April 17, 2009

RV Family Vacation: Spend Time With Your Family Off The Beaten Path

What better way to spend some quality time together with your family than exploring the open road from the comfort of an RV? Recreational vehicles have a lot to offer families, especially those with a thirst for the open road.

Instead of fussing with cancelled flights, baggage fees, hotel reservations, and expensive meals, consider the freedom of driving a motor home across the country. RVs are not only convenient modes of travel, but they offer complete control over your vacation plans, and the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family.

One of the biggest benefits of RV travel is the potential to save big bucks. RV parks offer much cheaper rates than hotels and even many campsites. You won't have to worry about lost reservations or room downgrades by incompetent clerks. Food becomes a bargain as well because you won't be dependent on eating out at pricey restaurants every night or relying on unhealthy fast food.

Many motor homes come equipped with a fair-sized kitchen and all the tools you need to cook inexpensive, healthy meals for the whole family. There are also no hidden fees when travelling by recreational vehicle. You won't check-in only to discover there is an extra bag fee or a missed connection charge. There won't be any surprises when you check your monthly credit card bill because you'll know exactly where your dollars are going.

Another benefit of RVs that many people overlook is comfort. For some, a motor home may seem like a small, cramped space. But today's recreational vehicles are more modern and comfortable than ever before. You can rent or buy a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your family or tastes. With a motor home, you can bring as much or as little comforts from home as you desire. You'll also be able to pull over and stretch your legs or just take a nap in the sleeping quarters whenever the mood strikes you.

RVs also offer the opportunity to bond with family and friends. Too often traditional vacations result in arguments over what to see, or the children hiding away in the hotel room to watch television all day. With a motor home, you'll have more time to play together and find activities that everyone will enjoy.

Since you won't be chained to a rigid itinerary, there will be no fights over keeping on time or having to miss an attraction that's too distant. Motor home travel allows for more compromises to be made, helping keep the peace and fun going on during your vacation. But what's the biggest benefit of RV travel? Freedom! Motor homes allow you to experience the world the way you want to. You can wake up whenever you choose, check out at your leisure, and drive down unknown roads to seek adventure.

You'll interact with more people and subsequently see parts of the country that aren't written about in guidebooks. The best and most exciting vacations always involve traveling off the beaten path, and you'll certainly be doing a lot of that when driving an RV.

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