December 16, 2009

Luxury Cruise Ships - When You Demand the Best

If something is worth doing, the old saying goes, it is worth doing correctly. If you are going to put your time and money into something, there is no point being half-hearted about it. Would you spend money on the materials to build a house, and then just hammer in a few nails and hope it stayed up? Of course not. So, extrapolating wildly from that assertion, it is fair to say that if you are going to go on a cruise ship holiday, you might as well go on a luxury cruise ship holiday. If the money is there for a real luxury break, it is worth doing things in style, is it not? And there are companies out there who dedicate themselves specifically to offering just these things - luxury and style.

One luxury line that comes with the ringing endorsement of no less an authority than Howard Hillman is Regent Seven Seas Cruising. Its five-ship fleet has the Hillman seal of approval not only for its undeniable touches of class, but for a relaxed atmosphere aboard its ships which is very hard for a luxury cruise ship line to achieve. Its Voyager liner is considered the line's standout performer, and with a maximum occupancy of 700 passengers, all accommodated in suites, you will have some idea of just what a treat a journey on the Regent line can be. The relaxed atmosphere of which Hillman speaks is achieved by, among other methods, an open-seating dining policy that at a stroke cuts away the rather forced bonhomie that can be the result of planting people according to a seating plan. Every suite has a balcony, too, which means that every passenger can have the truly mind-blowing experience of taking dinner on the outside as they watch the miles being eaten up by the smooth motion of the ship.

The benefits of paying the extra dollars to travel on a luxury cruise ship are clear. And while they are not attainable to all, even to look and see what is offered makes you want to work that bit harder, earn that bit more and do that bit extra to get recognised so that one day you can travel in such style. Some luxury cruise liners actually offer butler service in your suite - and again, this comes at a price, but to even imagine being waited on hand and foot in such a manner is quite a mouth watering thought. The only risk is that you could find yourself so enjoying butler service that you decide you want it at home as well - and the truth is that although for a short spell on a cruise ship butler service can be a delightful extravagance, to retain one full time is not a cheap option.

The luxury cruise ship experience is one that we all must hope is available to us one of these days - from the complimentary champagne to the shoe shine service offered by many luxury liners, it is simply another world for most of us. But then again, sometimes people get to visit other worlds.

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