lot; I've been glad I kept them on more than one occasion.

Lastly, through personal disappointment, I've learned to take a photo of everything, realizing that maybe 1/3 or more will be discarded, but that's much better than getting my photos back and realizing that I never took a photo of that scene/person/whatever, because at the time it didn't seem important. This is much easier these days with digital cameras, but the discipline of recording everything is still important.


Cheap Ski Vacations

Skiing is no longer just a sport for the wealthy. Although ski vacations have a bad rap for being overly expensive, there are now many ways you can find less expensive options for you and your family without having to spend a fortune on tickets, lodging and equipment. Cheap ski vacations often still offer you beautiful scenery, warm and quiet lodging and great ski slopes and classes, you just may have to do a little research to find these great deals. If you learn some of the following tips, you and your family will be well on your way to the perfect ski vacation!

As with most deals in life, the best way to find yourself a quality ski vacation on a budget is sufficient planning. Although the internet will provide you with a wealth of options for finding great deals, you do have to be careful and make sure all of the deals are legit. The best advice for finding the perfect deal is to become friendly with a good travel agent. Ask your friends and co-workers if they have any reputable recommendations for you. Make sure to treat your travel agent well. Send your travel agents cards and small gifts on holidays and be sure to send a thank you when they go above and beyond. Travel agents find out about great packages and deals right when they become available and they also have access to the deals that aren’t available directly to the general public. Although you may have only thought to use a travel agent for cheap Disney vacation packages or booking cruises in the past, they can also be your best connection to deals on ski packages too!

Another way to save money on your ski vacation is to build a relationship with the desk staff at the resort you usually stay at. Like travel agents, the desk staff will know about deals that the resort has before the general public and will be able to give you tips on how to take advantage of these great deals. The more you stay at one resort, the more they will be likely to give you advanced notice on upcoming specials and events. They may even be able to give you access to a frequent traveler’s discount club if one is offered at the resort. If you and your family frequent the slopes, then this may be a great option for you to save money in the long run.

If you are traveling to the slopes with a large family and don’t think that a good travel agent or frequent traveler discount will save you enough money to make your vacation a reality, then you may want to consider planning your trip for a ski resort that isn’t in one of the most popular locations like Colorado or the Alps which will cost you a lot more. One place that has fantastic ski slopes with all the amenities but without the crazy cost is Michigan. You may not have realized this, but Michigan is quickly becoming one of the most popular, family friendly places to ski without the high cost. Michigan offers award winning service and more than 40 different ski resorts for every type of skier from the beginner to the champion skier. They also cater to families and offer many programs for children ages three and up, so no one will miss out on the fun.

Planning the perfect ski vacation doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! Although ski resorts have a bad reputation for costing an arm and a leg to enjoy, there are many methods you can utilize that will save you enough money to make this dream vacation possible. Before you give up on this dream, look into great travel agents, discount clubs and less expensive ski resorts and see if they don’t help you hit the slopes in no time! For more information on how to save money on your vacation, visit http://www.topcheapvacations.com.


Free Doctors Excuse - For a Few Days Holiday Vacation

Do you already feel the holiday spirit? Do feel excited to take a few days off? Do want to extend your vacation or take the holiday vacation early? If you want to do so but do not have a valid excuse, then you can make use of free doctors excuse. These fake doctors excuses are now available on the Internet for downloading. All you have to do is edit a few items and print them. You can easily have a valid and authentic looking excuse letter or legal document that nobody will ever question.

Take an early time off this holiday season with your family or friends with the help of free doctors excuse. You do not need to draw up some crazy story to be granted some days off. You do not have to pretend to be sick. You simply have to get one of these beautiful excuse letters from doctors and you can be on your way to holiday land.

You can make use of these free doctors excuse notes anytime that you want. You can even choose which doctors or which medical condition fits your story. Do you want a heart doctor, a surgeon, a psychiatrist, or even a chiropractor to sign your medical excuse note? Worry no more because you can have a very real looking excuse note from any kind of doctor of your choice. Having one fake doctors note always ready can give you the much needed time and excuse whenever the need arises. Get a bunch of them online so you get to control your time and your life.

• There should also be other things like precautions and measures take you need to take. There are certain things and activities which doctors always want that you should avoid. These items should also be present in the doctor’s notes.

These items are also important so that your doctor notes look real and authentic. You should also know that there are many websites which provide templates of doctor’s notes which look real and authentic. These are available to you by paying small amount of money and you can fill the small details like your name, date and number of days. These templates allow you to take leave from one day to couple of days.

You should also know that you should use the fake doctor’s notes very carefully because if you are caught then it can lead to adverse consequences. Further, there are many websites which offer doctor’s notes from original doctors and this way there will be no possibility of you being caught. Therefore, you can search for these websites as well and should always compare the fake doctor notes with genuine one. Emmitt Streat is a writer and an entrepreneur. To learn more about writing fake medical excuses, visit his website. Need a free doctor's excuse?


Plan More Trips In a Year by Opting For Affordable Hotel Deals

A vacation is the best way to relieve you out of your tensions. It not only helps you get over your boredom, but also ensures that you get to spend some quality time with your family. Owing to this reason, everyone ponders over the possibilities of saving money while on a holiday so that he can plan more trips in a year with his family.

Hotel deals help make your vacations economical and comfortable at any place in the world. Hence, it is a wise decision to finalise a cost-effective hotel deal before starting with your trip. Hotel deals offer cheap accommodations in discount hotels along with various other amenities that make it suitable for budget travellers. Most of these hotels are centrally located offering an easy access to major tourist attractions and public transport facilities.

Hotel deals also come with additional perks and discount schemes, such as free access to recreational facilities, free parking, free access to meeting and conference rooms, free breakfast, and many more. These facilities if availed individually would cost you a fortune.

The room rents of hotels increase during the peak tourist season. Therefore, planning and booking suitable discount hotel deals are always better for your pocket and peace of mind. With the help of the Internet, you can easily find economical and effective hotel deals for a comfortable stay.

There are many online hotel booking web sites that offer an exhaustive list of cheap hotels as well as expensive luxury hotels across the globe. Many of these hotels offer a lucrative deals to help you have a comfortable stay without the need of spending a large sum of money. One such web site is the hotelsonline.com. The site offers a wide range of hotel deals to choose from. There are a variety of hotels available on the website for online booking with zero reservation costs. If you want to know more about deals offered by London hotels or hotels anywhere in the world. Log on to hoteslonline.com.

Hotelsonline.com is a leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide. We offers Cheap Hotels, Discount Hotels, London Hotels, hotel deals, Hotels in London, Rome hotels, Barcelona Hotels and much more.


Spend a Day at Xel-Ha

Xel-Ha is a spectacular eco-park located south of Akumal, about 15 minutes from our house in Akumal. It's located on the eastern coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula, the location of the Mayans in ancient times.

Xel-Ha's many leisure, ecological and natural wonders offer things to do for the whole family. The beautiful open-sea aquarium allows visitors to see sea life in its natural abode unaltered and undisturbed. Swimming with the dolphins is also a traditional thing to do for tourists and it is usually not available in most places. Animal and nature people like to spend time in the water with these gentle mammals, and they will have a exciting story to bring back to their family and friends!

Snorkeling is also perfect in the protected lagoon. The coral is dead there, but regular feeding keeps the many types of colorful fish coming back for more. Some snorkelers will have another person feed the fish so they can see the fish from below.

There is a river which starts in a natural spring, and inner tubes are used to float to the end. This is a relaxing complement to an afternoon nap in a hammock on one of the sandy beaches.

More adventurous spirits can climb up and dive from the local cliffs in Xel-Ha, exploring the Mayan cave, and touring the local Xel-Ha ruins. These ruins are largely untouched and totally original, with a unique view into the history and architectural contributions of the Mayans.

Hammock Island, Xpa, Bay of Caprices and The Beach are favorite areas for those who wish to lounge and experience the leisurely activities at Xel-Ha. Chacah Garden, the Mayan Wall, the Apiary and Plant Nursery provide unique natural locations for plant life lovers. Natural wonders are also seen at the Inlet, El Dorado Cavern, Ixchel’s Gulf, the Mayan Cave, Chaac Mangal, and many cenotes.

When visiting Akumal, Xel-Ha is a short drive that the whole family will enjoy and offer a choice of activities for all. Day passes are reasonably priced. Xel-Ha is unique to the area with things to do centering around relaxation, fun and seeing ancient and natural wonders.

People who like water will enjoy the inner tube ride, cliff diving and snorkeling in the lagoon. Naturalists will enjoy swimming with the dolphins and exploring the multiple forms of plant and animal life there, and those who want to know more about the historical roots of the Yucatan Peninsula have plenty of opportunity to see the Mayan ruins and see the architectural influences of that age.

Our children and grandchildren usually plan on spending the whole day at Xel-Ha when they visit Akumal. There are so many activities they never get tired of going back. They enjoy riding a bicycle through a path in the jungle, jumping off the cliffs into the limpid blue sea, swimming with the dolphins, and walking through stingrays on the bottom of the ocean.

This is th first year they signed up for the Sea Trek. You wear a futuristic underwater helmet that looks like deep-sea diving equipment. Sea Trek required no previous training , diving or otherwise. Instructors are close at hand at all times during the walk, helping you in every way and satisfying every curiosity concerning the aquatic walk of your life. Everyone says it was a walk they would never forget!

We highly recommend you visit Xel-Ha on your next visit to Akumal.

M Gravlee is a travel writer based out of Akumal, Mexico.

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Taking Kids to Islands

Going on a holiday with the kids? With so many tropical islands all over the world, you have a varied choice when it comes to choosing an island as your family vacation spot. The best thing about selecting a vacation in the tropics is that it won’t turn out to be outrageously expensive and most importantly is meant for the whole family. The sand, the sun, and the lapping of the waves as they hit the shore- nothing is as soothing as a quite, serene holiday at a tropical island destination, unless of course, you are taking the children. Holidays with children require parents to rethink what they will do while away.

You and your family can obviously jump start your day by simply lazing around the beach, sun bathing, with kids swimming in the waters or digging in the sand making castles. But if your little ones are like most other kids, they will want to run around. There are plenty of activities you can do with them. Kids can indulge in a half day sailing trip and have a snorkeling experience around the island’s coral reefs. They can grab a look at the magical and awe-inspiring universe of the vibrant, vivid and vivacious sea creatures and plant life that live below the water. Children as young as 8 yrs old, with the aid of a scuba instructor can safely descend to a depth of 20 ft. For younger kids who don’t want to dive in the water, they can be guided through glass bottom tours that are great for kids.

Tropical islands can be non-stop fun for children where children can swim in clear water, find Nemo as they snorkel just meters from the shore or discover the sea while scuba diving. Kids who are nature lovers can explore the beauty of the wilderness by hiking through the forests of the island. The children will be able to swim in the cooling waterfalls as well as spot animals and birds. Jungle trekking can also be an exciting alternative and good break from the beach allowing the kids to do something different as constant time at the beach, which might make them bored. Besides scuba diving and snorkeling, kids can enjoy other beach activities like parasailing and kayaking as well. Playing sports like beach volley ball or staying by the pool can keep the kids occupied and active while on your holiday.

A well struck balance between both inside and outside adventures will enable your young ones to prize and enjoy their tropical island holiday while keeping them busy and keeping you sane. Going on vacation with your children doesn't have to be a stressful adventure. There is plenty to keep your children busy on a tropical island besides just going to the beach. Kids have a lot of energy so it's important to find activities that use that energy.

Matthew Kepnes has been exploring tropical islands for years and knows a lot about how to keep people, especially children, happy on a tropical island. You can visit his resource on the best tropical islands in the world and good family places such as going on a hawaii vacation.


Keep Your digital camera or digital video camera with power all the time When Needed

This has happened to me many times.When on a vacation and you brought your digital camera or digital video camera to take pictures or videos of you and or your family on vacation and your camera loses its power and the battery needs to be recharged and you are not near your battery recharger.

Before going on vacation or going on any special occasion and you bring your digtal camera.Go to the store and buy a couple more batteries for your digital camera.Charge all of the batteries up and keep them on you at all times.Then when 1 battery goes dead,you have a couple of charged backup batteries to use.

Or if you are at your hotel room or wherever you are staying at and you are going to be going out for the day with your family.Charge all those batteries up the day before.That way you will have constant use of your digital camera.


Planning A Vacation At Yosemite Park

With its beautiful waterfalls and stunning rock formations, the Yosemite National Park is an ideal destination for anyone who is planning a vacation in California. Yosemite, one of the oldest national parks in America, is widely known for its valleys, meadows, mountain cliffs and many other captivating sights. The park also boasts of an exclusive collection of flora and fauna. At Yosemite you will find different species of native trees, wildflowers and animals. The huge trees in the Mariposa Grove called ‘Giants of the North West’ also add to the beauty of this place.

The scenic beauty of Yosemite enthralls visitors of all age groups. With a wide range of exciting activities, it has got lots to offer to almost each one of its visitors.

A vacation in Yosemite can thus be a highly rejuvenating experience for you and your family. But to make the most of it, it would be good to plan the following things before you pack your bags:

How To Reach There?

Since Yosemite is easily accessible from almost all metropolitan cities, reaching there is not an issue. If you are keen on driving, you can drive your way to the park. Alternatively, you can take other means of transport. Also, there are bus tours to the park but for these you need to make reservations. The reservations can be made online or by directly visiting a tour operator.

When Is The Right Time To Go?

The park is accessible throughout the year, though certain areas like Tioga Pass, Glacier Point etc. are closed during the winter. Spring and autumn are known to be the best times to visit this place. Also, some areas of the park may not be accessible by car during a certain periods. So if you plan to travel by car, you will have to plan your visit accordingly, so that accessibility is not an issue.

Where To Stay?

For this, firstly you need to decide in advance the number of days that you would like to spend there. If you plan to spend the night, it would be advisable that you get the reservations done for camping or lodging accordingly. The park has many campgrounds, most of which are on a first-come, first-served basis. Although plenty of hotels and lodges are also available, making reservations in advance would help you find the place of your choice.

What To Do Once You Reach There?

There are lots of interesting activities like rock climbing, river rafting, skiing etc that you can take up at Yosemite. Guide books and other reading material are available online at the Yosemite book store that would help you decide things in advance. At the park you can also choose to hike or take a ride. If you really wish to get a first-hand experience of the scenic views of this place, hiking would be a great option. But if you do not prefer to walk, you can get an easy ride through the park in a tram or a bus.

Planning a few essential things would go a long way in making your Yosemite Park vacation, a safe, comfortable and memorable experience. For great articles check out the Yosemite National Park resource and information site that covers everything from planning an affordable California vacation to activities such as Yosemite camping. Always updated with great resources on Yosemite.


Is Rio de Janeiro Worth Visiting ?

If you haven’t visited Rio de Janeiro before you might have your doubts regarding if this place is worth visiting for your next holiday break. This article will try to convince you that Rio is one of the wisest solutions for you and your family and for this reason; your next vacation should be here.

We will start by presenting one of the most recognizable landmarks which is the Corcovado – Christ, The Redeemer which stands with his arms outstretched on the mountain and rises more than 700 meters above Rio. At first, this statue was created in order to be a commemoration of 100 years of total independence from Portugal but unfortunately, the lack of funding postponed the construction until in 1931. Getting to this location is very easy, take the train from Rua Cosme Velho 513 – it runs every 30 minutes from 8 30 am until 6 30 pm.

We will continue by offering a few details about Pao de Acucar – Sugar Loaf Mountain. It measures 396 meters and you can access it by way of 2 cable cars. These cable cars leave every 30 minutes from Praca General Tiburico in Urca. Once you get on top of it, the view is absolutely breathtaking.

Moving on to the cultural side of Rio de Janeiro, we have the Teatro Municipal which can be found in Praca Floriano and it is the home of the orchestra and opera. It was constructed back in 1905 and later on in 1934 it was updated in order to reflect the famous Paris opera. You can get here from Avendia Rio Branco.

Another cultural location in Rio de Janeiro is the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes which is located at Avenida Rio Branco 199 and it is considered to be the very best museum in all Rio de Janeiro. It houses more than 900 original paintings as well as sculptures. The Galeria de Arte Brazileria is the most important gallery in the museum so make sure you check it out.

When you will get hungry you will have plenty of restaurants to choose from, take for example Adega do Valentim which can be found at Rua da Passagem 176 and it is considered to be a highly recommended Portuguese restaurant that serves baked rabbit along with spicy rice, a tasty culinary feast. Other alternatives would be the Confiteria Colombo, situated at Rua Goncalves Dias 34 – a large coffee/restaurant house which offers delicious cakes and excellent coffee. Upstairs at Ruo do Catete 234 you can find Restaurant Amazonia where they serve the best steaks and succulent broiled chicken with cream-corn sauce, all at an affordable price.

Last but not least, the beaches: Copacabana – it is the very best Rio beach with top restaurants and hotels. This is the perfect place for football and volleyball players. Ipanema – not as crowded as Copacabana and as a matter of fact, a little bit safer and cleaner. Arpoador – situated between the first two beaches, it is an ideal place for surfers.

All things considered, Rio de Janeiro should be on top of your holiday destination priorities because it has a lot to offer: fun, relaxation, culture, scenery, food and much more.

Summary: This article briefly reviews some of the most exciting places any tourist should visit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

About Author: John P. is the manager of www.riodejaneiroapartments.co.uk where tourists can find the most affordable Rio de Janeiro apartments for rent.


How Small Business Owners Handle Employee Vacations and Leaves

Most small businesses have fewer than 5 employees. So what does a small business owner do when your small company with relatively few employees has a key employee who wants to take vacation? You cannot deny their vacation or they may not be around for much longer! But when your top performers are out for a week or longer, how do you keep things running smoothly? Or, even worse (in the business person’s mind), what do you do when a key employee wants to take maternity or family leave?

Yes, as a small-business owner you can still maintain a well-functioning business when employees go on a two-week vacation or take a multi-week maternity leave. (By the way, the laws around family leave apply to businesses with more than 50 employees. So it is not mandatory if you have fewer employees to provide those full benefits. However, providing a portion of such benefits by incorporating some of the options below will help you retain excellent employees and build loyalty.) Below are some tips and explanations on how to keep your business running smoothly when certain employees go on leave or vacation. These tips follow:


1. Have the employee who will be on vacation write a list of items that need to be taken care of while he or she is gone and briefly explain how to take care of those items. For example, a top salesperson needs to make a number of calls, is expecting a number of return calls or anticipates a couple of requests for a meeting. Have the salesperson write up separate short scripts for outgoing and incoming calls and face-to-face sales meeting and provide his tracking mechanism - i.e., Excel spreadsheet, notebook, or something similar.

2. Have the employee create a mini process manual in advance. That way another employee can cover the basics of the job while the primary person is out of the office.

3. Identify a temp who has significant experience in your business - a retiree, someone seeking extra work - through customers or association membership. Construction is a notoriously up and down business so, at any given time, there are generally a small number of qualified individuals familiar with a trade who can step in temporarily to assist. In the current climate, the same applies to banking, consulting, and a number of other industries.

Maternity or Family Leave (or Similar)

4. If you have key employees taking maternity or family leave and you are concerned that the employee will be completely unavailable for 6-9 weeks (or whatever your policy allots), offer to extend the leave time by 50-100% if they agree to be available 10-20 hours per week to work remotely during the entire time. (The time spent in the hospital is exempted of course!) This provides continuity of work and projects and access by those who may be filling in.

5. If you have a few employees who take many sick days to care for ill children or who use family leave to care for ailing adult family members, it may be cheaper to contract with a home health care agency to have health care workers provide occasional service than it is to lose the employees' productivity. These agencies provide nurses or other care staff for services ranging from short check-up visits to day-long attendants. You can contract to utilize up to a specified number of hours or days per month. 6. To increase the likelihood that someone will return immediately after maternity leave or family leave, or not take it in the first place (especially family leave), offer flexible work options. Telecommute several days per week, job share, video conference instead of travel, onsite or nearsite child care are a few examples. If you have employees with ailing adult members, seek out adult day cares and negotiate reduced or subsidized rates for your employees.

Remember, there are always solutions to a “problem”. Being creative, focusing on the work that needs to get done, and clearly defining job scope and expectations can go a long way towards helping you build a strong business with happy, well-rested employees. Empathizing with employees and attempting to look at their issues from their perspective, then from the business perspective can result in creative solutions that cost little yet promote morale and loyalty – both key to a healthy business.


Holy Week: Vacation plus Suffering

It's been 8 days since I went home, to my province, because of Holy Week. Hope to spent more time with my family and friends. But because of duty call, I have to return to my place. Well, same routine, for me it's so boring. I wake up early, go to office, after work I go home, eat while watching TV and sleep. I don't know how will it change.

So now, looking back when I'm in Bicol (my province) where you can find the Mayon Volcano which is known for having a perfect cone. So simple place, I love the fresh air and having a simple living there is what some people are looking for. Our home is near in sea area that's why when summer season the air is warm and I always feel sleepy (I don't like cold places). In those 8 days we spent there I'm so thankful 'coz the weather is fine, actually it's hot. But I love it, most of the time we're out. We went to this place called Kawa Kawa (shape like a big cooking pan), located above the hill. Actually it's sa sacred place. you'll see the Station Of The Cross, the statue is like a human size. Filipinos are know for being religious and Station of the Cross is one way to follow Jesus Christ in his passion and to see ourselves mirrored in him. That's why climbing up in the hill with the heat of the sun burning your skin is a courageous experienced, suffering a little will not kill you.

But after the vacation, I see myself in the Bus Terminal again. What else, me and my sis have to take 12hrs for a road trip. Yeah! 12 long hours on the road. Nice thing because we enjoy the sounds inside the bus. Oh! I remember, while we're on our way to Manila, we get pissed off. Because one of the bus take over us, and the worst part is the smoke coming from the muffler is so dark and almost block our way. So the driver go to slow down. It takes almost 1 hour for us to get over with that smoke belching bus. I almost curse the bus owner because of not checking their property.

And now, we're heading to Manila, we see the skyscrapes buildings, busy people going to work and the loud noise of the cars. The only thing that I like it here in Manila is if you want to have fun. Everywhere you look cost a lot of money. The shopping malls, restaurant, beautiful houses, and a lot of modernize things you'll find it here. Thanks to the modern technology, like what most of the architect does, mechanical drawings help their job to make it easier and faster.

But for me, staying here is not really tough. I'm used to these place. I start loving it. With the liberated people and these crowded place, I'm gonna learn a lot and I must be clever enough to deal with these people.


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