December 16, 2009

Best Places For Backpacking in India

Introduction to backpacking

India is one of the cheapest places to go backpacking for. The tourism is continually rising but even today there are places where you can get accommodation at 100 rupees a day. This only makes India a preferred destination among backpackers. The three basic requirement clothing, shelter and food are absolutely manageable and easily affordable here. For these practical reasons and also owing to the huge publicity it receives as being a land of rich culture, heritage and traditions, India easily lures hundreds of backpackers every year.

There Is Enough to See In India for Years

India is a huge country. Not just in size but also from tourism point of view. If you decide to explore the entire nation you would probably have to come back every year for the rest of your life. Culture wise India is very rich and multifaceted. To understand the lifestyle and people here one needs to invest time, money and emotions. There is such a huge contrast in people, language, dressing and values within the same country that most people feel lost yet attached to this place.

Many backpackers come here for spiritual gains. They go and stay in Rishikesh or any other Himalayan settlement and probably never return from there. Some who like to have a feel of all the sides of India design itineraries that cover all the four direction of the country. Backpacking in India for foreign tourists is a cheap affair. Traveling takes time but each journey is a learning experience, a peek into yet another aspect of Indian culture.

Places for backpacking in India

Depending on what whether you are visiting India you can choose your destination accordingly. Or Vice Versa where you want to go and what's the temperature like. Either ways knowing the temperatures makes your trip a lot less hassle. These are a few names mentioned for backpackers to explore. But it does not end here. The options are endless.

New Delhi

The capital city New Delhi has an extreme climate. Summers are long and hot, winters last 3-4 months and are very cold. It doesn't snow here but the temperatures go as low as 0 degrees. As far as tourist attractions go Delhi is a huge city and has many types of entertainment activities for everyone. It also offers adventure sports and great sight seeing places. Delhi is an urban city with shopping malls and star rated hotels.

The culture is cosmopolitan and can suit even foreigners. Delhi is also a city of thugs where you never know who might con you. So when here give priority to your safety. Other things to do while here are shop at Janpath or Rajori bazaar, eat at chandni chowk or paranthe wali gali or see the red fort or India gate.


Mumbai climate is humid due to the sea. It never gets too hot or too cold here. Monsoons come earlier here and end late. Mumbai is the commercial hub of the country. It is cosmopolitan and absolutely a tourist's favorite. There are many excursions from Mumbai like Ajanta and Ellora caves, Aksa Beach, Pune etc. In Mumbai you can visit the famous siddhi vinayak temple, shop at linking road, Crawford market or Fashion Street. Take a taxi ride on the Bombay-worli sea link or enjoy the chatpata food of Juhu Chopati.


Summers here are humid and temperatures exceed 40 degrees. Winters are short but extremely chilly and rainfall is moderate. Calcutta is a land of artists, literati and revolutionaries. It also has rich spiritual wealth. There is a strong influence of Romans, British and Moghuls. There are many historical monuments of tourist attractions and several adventure activities that you can indulge in. The China town, Howrah Bridges, tiffany's pub is very famous here. Calcutta is also place where coffee-houses are quiet an old trend.


Shimla is a cold place and has moderate warm weather. Snowfall occurs in December. The places to see in Shimla are the summer hill, Annadale, Christ church, Kufri, Kasauli and many more. There are hostels in shimla especially for backpackers. You can go trekking and camping in the Shimla Hills. You can also shop for handmade shoes, dolls, woollen caps, carved wooden sticks, toys in the Shimla Mall.

Things to carry in backpack

Here is a master list things which you can refer to if you plan for a backpacking trip. These few essential things can make your backpacking trip very easy.

• A route map which gives you locations of petrol pumps and toll booths. But this is a personal choice as backpackers generally like to discover places as and when they reach there. A big marker to keep a check on the places covered or any important notes to make. Lots of plain paper and cardboards and paper clips.
• Keep a small foldable umbrella with you. A large towel, toiletry, liquid peppermint soap, toilet paper, deospray.
• A sleeping bag, waterproof compression sack.
• Warm clothes: 3-4 t-shirts, lots of socks and under garments, a jacket, wind cheater, warm woolen leggings, 2 pairs of jeans, sneakers, flip flops, chewing gum, peppermints, water bottle, drinks, books, pack of cards.
• First-aid kit, sewing kit
• Torch, camera, iPod, CD player.
• Your cell phone.

THRILLOPHILIA deals with adventure-related activities on a pan-India level. Be its Rafting in the Tons or in the Kali River at Dandeli, Camel Safari in Ladakh or in the Thar Desert, Trekking around Bangalore or Ladakh, Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep or Andaman, we cater it all. We also have some fabulous Biking trips, Caving, Wildlife, Paragliding and many more adrenaline pumping adventure sports. India, having varied landscapes happens to be one of the finest destinations in the world for adventure.

Thrillophilia-Adventure Sports India

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Borneo Malaysia Vacation - Top 10 Wildlife Destinations

Are you thinking of going to Borneo?

A Borneo Malaysia vacation offers endless excitement for wildlife adventures and awesome scenery on the world's third largest island. The island is home to exotic and endangered species such as orangutans, pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, tarsiers and other wild animals.

Tropical rainforests are dense entanglements that give cover to wild animals. Unlike an African safari, where the open Savannah easily exposes large groups of wildlife, observing wild creatures in Malaysia takes a bit more effort. But that's also part of the fun.

The states of Sarawak and Sabah make up Malaysian Borneo or East Malaysia. The two key gateway cities are Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. Here are some of the parks and sanctuaries to visit for the best chance to see some of Asia's most endangered species and a diversity of wildlife not found elsewhere in the world.

Sabah, Borneo

Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary - Take a ride on the Kinabatangan River for a wildlife outing in one of Malaysia's best nature experiences. If you're lucky you can observe Asian pygmy elephants grazing along the river bank, long-nosed proboscis monkeys sitting in treetops, hornbills and kingfishers flying by and enjoy this easy floating safari.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve - As a primary rainforest, this wildlife reserve protects important habitats for many of Malaysia's large mammals - elephants, rhinos, orangutans.For birdwatchers, hundreds of species are found in the jungle and swamplands, including hornbills, owls and eagles. Take a night safari to enjoy the sights of wild animals on the prowl. And don't forget to visit the mud volcano during the day for a splash in the muddy pools.

Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary - If you want to see orangutans up close, then do not skip a trip to this lowland rainforest reserve famous for rehabilitating former pet animals into wild residents. Walk on the boardwalk through towering tropical trees to observe these wonderful endangered primates that are under threat from deforestation and conflicts due to the expansion of plantation agriculture. Go to Sepilok for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view one of the planet's most interesting species.

Sipadan Island - For those seeking an underwater adventure, Sipadan is rated as one of the world's best dive spots. An unending parade of marine biodiversity displays everything from schools of barracuda to reef resting green turtles. Nature explodes with diverse coral structures and a technicolor panorama of triggerfish, anemones, sea fans and angelfish... just for starters. As Malaysia's only oceanic island, a vertical cliff descends 600 meters to showcase an encrusted sea wall of plant and animal life.

Turtle Islands Park - Protecting the traditional landing and nesting grounds for Green and Hawksbill turtles, a visit to the park offers a chance to observe these ancient mariners returning to shore to start the next generation. Learn about the plight of sea turtles and local conservation efforts to save them from extinction.

Danum Valley Conservation Area - A research center amid some of the best lowland rainforest in Asia, Danum Valley is a trekker's paradise for birdwatching, wildlife observation and nature photography. If you want to get a real feel for the jungle, head over to Sabah and spend a few days on the forest trails.

Sarawak, Borneo

Bako National Park - If you go to Kuching, this park is just a few hours away for a great day trip to see a spectacular coastal reserve. A mixture of mangrove swamps, sandstone cliffs and seaside forests, wildlife abounds with proboscis monkeys, pit vipers, flying lemurs and other wild creatures. Enter the park from the sea and capture the gorgeous scenery of this pristine habitat.

Gunung Mulu National Park - Rugged limestone formations surrounded by dense tropical rainforest provides for fantastic scenery outside and cave exploration inside. Watch millions of bats emerge at dusk from some of the largest cave chambers in the world or trek through the jungle to mountaintops to explore the unique blade-sharp Pinnacles rising from the forest floor like daggers.

Niah National Park - Gigantic caves are home for millions of bats that exit each night to forage on hoards of insects, while swifltlets make edible nests on cave walls. Jungle trails traverse through lowland and hill rainforest to expose an assortment of wild animals such as monkeys, monitor lizards, flying lizards, hornbills and other rainforest birds.

Batang Ai National Park - Located in pristine interior jungles next to a wildlife sanctuary, the park is an oasis of wildlife set against a lake reservoir formed by a hydroelectric dam. Orangutans, gibbons and hornbills provide good opportunities for wild sightings in excellent rainforest habitats. Visitors can also learn about traditional Iban lifestyles by spending time in a longhouse and going into the jungle with an Iban guide.

About The Author:

Living in Malaysia, Rick Gregory explores the jungles, tropical islands and rainforest habitats of the country and showcases these great nature vacation destinations on his website Nature Escapes.

Discover more information on great Borneo vacation getaways.

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Top Destinations For Christmas Breaks UK Style

When summer is upon us, we often think of exploring distant shores. But when the nights draw in and magic of Christmas illuminates the winter nights, many people decide to take a break in Britain. In this article we'll explore some ideas for Christmas breaks. UK towns, cities and countryside provide some interesting festive propositions for those deciding where to go.


The British capital is often well visited because of the vast Christmas lights that go up along its key shopping thoroughfares. Regents Street is a prime example - the lights of which are turned on by a famous person annually. It is true that snow is quite uncommon in London, but last year it broke with this tradition, and the city has more than a dusting of snow in the winter months. The city is certainly an option for those looking for Christmas breaks, UK style.

The Isle Of Skye

Quite possibly the antithesis of old London town, the isle of Skye offers what many people describe as some of the finest coastal and mountain landscapes in Britain. If you choose to come here, you should be aware of the isolated nature of the place; ideal if you have been in a built up area for awhile and need to escape with friends or family. Beaches and wildlife make it a real option for Christmas breaks. UK escapes don't get more dramatic than this.


Another isolated yet beautiful spot is Dartmoor, in the heart of Devonshire. More likely than London to get snow around the festive season, it offer a great deal of places to explore with the family or with friends. Christmas breaks in the UK are also about socialising though, and you'll find plenty of friendly pubs to enjoy food and drink in (many of these are family friendly). If you want more action, you can always escape to Plymouth or Exeter for a more lively experience. But for those who want solitude and pretty English countryside, there are plenty cottages and holiday homes to stay in on Dartmoor.

Christmas breaks, UK style are arguably better enjoyed when you seek out more traditional locations and quaint pubs and villages. A little planning can make a festive getaway extra special. If you go to one of the more remote places, it's a good idea to make a backup plan for if the solitude gets too much - i.e. find out where the nearest pub is!

Gino Hitshopi is highly experienced in the realm of Christmas breaks, UK style, having written on the subject for many years. For more information please visit:

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Australia Family Vacation - What to Expect From Australia While on Vacation With Your Family

Every day can be hectic for all of us. You work hard, the kids go to school, and you're running around trying to keep up with all of the many activities and sleepovers your children attend. Everyone needs a break from the stresses of everyday life. Sometimes going on vacation is the only way to reduce that stress. A great vacation to plan is an Australia family vacation.

Selecting destination for your family isn't an easy task. There are places all over the world offering a great time, wonderful activities, fun, and adventure. However, Australia is considered one of the best places in the world to spend a family vacation. Of course, you want to be sure that you include your family in all of the decisions. If they have had a part in selecting the destination and the activities, then you can be almost certain that they will have a great time.

This part of the world has something fantastic for everyone. From amusement parks and museums, to hiking and snorkelling the entire family will have a great time.

Australia has some wonderful accommodations which are appropriate for families on vacation. All along the East Coast you will find some vacation apartments which are within walking distance beaches, family orientated restaurants and activities.

These vacation apartments are just fantastic for an Australia family vacation. So many times families book vacations and end up crammed in little hotel or motel rooms, or even worse, mom and dad are in the same room as the kids. You will not have this problem with vacation apartments. They offer 1, 2, and even 3 bedroom accommodations. They also offer a lot of amenities; such as units with little kitchenettes and laundry service. This are built to feel like your home away from home. There are several resorts which offer these apartments, and they also have resort activities such as pools, children's clubs and more. With a little research you should be able to find one suitable for your Australia family vacation.

There is a lot of planning involved when it comes to booking a vacation for a family. It is essential that no detail be forgotten, otherwise, it could be a disaster. You don't want to miss a major detail like accidentally renting a vacation apartment without the kitchenette. Be sure to do extensive research online about the resort you're planning to rent with. Essentially, everyone should make a checklist as to not forget anything that may be crucial for your trip. You should also check with your air carrier to see what types of objects and products you're allowed to bring on the plane. There's no sense in packing Tylenol if you're not allowed to bring it on the plane. An Australia family vacation is one of the best ways to have a great time with your loved ones.

Wherever you decide to spend your Australia family vacation, you and your family will have one of the best times. There will be a lot of memories and adventures that will never be forgotten.

Jim Krangou shares his personal experience regarding various Australia vacations, for free, on his travel blog!

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Bali Island Villas Provide a Family Vacation With Class and Comfort

When you book a typical Island vacation plan, you are probably looking at the room tariffs, worrying about local commuting arrangements, mulling over seasonal discounts and how to keep the kids entertained besides fighting for your share of beach-space at the hotel's limited grounds.

However, with just a little bit of online research, you can book yourself one of the most memorable Island vacations ever! That's only when you opt for an exclusive Bali villa Seminyak booking! For, this location is one Bali hot spot along the beautiful, sunny beaches of fashionable Island property that is secluded but still well connected to major fine dining and shopping establishments to make you feel you have the best of both worlds.

Pick the right destination and half your holiday planning has already borne fruit. Choose a reputed Bali island villas property and your options for tropical fun, frolic and family time can prove to be endless! That's because the top-end private villas here have been especially developed for discerning guests by local businesspersons who understand the global travelers need for rejuvenating, truly fulfilling holiday experiences like no where else on Earth!

Thus, these luxury Bali island villas offer an affordable family vacation solution with ample room for couples requiring their privacy and also au pair services, if needed, for minding the children. For older children, there is usually an activity room or special area designated for pursuing board games, outdoor sports or a mini-pool besides spacious, clean and safe beach-facing garden area they have access to. These ensure they don't have to stay confined to a room, like at a hotel.

The in-house staff at the best private villas in Bali are friendly locals who have learned the art of service with a smile and are within reach for extending to laundry, cooking, housekeeping and assorted needs. This ensures guests never feel lost, as one is likely to in a typical hotel set-up or luxury resort complex, as most Bali villa Seminyak settings call for these properties being located on the fringes of the Island, so they are still able to offer privacy, spaciousness and more natural beauty along with the added benefit of being able to set one's own pace.

Additionally, one never feels the obtrusiveness of a mass tourism experience that staying at a hotel invariably means for a family looking to spend quality time, especially when one is so busy soaking in the warmth and privacy of home comforts extended with a personalized level of gracious Balinese hospitality - only available at the best luxury Bali island villas!

Families get to choose from enviable features like private swimming pools along with sun deck and mini garden attached to their rental property, to spacious kitchens fully equipped with all modern amenities and lavish en-suite bathrooms. This is the reason why the location of your villa in Bali is of utmost importance - because it can double up as a romantic sanctuary for you and your spouse and function just as well as a cost effective adventure vacation for your teens or kids!

Embrace the serenity of a beautiful, pristine Island landscape by booking off-season to avail the maximum benefits of cosmopolitan living, cozy beach dinners and exciting nightlife for added family fun - only with the most exclusive Bali Villa Seminyak rentals.

Enjoy the beauty of Paradise in the enchanting islands of Bali in well-appointed, full service, Bali island villas. Relax and rejuvenate, enjoy and have fun with your family at golden sand beaches of Seminyak in a luxurious Bali villa Seminyak - a vacation to remember for a lifetime.

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Planning a Family Adventure Travel Vacation

So you have decided to take your family on an adventure travel vacation? It can be fun and adventurous but make sure you have a plan that has been carefully thought out if you want your vacation to memorable in a good way.

My kids are easy because I can suggest anything and they will think it is a fun, adventurous vacation idea but not all families are like that. Some kids are hard to please and thus a sit down family discussion might pay off in the long run. Allow everyone to have their input and then plan your adventure accordingly.

There are many things for you consider before you decide on a destination if you have small kids. Is the adventure trip something that they can physically handle? Is it a long drive? Will your destination be outfitted to handle and serve kids? What kind of weather will you run into at your destination. Sure it might be a warm beautiful day where home is but if you are heading north then perhaps you had better make sure all the kids have warm clothing packed and ready... or maybe it is just the opposite. What about medication? I have a child that is diabetic so we have to pack extra bottles of insulin in case we somehow loose one. All these things you will have to consider.

Make sure all of your children have identification on them and go over with them what to do in case of emergency. Even more so if you are leaving the country. The kids need to know what to do and who to contact if you become separated. You need to have a meeting place planned out ahead of time.

Most of the travel agencies that offer family adventure opportunities can help you plan your trip so that it is fun and safe but don't depend on them. When it comes to your family you don't want to take any risk. Plan the right way and adventure travel will become your families favorite way to vacation.

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Disneyland Vacation Package Deals

When you want to plan a family vacation, you might want to consider some of the Disneyland vacation package deals. There are many options to consider for where to book your vacation. Consider these Disneyland Vacation Package Deals.

There are so many avenues you can pursue such as Travelocity, Expedia, and more. Rovia is the absolute best travel search engine that was actually created by the same person who created Expedia. It allows you to book your airfare ans well as search the complete Rovia Database for the best vacation package deals online. Rovia travel search engine beat Travelocity and Expedia nine times out of ten for fining the best prices online for both airfare and vacation packages. Not only that, most of them are five star, all inclusive packages.

In this article, I am focusing on the Disneyland Vacation Package Deals. It's all about giving you options-to help you plan the perfect Disneyland Resort vacation with the legendary Disney guest service. Disneyland Resort is a perfect 3-Day family vacation. Extend your stay to 5 or 6 days to experience all the sun-drenched beaches, breath-taking shore lines, star-studded Hollywood and all the shopping and dining Southern California has to offer.

Rovia offers all-inclusive hotel and ticket Disneyland vacation package deals. Start by picking 2-night or longer hotel accommodations and 3-day or longer theme park tickets for you and your family. Then, add on round-trip airfare, ground transfers, transportation, dining options, other Southern California attractions and travel insurance. Choose what you want to include, or let us suggest ways to create a personalized experience you and your family will never forget.

Here are some of the features of one of the Disneyland Vacation Package Deals...

(Downtown Disney District Fun Card) Have even more fun in the sun with discounts and special values for dining, shopping, and entertainment at participating locations in the Downtown Disney District.

(Mickey's Towntown Morning Madness) Enjoy some fun and games with Mickey and his friends before Toontown opens to the rest of their Guests. Includes one Scavenger Hunt map per person. Mickey's Toontown normally opens one hour AFTER Disneyland® Park opens - THIS benefit allows you to visit one hour prior to Mickey's Toontown general opening.

(Preferred seating)** Enjoy preferred seating at selected attractions in Disney's California Adventure (R) Park (one per person with Admission):

Disney's Aladdin-A Musical Spectacular
Muppet Vision 3D
It's Tough to be a Bug!
Animation Academy

(Magic Morning Admission)
*** Receive one Magic Morning admission into selected attractions at a designated Disneyland (R) Resort Theme Park one hour before park opening. Valid for Guests with a 3-Day or greater Disneyland (R) Resort Park Hopper (R) souvenir ticket.

(Collectibles) EXCLUSIVE! Walt Disney Travel Company collectible pin, lanyard, and luggage tag.

To learn more about these Disneyland Vacation Package Deals click here and click on the link to at the bottom of the page to find more all inclusive 5 star Disneyland vacations...

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Caribbean Vacation - A Perfect Vacation

The Caribbean vacations are famous for beaches, shopping, spas, water sports and exotic cuisine. It is the first choice of any water lover when he/she is planning a vacation to relax and have fun.

When you are planning to go to any of the Caribbean islands, do not trust your travel agent or agency blindly. Do some independent research too. When it gets too cold in European countries, the Caribbean vacation becomes too expensive. Choose from the various Caribbean vacation packages available.

1. Family Vacation package
2. Couples Vacation package
3. All Inclusive package

If you select an all inclusive vacation package for your Caribbean vacation, you will be able to enjoy the facilities like snorkeling, sailing, spas, tennis and golf, casinos etc at such a price that will not hurt your pocket too much.

If you are planning a family vacation, then search on the internet for the package comfortable for you and that offers accommodation facilities like home or condo rentals which will give you a stress free experience during vacation with your family.

The best way to reach there is by water or air. The Airlines like Delta and Insel have added non stop weekly flights from Atlanta, Miami and Florida to Bonaire. These flights are economical and comfortable.

If you are interested in shopping, plan a vacation for the best shopping experience. You will also like the atypical food here. So come to the place considered as paradise by the travelers and get an experience of your life time.

If you are looking for more information then feel free to visit Caribbean Vacation and Castles Britain.

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Holiday Homes in Spain - Is Fuerteventura Fabulous For Winter Rental?

One of the most frequent holiday searches made on the internet is for holiday homes in Spain to rent. For winter villa rentals in Spain holidaymakers often choose one of the Canary Islands especially the fabulous island of Fuerteventura. A lot of people now use the internet to book their own self catering apartments to rent in Spain direct from the owners. One of the features which draw people to Fuerteventura is the plethora of long beautiful beaches and the watersports which are available. If you are looking for holiday homes in Spain for rental this winter, the three main resorts of Jandia, Corralejo and Caleta de Fuste cater for every budget.

Fuerteventura's coastal ledge contributes to the shallow depth of the water and the astonishing light blue colour with a tint of green which is not quite turquoise. Windsurfing is the island's foremost sport albeit the majority of participants are foreign. Fuerteventura's coasts do attract hundreds if not thousands of enthusiasts as this combination of a regular warm wind and sun makes it ideal place to participate in this sport and the experts in their field rank it as one of the best places in the world to practice windsurfing. Renting holiday homes in Spain in Fuerteventura can be expensive when the windsurfing world championships take place, these are held on the Jandia beach and as long as these unique conditions continue Fuerteventura will be for a long time the Mecca for wind surfers.

Another popular water sport in Fuerteventura is scuba diving. Fuerteventura is perfect for a diving holiday with its clear waters and consistent temperatures (the water temperature around the Canary Islands ranges from 18 to 22 degrees). The clear blue waters around the island are a delight for those who enjoy swimming amongst the sea life. There are many diving centres on the island and they all run courses for divers with different levels of ability. Self catering apartments to rent in Spain or villa rentals in Spain booked direct are ideal if you wanted a base for a diving holiday in Fuerteventura.

Travelling to the Canary Islands is relatively easy and many of the budget airlines have flights available to Fuerteventura, with a flying time of about four hours from the UK. The only airport is situated near to the capital of Puerto Rosario - on the east coast. Holiday homes in Spain especially self catering apartments to rent in Spain are readily available in the main tourist resorts of Corralejo, Caleta del Fuste and Jandia.

If you rent your holiday homes in Spain in Fuerteventura for a family holiday you will find that there are plenty of great days out to be had. Family attractions include the Baku Water Park and village near Corralejo and the Fuerteventura Zoo in the south of the island (about an hour and a half by car from Corralejo). For those who are interested in natural attractions, why not visit to the Dunes (El Jable) just outside Corralejo or the Jandia National Park in the south of the island.

The main town in Fuerteventura is Puerto del Rosario, which is on the eastern side of the island. Many tourists look for privately owned holiday homes in Spain to rent here, as they find it very convenient for local amenities. If you choose villa rentals in Spain in this town you should visit the old harbour area which has some interesting architecture typical of the Canary Islands.

If you want a fantastic winter sun break choose self catering apartments to rent in Spain in Fuerteventura. The Canary Islands have plenty of apartment and villa rentals Spain on offer, if you book early! You can rent private holiday homes Spain in Fuerteventura and book direct with the owners. Clive Long, the author, is a Director of the Holiday-Villa-Select website which offers cost effective holiday rentals in Spain booked direct with owners who advertise their holiday villa or apartment on this website no commission charged.

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Kauai Condos - Wonderful Places to Stay

Kauai is a wonderful place to stay. Tourists who come here once come back again and again. Whether you visit Kauai just for long walks on the beach or you want to go kayaking and diving or you want to visit the Na Pali coast in a boat, there are many experiences simply waiting to be discovered in Kauai.

The Eastern shore of Kauai is the best place to stay in all of Kauai. The Northern part is wetter and colder. Fortunately, Kauai has all that it takes to accommodate a heavy inflow of tourists in the holiday season. The tiny island boasts of three major resorts, one each in the South, East and North. These are of course very expensive and you can enjoy them only if your purse is deep enough.

The best places to stay in this part of Kauai are the condos.

Kauai condos are built in such a way that they have the beautiful blue ocean as the backdrop. These properties are right on the beaches of Lihue. The advantage of the condos is that besides being stylish and affordable, they are just on the beach, and this is a thrilling experience, as rare as it is fun.

When you choose a Kauai condo, it is important to pick with care. The first thing is to ascertain what you want. If you want something by the beach, then beachside condos are the best. But you might find it difficult to commute to the shopping centers or other beaches, if you stay in a condo that is so close to any one of the beaches. In that case, make sure that you choose one of those Kauai condos that are within walking distance from the shopping centers and other facilities like banks.

Kauai is a place that has accommodation suited to all sorts of budgets. There are the 'bare bones' condos that are very affordable but have few amenities in them. Then, there are the slightly more expensive Kauai condos that have all the amenities like a fully equipped kitchen, TV, phone and high speed internet access. Such Kauai condos are generally equipped to provide total in-house entertainment.

Many of the Kauai condos are located in prime localities. They often offer you wonderful views. Before you choose a particular Kauai condo, it is important to check out how many people are allowed to stay in the condo. Such details will help you avert ugly surprises at the time of your arrival.

To avail of great deals and great places to stay, it is important to book Kauai Condos in advance. In this way, you can book the best rooms, and be assured of a place to stay.

We have a wide selection of Kauai condos for rent in Anahola, Kapaa, Lihue, Wailua, Waipouli, Moloaa Bay Kauai Hawaii (HI) at some of the island's unbeatable prices.

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Holiday Villa Rentals in Santa Cruz - The Little Known Capital of Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is not the place that most tourists would look for holiday villa rentals to book direct. It is the capital of Tenerife with a population of over 200,000 and is known mostly as an active city port and administrative centre. Although it is not well known as a tourist destination it is a bustling, vibrant city and has plenty of tourist amenities and holiday villa rentals available. There are beaches nearby, parks, museums, great shops, classical music concerts, theatre, art galleries, fine restaurants and a lively nightlife. It is a compact city and an ideal size to explore on foot and by tram. Some people book accommodation here and use it as a base to explore the north of the island. You can book rental accommodation Spain here and take advantage of the all year round sunshine and an excellent average annual temperature of 22 degrees Celsius.

If you want a holiday that has enriching, cultural opportunities as well as sea and sand then Santa Cruz could be an ideal place for you to book your rental accommodation Spain. As well as museums and art galleries there are some beautiful parks including the park of Garcia Sanabria where exotic trees from all over the world can be seen. In other squares and gardens there are excellent permanent sculpture exhibitions, which are well worth a visit. For music lovers there are concerts throughout the year which feature the well-respected Tenerife Symphony Orchestra. If this has whetted your appetite for a holiday stay in Santa Cruz you may want to consider booking holiday villa rentals here from the property owners direct Spain. If you book direct you can often get a great deal especially in the off-peak season.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is famous for its festivals and lively carnivals. The biggest Carnival takes place during the month of February and if you want holiday villa rentals from the owners' direct Spain during this time you will need to book well in advance as it is very popular and accommodation is at a premium. Another big cultural event held in Santa Cruz is the Annual Festival de Musica de Canarias. The festival runs from 7th January through to February and the main venue for music events during this festival is the Auditorio de Tenerife. Again if you want to rent holiday accommodation during this time it is best to reserve your holiday property as early as possible from the owners' direct Spain.

If you book your rental accommodation Spain in Santa Cruz you can enjoy the delights of the city, but for a break away from your holiday villa rentals you can take a bus out to the nearby beach. Playa de las Teresitas is one of the island's best beaches thanks to its imported Saharan sand and the attractive Canarian palm trees which are dotted about on it. It can be found to the north of Santa Cruz, along the coast, near the charming village of San Andres.

If you decide to book a self-catering villa holiday in Spain in Santa Cruz you will find that there are plenty of places in the city to buy the ingredients to make some tasty meals! The African Market is particularly good for fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy produce, herbs and spices. However apart from food shopping people who book holiday villa rentals here are often looking for duty free goods and there are plenty of shops selling designer clothes, jewellery, ceramics, electronic and photographic equipment. After a hard day's shopping you can stop off at one of the many good cafes and bars and have a well-earned rest!

Try rental accommodation Spain in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. There is plenty of accommodation to rent from owners direct Spain in Tenerife. You can book your holiday villa rentals directly with the private owners. Clive Long, the author, is a Director of the Holiday-Villa-Select website which offers cost effective holiday rentals in Spain booked direct with owners who advertise their holiday villa or apartment on this website no commission charged.

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Happy Hunting of Costa Blanca Villas in Panama

The Republic of Panama is located in Central America; it is a territory of many of the most paradisiacal islands and beaches in the entire region because it borders the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. One of its beautiful resorts is the Royal Decameron Resort, located in Playa Blanca (White beach), which is 60 minutes from Panama City on the Pan America Highway (Bridge De Las Americas), with the most sunny days each year. This beach resort form part of one of the most successful projects in Panama: Costa Blanca Golf & Villas, the beach homes backed by the Decameron group leader's in hotel development projects.

Costa Blanca Villas surround the beautiful golf course with its luscious greens and natural surroundings that creates a fantastic setting for a golfing experience.

Costa Blanca Villas for sale

These course-side villas which overlook the Golf course are available for purchase and for rental.

The purchase of one of these Costa Blanca Villas will not only fulfill your dream to own a home in a golf and beach paradise, but it will also give you a membership in Mantaraya professional 18 hole Golf club, a beach club where you will enjoy the following amenities/facilities:

• Beach club with restaurant,
• Pool,
• Jacuzzi,
• Tennis court,
• Ecological Paths,
• Convention center,
• Casino and much more

Amongst the Costa Blanca Villas to choose from are the villas with 3 Bedrooms + Convertible bed(s), 3.5 Baths (Sleeps 5-12)

Costa Blanca Villas for rent

Costa Blanca Villas which are available for rental also include access to the private Beach Club, pool, restaurant and private beach area. Barbeque fresh fish and shrimp on the covered patio whilst watching golfers on the beautiful Royal Decameron (formerly Mantarraya) 18 hole golf course, is a real delight. Available for purchase are all-inclusive day and evening passes which include meals and beverages (including alcohol) for the Royal Decameron Resort, use of the Decameron facilities and the local Casino. From the Course Club House, rounds of golf may be purchased too.
Whether purchased or rented, the location of Spanish villas which is not far from the heart of Panama City will make you enjoy the following community features:

• Close to Shopping
• Department stores
• 24/7 grocery stores
• Beautiful real estate properties
• Clubhouse
• Fitness Center
• Playground/Park
• Pool
• Spa/Jacuzzi

Why decide on Costa Blanca Villas in Panama?

Purchase of a Spanish villa in Panama is an excellent decision for the following reasons:

• Because of its strategic geographical position, Panama has no frequent natural disasters such as: hurricanes, earthquakes or active volcanoes; and so, for those who seek retirement in a quiet place, Panama is an ideal place to live.
• Panama offers residential areas in the middle of nature. Panama offers an incredible variety of attractive tourist areas, the best islands and beaches which are excellent for diving, sport fishing, amongst other different activities.
• Panama has warm climate with cooler weather as the mountains.
• Another advantage of living in Panama is that the cost of living is considerably low in this tropical land. Many opportunities for business waiting for the creativity and interest of many exist.
• Panama is considered as an active migratory route for many species of birds, fishes and mammals.
For example, in most of its beaches, the humpback whales can be seen.

If you are looking for an escape from the pollution, congestion and stress of complicated life, the Costa Blanca Villas in Panama offers you that kind of living that you always desired.

For more information about these costa blanca villas in the beautiful city of Panama, visit:

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North Carolina Beach Vacation - Top 5 Beaches to Visit This Fall

Summer may have come to an end, but a beach vacation can still help you relax and rejuvenate your spirit! The "off-season" is a perfect time of year to plan a beach getaway with friends or family, especially in North Carolina. The weather has cooled off and the crowds have died down, leaving only the peace and tranquility that an oceanfront view evokes. It's also a great time to find vacation packages and deals on rentals that won't break the bank.

Top 5 North Carolina beach vacation destinations:

1) Bald Head Island - This distinctive North Carolina island is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Between the rich wildlife, quaint maritime shops, and fourteen miles of white sandy beaches, you're sure to feel miles away from the ordinary. Rich in history, the island also boasts the state's oldest lighthouse, Old Baldy, which provides an awe-inspiring view of the land to those who venture to the top. Cars are not permitted on this island, so the hustle and bustle of everyday life seems to disappear. Transportation by golf cart is both enjoyable and hassle-free. Bald Head is the perfect place to de-stress and reconnect with your roots.

2) The Outer Banks - This North Carolina beach vacation destination is both picturesque and affordable, especially at this time of year. Famous for its history and the East Coast's tallest sand dunes, here you can tour the location where the Wright Brothers built and flew the world's first airplane. Unique shops and restaurants provide an escape when you're not lounging by the ocean.

3) Wrightsville Beach - Another great place to enjoy all the mighty Atlantic Ocean has to offer is Wrightsville Beach, NC. This vacation spot has a laid-back island charm and attitude that seems to be contagious. Countless attractions are just minutes away in downtown Wilmington. With Interstate 40 leading directly into town, Wrightsville Beach is also the most accessible beach in North Carolina.

4) Sunset Beach - This barrier island is located in the southernmost part of North Carolina. Though only 3 miles long, there is plenty to do in this quiet and serene beach town, including shopping, dining and golf. Sunset Beach is perfect for family beach vacations.

5) Carolina Beach - There is always plenty to do in this family-oriented beach town, including live music festivals, fireworks displays, and a seaside amusement park. Other entertainment options in Carolina Beach include a state aquarium, state park, and plenty of shops to explore!

Whether you're looking for rest and relaxation or non-stop entertainment and activity, these beaches are for you. Plan your fall vacation to coastal North Carolina and let the fun begin!

K Huller writes about travel and vacation destinations in North Carolina. Learn more about North Carolina beach vacations or North Carolina beach rentals.

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Hot Deal Luxury Condo Rentals For $40 a Night

No, we didn't leave off a zero!

You can rent an 1100 square foot condo through the Condo Hot Deal program for as low as $40 per night, when you spend a week at many of the thousands of destination locations throughout the world. There is no timeshare tour, no blackout dates, no booking or maintenance fees, no annual membership fees, no ownership obligations or gimmicks. Just pure fun and relaxation at some of the world's most luxurious condo rentals at resort locations!

Can you imagine a fun-filled week of siesta and fiesta in Mexico for only $280 per week? What about watching the cliff-diving at Acapulco or snorkeling in the Florida Keys? Of course, some destinations like Hawaii, China and Europe might be a little more expensive, but luxury condo rentals throughout the world are offered at discounts up to 75% off the retail price.

So what's the catch?

There is none-you just pay a nominal fee for your Condo card lifetime membership and you can take as many vacations as you want. All you pay is the weekly fee. Of course, you are responsible for transportation, food and souvenirs, but it is a great way to enjoy a memorable family vacation of a lifetime, for the price of a small flat screen television.

Of course, if you want to take your family to some of the more exotic locations, it might cost a bit more, but you can spend a week in luxury condo rentals on the beachfront, in the mountains, in exotic foreign countries like Europe or China and not spend much more money than a single night in some luxury hotels would cost!

Not only can you choose spacious, luxurious condo rentals in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom floor plans, but you can choose from thousands of locations. We have over 1,000,000 prime weeks of vacations in the most exotic and fun places to visit.

Can you imagine the kid's faces when they see the Great Wall of China? Or what about their reaction when they get to visit a quiet fishing village and see the powdery beaches of the Dominican Republic? Whether you want to experience China or the Dominican Republic, the way the locals do or be pampered in 5 star resort surroundings, you can find a dream vacation of a lifetime for a fraction of the cost that most people pay.

What about a special wedding gift for that special newlywed couple? You can transfer a Condo card lifetime membership before the first booking and give them a lifetime of memories. Not only can they vacation on the black sand beaches of Hawaii, drinking bottomless Pina Coladas for their honeymoon, but they can take as many vacations as their hearts desire. Because the luxury condo rentals are so affordable, many Condo card members have already decided where their next destination will be before they get back home!

The condo card lifetime membership is the only card that is not part of a multi-level marketing plan or another type of gimmick. It's just pure fun at discounts up to 75% off of retail to the most desired locations on Earth!

So what's stopping you?

It's definitely easy to see that a condo rental is a great choice when you're longing for a relaxing vacation. So many benefits are available and with a condo card, you can save big time, allowing you to go on a nice vacation, even when your budget is a bit on the tight side. Why keep putting off that vacation? With condo rentals you can book a great vacation today without having to spend a huge amount of money.

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Christmas Vacation Rentals - Festive Sunshine Breaks

Despite the financial restraints across the country's family households, there is a growing trend of families fleeing the country this Christmas in search of a festive sunshine break. New research from travel comparison site suggests that around 47% of British families are seriously considering booking a Christmas vacation rental in a bid to escape the stereotypically bad British weather and head for sunnier climes.

Booking a last-minute Christmas vacation rental can be exciting and a great way to end a stressful year on a high. Many families appear more than happy to break tradition and enjoy a break away from the confines and intimacy of home.

Here are some of the most popular vacation rental destinations this Christmas:

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a territory of Spain situated in the Atlantic off the west coast of Africa. They are actually much closer to Africa than they are to mainland Spain and so it is perhaps not surprising that they have a wonderfully mild climate that makes them attractive to sun seekers all year round. The big four resorts, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Tenerife, all offer spectacular vistas and wonderful beaches. There are fantastic geological sites formed by volcanic eruptions through the ages as well as some of the most fantastic beaches to be found.


Come to Hawaii to enjoy a relaxing holiday or vacation rental and fantastic weather. This is a place that you will not leave disappointed. Hawaii is separated into six unique islands all of them offering great adventures, natural beauty, fun and lots of historical sites. Hawaii truly is a holiday or vacation rentals paradise.

The Caribbean

The passionate, welcoming feel of the Caribbean creates an irresistible backdrop for a perfect holiday. The sumptuous golden sands and refreshing clear blue waters invite thousands of holidaymakers on an annual basis. While there is a vibrant atmosphere in all bars and restaurants, Caribbean nightlife is relatively low-key in comparison to other destinations. A visit here would primarily suit people looking for a laidback care-free vacation.


This sizzling Hispanic country is one of the most popular North American holiday destinations at present. With the much-vaunted passion and pride of the Mexican people, every day life is treated just as much a party as when the sun sets. A beach holiday in Mexico can still become an adventure as its diverse terrain sees the vibrant jungle well within reach. The ability to spot beautiful rare animals and scenery is a chance not to be missed.

For a great selection of Christmas vacation rentals across the globe visit, the vacation home specialists.

Posted by Nick Beesley from the, Finding the right vacation rentals for you.

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Winter Park, Colorado Vacation Rentals

Thinking of coming to Winter Park, Colorado for vacation or holiday? Where will you stay? What is the most desirable area to stay? What are you looking for in your vacation lodging accommodations? These are questions you need to ask before securing your lodging here in Winterpark.

Winter Park has lots of options for lodging and there are all levels of quality and location. Do you want to stay at the base of Winter Park Resort or would you like to be four miles down rad in the town of Winterpark? You can go out further and stay in the town of Fraser or even go out to Tabernash, home of Pole Creek golf course. From here SolVista Basin ski resort is as close as Winterpark Resort. General location will have a lot to do with the amount of money you are going to spend on you accommodations. The farther out from Winter Park Ski Resort, especially in winter, the less costly your lodging will be. In the summer it is access to rivers and National Forest that drives the prices up.

How many people are in your party and what do you expect in terms of sleeping arrangements? Does Everyone in your party need a bedroom or is a pullout couch or Murphy bed satisfactory. What do you need in terms of kitchen? Again, here in Winter Park we have all sorts of layouts so it is important to know what you are wanting in terms of sleeping and eating setup.

What are you going to be doing on your trip her to Grand County, Colorado? If you are alpine skiing you will want to be close to Winterpark Resort or if you are cross-country skiing you will want to be closer to Tabernash and the cross country trails of Devil's Thumb Ranch. If there are kids in your party and you are skiing the most convenient way to ski for them is to be at the base of the resort so they can pop inside for lunch and to get warm. If there are non-skiers in your group you may want to consider the town of Winter Park, which Google is now calling Hideaway Park, for an easy walk to the local eateries and shops.

If you are skiers coming to Winterpark, the number one draw for vacationers to this part of Colorado, what is important to you? Ski in and out? Walking distance to local restaurants and retail stores? Amount of space in the home, condos or town-homes for relaxing on your vacation with friends and family? The most convenient lodging is in Zephyr Mountain Lodge. These units are not huge though so if you want something bigger Base Camp on Jane Creek would be a good option. Fraser Crossing and Founder's Pointe are also very convenient and were built in 2008. The new Winter Park Village Lofts are just coming online this 2009/10 ski season and are the most convenient and upscale of all the lodging at the base.

so in Short there are many options for you vacation rentals here i Grand County so make sure you know what you need to make the best decision for your Winter Park Colorado vacation.

Christopher Bradford invites you to visit Winter Park Lodging Company to find the best Winter Park CO vacation rentals. To see all the happenings in Winter Park: skiing, mountain biking and Colorado music festivals go to

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Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals - Relax Next to the Ocean

If you are looking for family fun, look no further than a Virginia Beach vacation. Virginia Beach is nestled on the coastline of Virginia, and offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Vacationing in Virginia provides the perfect opportunities for family togetherness for folks looking for a small town atmosphere with all the amenities or larger resort towns.

Residents from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington DC have long heralded Virginia Beach as a top vacation destination because of its close proximity to their homes - most of them can reach Virginia within four to seven hours from their home states. New Englanders looking for stunning ocean views and hometown hospitality are only a twelve hour drive away. For those farther away, the airport in Norfolk offers shuttles to common tourist areas.

The vacation in Virginia Beach can be as laid back or activity-packed as you desire. Even though Virginia Beach vacations are ideal for families, Virginia's state slogan, "Virginia is for Lovers", was created for a reason: Virginia is a perfect honeymoon or couples get away destination. There are dozens of hotels with balconies facing the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, dance clubs, karaoke bars, and more for partying the night away.

Families and couples alike can enjoy water sports, jet skiing, para-sailing, boogie boarding and windsurfing - and of course, bathing in the sun on one of the cleanest beaches to be found on the Eastern seaboard. No matter what your tastes, you will quickly find that vacations are usually filled with tons of great food - from down home cooking to fast foods like pizza, there's a mix of every cuisine possible.

Things to do while there:

- Virginia Beach Ghost Walk and Pirate Adventure Cruise - for older kids and teens; for the parents, a dinner cruise is in order.

- Deep sea fishing charters.

- A visit to the many top notch golf courses to practice your swing.

- Shopping at the hundreds of shops on the boardwalk.

- Sunrises on a balcony overlooking the ocean.

- Rides on guest trolleys from the hotel to the beach and to shopping district.

- The Neptune Festival (held each September).

- The Nautical Christmas Light Display (obviously held during the holiday season).

- Sand sculpting contests.

- Fireworks during Independence Day.

- Rides on the ferry.

When planning your Virginia Beach vacation, be sure to book your hotel or flight in advance to take advantage of early bird specials that are offered on many travels sites. Many travelers find that they can save up to forty percent off the cost of a room by doing so, and that they can be guaranteed the dates and the room that they want (such as an ocean view suite).

Looking for somewhere to get away to? Find out more about Virginia Beach vacation rentals at our site.

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Holiday Homes in Spain - Try Tenerife in the Winter!

Holiday homes in Spain are great for winter rentals especially in places like Playa de las Americas on the island of Tenerife. These days a lot of holiday takers search on the internet for an inexpensive apartment or villa holiday in Spain rental to book with the owners direct. The resort of Playa de las Americas was created in the late Seventies to cope with the large numbers of tourists who flocked to the island around this time. As it is purpose-built it benefits from superb tourist amenities and is a very popular resort in both winter and summer.

In the resort of Playa de las Americas you can book all types of holiday homes in Spain from a small apartment rental in Spain to luxury holiday villa rentals in Tenerife. The resort is popular with young people who are attracted by the sun, sea and the many notoriously lively nightclubs. You can also enjoy good live music in some of the bars in the centre of town. At night the town is noisy and the crowds of revellers can be very lively until the early hours so if that is your idea of a good night out this is the place to come and stay!

However, there is more to the resort of Playa de las Americas than the notorious noisy nightlife and many families book holiday homes in Spain here direct from the property owners because there is so much to do for all the family. If you can persuade those who are topping up their tan away from the pool outside your rented holiday homes in Spain, you will find that there are plenty of exciting activities on offer. You can try watersports like wind surfing or scuba diving or you can go horse or camel riding, play golf or tennis and some brave souls even try bungee jumping! For younger children there is go-karting, bowling or the Octopus Water Park.

If you want a family friendly beach holiday, rented holiday homes in Spain are ideal, whether you want luxury villa rentals or an apartment rental in Spain. The resort has six beaches, three man-made and three natural which are linked by a long promenade with plenty of tourist amenities. The most exclusive beaches in the resort are the sheltered beaches of Torviscas and Bahia del Duque. If you fancy a day out the whole family can enjoy whale-watching or dolphin-spotting trips which are available in nearby resorts.

If you are staying in holiday villa rentals Tenerife or an apartment rental in Spain in Playa de las Americas you should not miss the nearby Teide National Park. It was founded in 1954 to protect the beautiful countryside around Teide, Spain's biggest volcano. A fantastic variety of plant life thrives on the remains of the volcanic lava and you can also see many birds, reptiles and rare insects. It can be reached by a bus which runs once a day from Playa de las Americas to the Park.

Rented holiday homes in Spain in Tenerife, booked directly with the property owners can be extremely good value especially in the winter season. If you decide on a holiday villa rentals Tenerife don't forget to take out suitable travel insurance while you are booking your accommodation and flights. Many people travel with little or no travel insurance but for peace of mind we recommend that you consult a reputable insurance company and get advice on the sort of cover you need for your holiday.

If you want an unforgettable winter sun getaway try holiday villa rentals in Tenerife. Choose a villa or even an apartment rental in Spain. You can rent holiday homes in Spain in Playa de las Americas and book direct with the property owners. Clive Long, the author, is a Director of the Holiday-Villa-Select website which offers cost effective holiday rentals in Spain booked direct with owners who advertise their holiday villa or apartment on this website no commission charged.

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Ancient Water Mill Now a Holiday Cottage in France

When the water mill was built, the Limousin part of France was controlled by the English military. The mill was built in about 1276 and the local commander of the garrison lived in a house alongside a bridge over the river Beraude. As he was a member of the British gentry the area became known as 'Le Pont de Chez Lord' meaning literally The Bridge of the House of the Lord.

'Le Moulin de Chez Lord' (which means The Mill of the House of the Lord) was built close by the house. It was needed to mill the flour to bake bread to feed the military and also to grind the oats for the horses. Do not forget that this was long before the arrival in Europe of the potato and bread was the main source of carbohydrate. The mill was still in use until the 1980s when it prepared animal feed. The mill is now a holiday cottage in the central part of France known as the Limousin.

Now traveling towards the East there is the Massive Central which is a mountainous area now famous for skiing in the winter. Turning now towards the west a short trip takes you to Limoges, very famous for its porcelain manufacture and going further still the coastal city of La Rochelle the largest fishing center in the Bay of Biscay. This very interesting city is now also a holiday resort and a major center for sea food.

The region known as the Limousin is a relatively new one on the tourist map it was until recently a typically French holiday area however the secret is now out. It is a region of forests, grasslands, hills and valleys with charming hamlets nestled in the valleys. The region contains countless numbers of lakes in the many valleys which make for exceptional vistas. Most rural activities are readily available. Especially prominent amongst these are the wonderful walks of every degree of difficulty thus suiting all abilities and levels of enthusiasm.

The ancient mill is 700 years old, and was constructed to supply flour for English military who were stationed here to look after the British wine interests around Bordeaux. The watermill is nestled in the valley and includes 20 acres of pasture and woodland. The mill is at the end of a long drive which ensures tranquility.

The river Beraude and the mill stream almost surround the mill and just a few meters from the front door is a waterfall which was the overspill for the mill pool. The river runs through the garden and encloses a tiny island with several pine trees that is wonderful for relaxing on those very hot days as it always has a wind coming off the river. We also often have parties and barbecues there on summer days.

The granary of the mill has now been made into two double bedrooms en suite and the downstairs into a living area with kitchen, lounge etc. There is a shaded patio area by the waterfall which is perfect for al fresco dining or for having a glass of wine on the long summer evenings.

Since we are lucky enough live in the center of a very historic region and in the most beautiful countryside, in future we will further explore the region and describe the abundant attractions.

Visit Ancient Water Mill Holiday Cottage for more information and lots of pictures. The wonderful old mill is let during the summer to people who want a nice relaxing holiday. For more information visit or telephone 0033555643029 or email

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Are You Considering a Vacation in Lake Havasu City?

Enjoy Your Stay With The Help Of A Comfortable & Convenient Lake Havasu Home Rental

Established by Robert P. McCulloch in 1964, Lake Havasu City is a planned community that has been much sought after since it was first developed.

Back in 1964, McCulloch purchased the 3,500 acres of land located on the eastern side. All of the land, which is located along Pittsburgh Point, is located within a peninsula that has since been changed into what is known as "the island." Although it did not become incorporated until 1978, it quickly grew into a popular place to both live and visit.

Despite the fact "the lake" is located on the Colorado River, it should be noted that the Grand Canyon cannot be reached by the lake. This is because numerous dams are situated between the lake and the popular canyon attraction. These include...

*Davis Dam, which creates Lake Mohave

*Hoover Dam, which creates Lake Mead

*Parker Dam, which creates Lake Havasu

Still, there is much to see and do in Lake Havasu City, and making a road trip to the Grand Canyon National Park is something that many visitors to the area do each year.

While staying, visitors also discover that there are plenty of places to stay. Although there are several resorts and hotels in the area, many choose to stay in a home rental instead.

By staying in a home rental, you can enjoy all of the comforts of home while still remaining conveniently close to all of the attractions the city has to offer. In fact, many of the available home rentals come complete with their own docks. As such, those who are visiting the area in order to enjoy all of the excellent water-related recreational opportunities don't have to go far when they stay in a comfortable and accessible home rental.

Of course, the summer isn't the only great time to visit. While the lake and all of its potential is certainly a major attraction for the area, there are plenty of things to do in the city throughout the year. From festivals to parks, from special events to art collections, there are things to do and see for everyone in Lake Havasu City. It is no wonder close to 42,000 people call the city home, and thousands more flock to the area each year for an unforgettable vacation experience.

Since the late 1960's we have been enjoying the pristine beauty of the Colorado River where it runs through Arizona and California. Today we offer the finest privately-owned homes, condos, and mobile homes, rented directly by the owners. Enhance your stay with the convenience of a private residence and the luxuries of home. Learn more by visiting our site at

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Why Book a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel For Your Next Family Vacation?

When most vacationers think about a family vacation, they automatically think of a hotel as the most budget friendly choice, but that is not always the case. Many families often go with a recognized hotel over a rental, as they figure it is the safest option. They've been there before, they know what to expect, and they are easy to book. However, by staying at the same chain hotels, you are only limiting your vacation possibilities.

Hotels vs. Rentals

To be fair to hotels, they do have some advantages over rentals. For one, most all hotels have room service, valet parking, and an available pool/workout facility. Only some rentals have access to these types of amenities. Most hotels also have no policy on your length of stay. You can stay there one night, two nights, heck, some even rent by the hour, but we aren't about to go there. The point is, there are more stay options to a hotel. But the comparisons run much deeper than this:

Food Budget

When staying at your typical hotel, you have already set yourself up for dining out multiple times. Some may have a kitchenette, but these are usually useless beyond very basic cooking and food storage. The convenience of most rentals, which often consist of either a condo, townhome, or personal house, is the use of a full kitchen. This allows you to do some light cooking, which can save a lot of money when on a budget.


The other advantage of rentals is their larger square area and available rooms, which translates into more privacy. Parents will particularly enjoy this feature, which will allow for a few romantic highlights that your typical hotel family hotel room won't allow. Most family members will actually enjoy a vacation more if they have the opportunity to retreat to their own room. We love our families, but an entire week or two of nothing but being together can get a little annoying.


Rentals offer a little piece of home beyond a kitchen and extra space. Most rentals have access to a washer and dryer at no extra charge. This means you can pack lighter, which is a big deal considering most airlines today charge a fee per bag, and even more fees for heavy ones. If you have a pet, rentals are usually more apt to accept your furry friend than a hotel. Most hotels have to adhere to a strict nationwide policy without exception.


Let's face it, if you've seen one hotel, you have seen them all. They are designed to accommodate as many people as efficiently as possible, and charm is not usually a part of this goal. On the other hand, most rentals strive to make your stay as close to home as possible, with decorative furniture, art, knickknacks, and colorful painted walls.

Chad Rutt is the Director of Marketing for the online lodging site and the Managing Editor of its accompanying Vacation Blog

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The Family Vacation - A Vacation From Peers

As adults we have been conditioned by popular media, by our kids and by memories of our own youth to think that our kids' friends are vital to their happiness and enjoyment of life. For many kids and their parents, the thought of having time alone with just their family and no friends tagging along sounds like a nightmare. The funny thing though is that although friendships, in the long run and in the grander scheme of things, are really important at this age, time away from them is important, too.

In the middle school and early teen years our kids are working hard to figure out who they are and who they want to be. As much as they enjoy and love their friends, you may have noticed that they behave differently with them than they do when alone with your family. The family vacation and even the family day trip or outing is a vital time for families to reconnect and when done in the absence of friends, provides your child the opportunity to be your kid again - free from the fetters and pressures of being a "pre-teen" or a "teen". Free to do the activities that they enjoy without embarrassment or pressure. Free to be a kid again.

With the days of summer waning, I hope that you will find the time to take a day or two away to be alone with your family and connect with your kids. As important as peers are to them, you are still more important. As much as they want to spend time with their friends, they need to spend time with you.

Carrie Kozierok, BA, CPCC.


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Top Family Niagara Falls Vacation Packages

Visiting Niagara Falls can be one of the most memorable experiences one can have in a lifetime. Over 14 million people visit the falls every year to see its splendor. The falls are well known as being the honeymooning capitol of the world, however families are increasingly on the rise and most new attractions are specifically targeting families with kids. Visiting Niagara Falls should be a must stop in any family travel itinerary.

With this type of high volume tourism in such an exclusive area, it's important to not get caught in the overwhelming commercialized atmosphere. Everywhere you turn you could find yourself being coaxed into a cheap thrill that may not be worth your money. A family Niagara Falls vacation package is a great way to purchase combined activities that will meet your needs all in one price. The following examples would be some of my top picks for families coming to visit Niagara.

1. Fallsview Indoor Water park:

My top choice and most popular family setting would be the Fallsview Water Park Package. The Fallsview water park has direct indoor access to 4 hotels including the Sheraton on the Falls, Crown Plaza, Skyline Inn, and Hampton inn. Right in the heart of Falls Ave and Clifton Hill there will definitely be no shortage of things to do with the kids.

Outside your hotel you'll find an entire city block with activities dedicated to you and your family. Some examples are the Niagara Skywheel, Adventure City, Wax museums, haunted castles, Ripley's Believe it or not, 4d Movies, and much more! Not to mention great places to eat like Boston Pizza, Kelsey's, Burger King, Wendy's and more all within a short walking distance.

If you're traveling with kids, this stop would be most inclusive due to the close proximity to the falls and tons of fun things to do with the kids. Also in terms of pricing, this would be the best value.

2. Great Wolf Lodge Resort:

Let your imagination soar as wild animals come to life with animatronics within this giant themed indoor/outdoor water park resort. Kids of all ages find themselves lost in the mystical environment delivered by the lodge. In terms of water park resorts, this would be my second pick on a Niagara falls family vacation package. Great places to eat are also within the lodge including Grizzly Rob's Bar, Antler Shanty Grub, Camp Critter Bar & Grille, Pizza Hut Express and a variety of cafes. A 2 night stay is perfect and sure to impress the entire family. Bear in mind, that this will be a pricier package choice.

There are some addition things to keep in mind if you're looking to plan your family Niagara Falls vacation package. The great wolf lodge is located further downstream from the falls by the whirlpool. So, if you are looking to see the falls themselves or experience the excitement by the falls you'll have to pack-up the kids in the van and leave. Also, not having additional shops and entertainment within walking distance will also leave you with parking charges that can be up to $2 per half hour by the falls and lots of walking.

3. Americana Resort:

My 3rd pick is the Americana Resort which is a simpler water park resort and more accustomed to the budget minded traveler. It offers spacious, comfortable accommodations with an on site restaurant 'Jack Tanners'. The resort is located on Lundys Lane which allows quick transportation to many affordable places to eat and shop including the Niagara Outlet Stores. Although the water park is not as large as the other two, it may offer more play zones for younger children while still delivering large slides and fun for the older kids. The roof is also partly retractable during sunny days, and picnic areas surround the resort to give lots of open space.

The resort is not very close to the falls or other entertainment areas, and will also require packing up the kids. Although the resort is still not the cheapest of vacations, it does offer a good family environment and a great family setting to enjoy what Niagara Falls has to offer.

Brad Hoffman is native to Niagara Falls and the owner of Niagara Falls Source. Brad thrives on teaching others how to maximize their Niagara Falls vacation without breaking the bank! For more information on hitting up the best family Niagara Falls vacation package visit our site which contains valuable information on how to enjoy the high life of Niagara Falls on a budget. For a FREE 15 part mini-course on "The Insiders Niagara Falls Secrets" go to =>

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Some Cost Effective Ways to Enjoy a Family Vacation

Budget planning is an essential aspect that ensures an enjoyable family vacation or holiday trip. However, not many people have a clear idea about ways in which a holiday trip can be planned economically. In this article, you will read about some of the most simple yet highly cost effective tips that will make your vacation a memorable one.

Planning the trip at least in some advance is a simple yet cost effective means by which a vacation can be enjoyed thoroughly. First of all, this can help you to avail attractive deals on accommodation as well as airfare. For instance, if you are planning a vacation during the peak season you would save a lot of money by planning your trip in some advance. Moreover, it will help you to negotiate your deal with the travel agent in a better way. Another way to reduce accommodation expenses to a large extent is by renting a vacation home. There are a number of vacation homes in some of the most popular tourist spots that are significantly cheaper when compared to hotels. Opting for these homes can help you to enjoy an affordable holiday trip.

Many of us pay little attention when it comes to packing things that we need to carry while we are on a trip. For example, instead of buying toiletries it is considered best to carry some essential toiletries. Likewise, instead of hiring a travel guide you can save a lot of money by collecting information about the places of interest online. You can also buy some travel journals as well as travel manuals that can provide you all the details about the place you are planning to visit. These simple tips can ensure that you enjoy a well planned trip that is also economical and affordable.

Roland Poitevin is a dedicated writer with a passion for business and environmental issues. You can check out his new website at Chaise Lounge Furniture which helps people find the best Chaise Lounges and Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs and information they are looking relating to this subject.

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Family Vacation Packages

Family bonding increases two-fold during a vacation! So, why not take time off from a hectic busy life to have some real fun with your family? After all, you deserve a break. Think of it, the family vacations packages have some amazing services to offer. You can now plan a trip with your spouse and kids to places around the tropical region like Hawaii, Brazil, Caribbean and even other places like Mexico, Switzerland, Italy - the list just goes on.

Family Vacations Packages are the ideal choice for family holidays as while you get to visit many site-seeing areas that are bound to take your breath away, your family relishes the moments with you. For some added fun, there's always swimming pools, table tennis and water sports at the beaches nearby! You could also kick back and relax at a spa or massage parlor with your spouse while your children have a great time playing games that they would like just a few steps away. Isn't that amazing?

A family always needs some quality time to spend with each other. Even though families live under one roof, the parents are pre-occupied with hectic jobs, while the kids have their education to keep them busy. So the aspect of spending quality time together rarely materializes. Spending a long week vacation at a far-off place does raise the bond to a different level. Family vacation packages look to provide everything that there is in order to keep families satisfied and cheerful.

There are many beautiful memories that a family can make together. So if you are looking for a pleasant holiday with your family, a dynamic family vacation package is worth a thought.

Veron Ho is the owner of Travel Haven, a travel agency totally dedicated to organising creative and luxury packages. Join Travel Haven Email Club at and receive a COMPLIMENTARY Destination Travel Guide of your choice.

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Orange County Limo and Family Vacation in Orange County

Taking your family on a vacation to Orange County is not a bad idea, nor is hiring an Orange County limousine for that. Both goes hand in hand; a vacation in Orange County (OC) will keep your family happy, and a ride on Orange County limo during the vacation will keep them relaxed. The fun and excitement of the vacation will get doubled if you hire an elegant and stylish Chrysler 300 limo from any Chrysler 300 limo service in Orange County.

Why to avail Chrysler 300 limo service in Orange County

Chrysler 300 limo is long exotic, lavish, and elegant. It has all the plush facilities like full bar, entertainment center, etc. It can accommodate up to 10 people, which is enough for a family to have fun. The class and royalty of this Orange County limousine are par excellence. Your family will drool over it, and if you shop wisely for a Chrysler 300 limo service in Orange County then you can get this limo at a reasonable price. Some Chrysler 300 limo service providers also offer cars that have color-changing neon ceiling.

What to see in Orange County

Now, as the ride has been decided, it is time to see where all you should take your family in Orange County. Orange County is a famous with-family tourist destination, so there will not be any dearth of locations to go to. Just a brief research on the Internet will fetch a long list of locations to go to when in OC, but in order to help you take your family to the best OC locations, I am providing here names of some of the places you must go.


If you are going to Orange County and not going towards Anaheim then you will miss most of the fun, as Anaheim is the main tourist hub in OC. Anaheim is a home to Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure Park, Downtown Disney, Adventure City, couple of sports stadiums, and many more.

  • Disneyland: This Disneyland can be said to be the original Disneyland, as it is the only Disneyland that got designed and built under the able supervision of visionary Walt Disney. This 85-acre theme park has welcomed more than 525 million visitors since its inauguration in July 1955. It has seen some notable persona including several state leaders, and presidents of unites States as well. No vacation in OC is complete without a visit to Disneyland.
  • Disney's California Adventure Park: This is also a theme park situated beside Disneyland Park. This 55-acre theme park was built to transform Disneyland area and its hotel into Disneyland Resort. This park consists of 5 areas, and each area enlivens various aspects of California, its culture, landmark, and history. The park is divided into the following 5 areas:
    • Sunshine Plaza
    • Hollywood Pictures Backlot
    • The Golden State
    • A Bug's Land
    • Paradise Pier
  • Downtown Disney: This is an outdoor entertainment, shopping, and dining area. Downtown Disney has been modeled on a garden walk of Disneyland Resort. It was also constructed during the expansion phase.
  • Adventure City: Adventure City is another theme park that you would like to take your family to. This theme park is not as big as Disney's theme parks, but still it is worth seeing. It was build during the expansion of Hobby City. As the name suggest, this theme park is full of adventure. The main attractions of this theme parks are: Arcade, Balloon Race (spinning balloon ride), Barnstomer Planes (spinning airplane ride), Drop Zone (a tower drop ride), Crazy Bus, Carousel, Children's, Petting Farm, Crank 'n' Roll (Kid-powered 'train' ride), Express Train, Freeway Coaster, Giggle Wheel, Rescue Ride, Thomas and Friends, Tree Top Racers, and Mount Adventurous.
Apart from these, you can also take your family to Buena Park. It is another destination must exploring while on an orange County limo ride to Anaheim. This is located near the city and it is home to Knott's Berry Farm theme park, and Knott's Soak City is the park. The E-zone of Buena Park is also very famous.


No family vacation is complete without shopping. OC will not disappoint you even in this, and an O County limo that I asked you to book will come handy in carrying the things you and your family will buy in OC's shopping malls. It has many notable malls like Downtown Disney near Disneyland, The Block at Orange, The Shops at Mission Viejo, South Coast Plaza, Brea Mall, Fashion Island, and the Irvine Spectrum Center, etc.

Andrew Welkinson reviews and writes about Orange County Limo companies, travel and tourism. When renting Orange County Chrysler 300 Limo, do your homework before you buy.

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The Best Places to Visit in Mexico With a Yacht Charter

Mexico is known for its warm hospitality and its ancient culture. It is steeped in history and has a colorful vibrancy about it that can leave nobody untouched. The food, culture, architecture and traditions here are all unique and can be quite an experience for someone who has never been here before, a feast for all the senses.

Some of the best places to visit in Mexico are along the coast of Sea of Cortez, there are plenty of beautiful beaches, ports and quaint fishing villages here that can make any holiday a dream vacation. Mexico has so many islands and beaches that perhaps to include them all in your holiday the best way would be through a Mexico yacht charter. A yacht charter Mexico would allow you to go island hopping everyday, enjoying a different beach everyday.

Some of the best locations in Mexico are:

* La Paz- La Paz is classic Mexico, old world charm, upscale fashion and a laid back lifestyle. There are plenty of road side cafes and restaurants here, perfect for an evening coffee. The beach here provides a stunning view of the landscape, the bright blue waters against the red cliffs.

* Isla Partida- this beautiful island is one of the most stunning islands in Mexico. There are plenty of things to be done here including water sports, swimming, snorkeling and diving. The reefs, seals, sharks and the manta rays in the waters here make it a perfect location for scuba diving.

* Puerto Vallarta- Puerto Vallarta is one of the liveliest and the most sophisticated towns in Mexico. The city is surrounded by wooded hills on one side and the stunning bay on the other side. The beaches here are stunning with white sand and clear waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

* Acapulco- Acapulco is a round the clock party place, one of the most vibrant places in Mexico. The beaches here have golden sand and are dotted with pubs and cafes. There are several architectural attractions and museums here too for those who are interested in exploring the history and culture of Mexico.

* Manzanillo- Manzanillo is a busy port town that is fast becoming a tourism hub. The golden beaches here are perfect for spending a day relaxing in the sun. There are several nightclubs, pubs and restaurants here to enjoy the nightlife.

* Mazatlan- Mazatlan is a unique destination as a historic town and a popular beach destination. The old town of the city is marvelously charming with its cobbled streets, narrow alleys lined with historic old buildings and small restaurants that serve amazing food. The beach here is one of the most famous beaches in Mexico and there are several museums and architectural wonders here that are basked in ancient history.

If you are planning a trip through a yacht charter Mexico, then these links can be the perfect place to find a Mexico yacht charter.

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