December 16, 2009

Cruise Ship Cabins - Suites - A Truly Luxurious Travel Experience

One thing that makes cruise ships very similar to hotels in terms of the amenities and luxury available is the different levels of quality available in the rooms. As with hotel rooms, cruise ship cabins go from perfectly serviceable basic rooms to some uniquely qualitative luxury suites. People will pay a high amount for the best suite possible on a cruise ship, because the level of luxury - often comparable to a penthouse in a hotel - multiplied by the positioning and the possible sights, seclusion and sounds make for an unusually opulent holiday. If you have the chance to stay in a cruise ship suite, then grab it with both hands, because it is quite unlike anything else that the holiday industry can offer.

Importantly, you should inform yourself before you book a suite on a cruise ship, because the term "suite" has numerous definitions, and what one person understands by the term and appreciates for themselves may not be the same as the next person. All of them are pretty fabulous, but paying out for something and then finding that it does not really measure up to what you were expecting can leave something of a sour taste in the mouth. In paying for a suite, you will benefit from one of the following three luxuries:

a) a sitting-room adjacent to the sleeping quarters

b) a curtain which separates the bed from the rest of the room

c) separate rooms; a bedroom and ensuite washroom/sitting area.

One thing that a suite will tend to have is a proper bathroom. As the biggest cabins on the ship, suites are generally sizeable enough to contain a bathroom with a tub in it. Given the fact that most other rooms will have only a stand-up shower cubicle, a bath is something entirely above and beyond the usual. Even though you are surrounded by water, the chance to submerge yourself in some of your own is a selling point that will have many giddy with excitement. Although you will have spent all that money with a sea-bound holiday in mind, the chance to experience all the benefits of being on dry land is something that cannot be underestimated in terms of luxury.

Suites are the highest level of luxury on a cruise ship holiday. Some of the luxury cruise ships have nothing but suites and mini-suites, which is as clear a demonstration of their popularity and luxury as you could wish for. The fact that many suites actually have butler service is another example of what makes them the perfect way to travel in luxury. Of course, all of this comes at a price, but if you have enough money set aside to take a real luxury holiday, then the chance to experience at sea some of the most luxurious treatment available on land has to be considered. For a single cruise, expect the price to climb close to, if not well into the five figures. However, if you've recently won the lottery or had a big inheritance, that will be (and apologies for the choice of words) a drop in the ocean.

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