July 4, 2009

How to Plan Your Family Camping Trips

Family camping trips are some of the greatest times ever for a family to experience. As a young boy growing up in Minnesota, some of my best memories were the simple camping trips sleeping in a canvass tent at primitive state parks. As our family progressed to more modern methods such as a camping trailer and RV, it became more of a chore. We carried more junk. The set up seemed to take forever. We spent more time looking for things that were packed so far out of reach.

I try to make our family camping trips as simple as possible. We pack everything into our small Subaru station wagon. I have a Thule cargo carrier for the roof. Everything is totally organized.

I start my planning by developing a simple list of must have items:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bags
  • Air mattresses
  • Camp stove
  • Camp lantern
  • Basic cook kit
  • Pressure cooker
  • Hot mitts/pot holders
  • Wok
  • Basic eating utensils
  • Plates, bowls, cups
  • Toilet paper
  • Lighter
  • 5 gallon water jug
  • Flashlights
  • Wash basin
  • Hatchet/hammer
  • Rope
  • Manual coffee grinder
  • Coffee drip cones and or French presses
  • Large insulated cooler

The more stuff that you take, the more of a hassle the trip becomes. Keep it simple.


Every item that we carry is stored in rectangular Sterilite plastic storage boxes. We pack 4 of them into the back of our station wagon. It makes it so easy to set up camp. We just pull the storage boxes out and grab what we need when we need them. At night, we place them securely in the back of our station wagon. All of our sleeping gear goes in the cargo box on the roof.

Cooking Kit

Our cooking kit is our pressure cooker. We store our bowls, utensils, cups, and anything that is loose inside the pressure cooker. Pressure cookers are awesome for car camping because things like beans and rice can be cooked extremely fast. My wife adds a gourmet Kitchen wok for all stir fry delicacies.


You don't need special camping food. We tend to eat about the same way that we eat at home. We buy lots of fresh fruits and veggies at local markets. We bring a various assortment of whole grain pastas, dried beans, brown rice, and our famous super porridge breakfast grains. My wife calls this our pantry. We have sea salt, whole pepper corns, soy sauce, hot sauce, and lots of our favorite things that we may not be able to buy on the road.

Cooler For Perishables

My wife found this great Coleman 70 quart cooler that keeps food cold for up to 4 days (honest!). We buy fresh chicken, fish, beef, fruits, and vegetables on the road and store them in the cooler with a block of ice or dried ice.

When you have the right equipment, your family camping trips will be so much more enjoyable!

However, even if you have the greatest equipment available, your trip will not be fun if you don't plan on doing things that your family enjoys. The trip is not a race! Take your time and slow down.

We have 2 young boys. We bring bug catchers for them to play with. My wife packs lots of small toys and books for them. They watch DVD's when we are traveling for extended periods of time. We do all the junior ranger program for our boys. They love them! I take them for moon walks at night. Even if there is not a full moon, the boys want the adventure of walking at night with flashlights.

We like to stay at each campground for at least 2 days. It makes the experience fantastic when you are not setting up camp every day. We bring some light weight lounge chairs for my wife and me. Just kicking back, drinking coffee, and reading books is good enough entertainment for us.

Camping for our family is a time bonding and resting from the normal day to day routines at home. This summer we will be going on a 3 week family camping trip to northern California and the Oregon coast.


We tend to favor the primitive National Forest, National Park, and State Park campgrounds. They offer great value for the money. Some even have showers!

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It's the perfect companion to "Discover the Secrets of Family Camping without Breaking the Bank!" The camping tips and techniques revealed to you in this book will make family camping enjoyable and affordable for years to come! Trial and error is no way to learn the skills of camping. Let this easy, step-by-step book be your guide to memorable family camping.
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Camping Pack List - What to Take

Camping Pack List

When you're getting ready to go camping, there's always the question of what gear to bring. Having too much stuff is no fun - especially if you're hiking in to your campsite - but you don't want to be without something essential either. A lot of what you'll need will vary depending on several factors - the length of your trip, the weather, where you'll be camping, etc - but let's take a look at what you can expect to need on most camping trips.

There are several things you'll need on any camping trip that you go on. Always bring the following:

Tent (or a tent equivalent, such as a heavy duty hammock, or the materials for a lean-to if you're roughing it)
Sleeping bag
First aid kit
Hatchet and/or machete (for cutting up firewood)
Food and water

For cold weather camping, you'll want to bring at least one of each of the following. There's no need to run out and buy new things. You'll be out in the woods and everything is going to get dirty anyway, so the old, beat up sweatshirt and jacket will do fine.

Sweatshirt (with a hood if you have one)
Sleeping bag liner (if needed, depending on the weather rating of your bag)

If the weather is going to be very hot, plan on bringing these items:

Large hat (to keep the sun off)
Extra water
Canopy (to provide shade)
Fan (you can get a small battery powered fan at any mega-mart for cheap)

Lastly, if you're camping at a campground and won't be hiking in to your campsite, then there are several more things you might want to bring. Some of these will depend on the facilities available at your campground though, so do a bit of research before you go to find out what is available.

Camping chair
Camp table
Camp stove or grill
Fishing pole
Small backpack for day hikes
Towels and swimsuits

For more information on camping and lightweight camping chairs, check out our website at Buy Camping Chairs.com.

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Ground Tent Vs Rooftop Tent

So you have decided quality holiday time somewhere on a safari in the wild, far away from civilization and you make the preparations considering on the choice between a 4x4 with a ground tent that has to erected next to the vehicle or one with tents mounted on the roof. A few things to consider so you are able to choose wisely.

If speed of putting up a tent matters to you and it's definitely a thing to consider, be it the risk of arriving late at the designated spot or hit by a sudden rain while you've just arrived, a rooftop tent is obviously an advantage. It will fold open in a matter of seconds while battling with a ground tent in the half dark at the end of the day or getting yourself soaked wet can be a hassle.

The fact that tent interior like blankets, cushions and mattresses can remain inside the rooftop tent as you fold it up can save you space inside the vehicle and more space is always nice! Depending on your personality and the people you're with, the rooftop tent with its elevation is able to provide an extra feeling of security. The chances of lizards and ground insects crawling in is non-existent while in a ground tent the possibility always exists.

If the area you're settling at is sandy or dirt-covered, the rooftop tent would prevent those from spreading in as your shoes would loose it while you're climbing up the ladder. Ground tents tend to collect a lot of ground material (one may wonder if that is the true reason they're called like that). Watery zones are of similar risk and ground tent floods are not so rare.

If you're into following wildlife with ease early in the morning or you just want to get going for some reason, that is impossible with a rooftop tent. It takes time to fold it before you can leave while with a ground tent you're good to go - just grab your car and leave. Folding down the rooftop tent properly is quite time consuming mainly because of the usual problems when it comes to securing and tightening the tent. That alone can be tedious and irritating enough to spoil your adventure. No such problems with a ground tent.

When the roads are uneven (and most often they are), the weight of the rooftop tent may easily cause your 4x4 to sway by shifting its center of gravity much higher. As a rule of thumb -- the less gear on your roof the better your safety. Another disadvantage with rooftop tents is the lack of privacy as they're opened right next to each other. You can expect many problems in that direction and your neighbor's snoring is probably the least of all.

As you have probably figured it out on your own, getting up at night and going to the toilet is more difficult in a rooftop tent than with the ground tent. And when the group is bigger the rooftop tents literally bind you all together, so it's not possible for someone to do a different activity like stay behind in camp with the shelter of a tent.

Think well and come up with a plan for the choice of your tent before you dwell into unknown of the open world.

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The Camping Must Have Checklist

Camping Checklist

Whether you're are interested in sleeping under the stars, or using a traditional tent, it's always a good idea to keep an eye to what the short term weather forecast will be. Despite the fact that you can still have fun camping when it does rain, you still want to make sure the weather is appropriate for your next camping adventure. Regardless of whether or not you are sleeping with a tent, you will need a sleeping bag or blanket. Additional sleeping equipment would include pillows and the ever popular air mattress.

Once you have these essential items ready for your next camping trip, you can move on to the important item on the Must Have Checklist. That is of course, the Food. What many campers enjoy about camping is eating outdoors. There is something out cooking food on the open fire that just makes even the most ordinary food taste especially great. The type of food you cook should all depend on your preference and the preference of the other campers.

In addition to a full dinner meal, you may also want to think about having snacks on hand. There are a large number of snacks that are ideal for campers. These snacks may include, dry fruit, chips, pretzels, cookies, and other dry foods. Be aware of your selections because a lot of dry snacks are unhealthy. Look for dry snacks that are low in sugar or low in fat. Of course don't forget the most important camping snack, s'mores.

The last item on the Must Have camping list are outdoor toys. These toys may include water guns, water balloons, a kickball, a Frisbee, baseball equipment, or other similar items. Even if these items do not get used, they are still nice to have on hand. Even though there may be many activities planned, such as fishing, canoeing, swimming, etc., it's great to have a fairly large selection of outdoor activities to choose from which will help to ensure that boredom is a never something that happens when you plan effectively for your next camping adventure.

R.S. Leger is the author and lead editor for TentsNgear.com where you find interesting articles on enhancing your camping experience. Check out our very cool conversion tents.

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Family Vacation : Ideas For Camp Cooking

Family Vacation

Camp cooking should be easy are fun to do.

A lot of camp cooking is based around a fire, so having a good camp fire, especially one that can produce some good hot coals, is very important.

It is a good idea to always have a billy on the boil for your cups of tea, coffee or instant cup of soup.

Billy Tea can easily be made by adding the desired amount of tea leaves to a billy of boiling water and swinging the billy in a wide arc with your arm 3 to 4 times, by which time the tea should have infused into the water to make the perfect cup.


Combine 1 cup self raising flour with a pinch of salt and 1 egg. Gradually add 1 cup milk and beat until mixture is smooth.

Heat frying pan over fire and add a little butter. Pour in enough mixture to cover pan and cook until bubbles appear. Flip pancake over and cook the other side.

Serve with butter, golden syrup, jam or whatever you like.


Mix 2 cups self raising flour, pinch of salt and 1/2 cup milk or water and work into a firm dough.

Shape and dust the outside with flour.

Cover with foil and place in hot coals. Cook for about 25-35 minutes.

If you have a camp oven the dough can be placed directly into it and covered with the lid and placed on the hot coals with more coals on the lid.

Check after 25 minutes. It is cooked when it has a golden crust and an inserted skewer comes out clean.

Serve with butter, golden syrup, jam etc.

Beer Damper can be made using beer, instead of the milk, and a tablespoon of butter.


Place a piece of bread in the jaffle iron. Add tinned spaghetti, an egg, leftover stew or anything else you may desire onto the center of the bread (do not overfill). Place another slice of bread on top, close jaffle iron and place amongst the hot coals.

Check after 3-4 minutes. It is cooked when the bread is a toasty colour.

Roasted Marshmallows

These are an all time favorite with kids and adults alike.

Find a long stick and form a pointed tip on one end. Place marshmallow firmly on the end of the stick and place over hot coals, turning stick constantly. Marshmallow is cooked when turns a light golden color, although some people like it on the darker side, which can happen if flames get onto the marshmallow, in which case you just blow out the flames and eat it.

For more ideas on camp cooking and a camping checklist feel free to visit http://www.gocamping-popupcamperreview.blogspot.com/

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Places to Camp - How to Find the Best Campgrounds

So you have your camping equipment and you're ready for a great camping adventure. Now all you need is a place to camp. If you are a beginning camper finding the best campground may seem like a daunting task. But once you become familiar with the different types of camping locations, you will be able to make the best decision for your next camping trip. There are a few things to consider when choosing a place to camp. What type of activities will you want to do on your camping trip? What kinds of amenities do you want to have available to you during your stay? While doing your campground search you will want to keep these answers in mind.

Commercial Campgrounds

Commercial campgrounds offer a wide range of camping opportunities and are located throughout the United States. These campgrounds generally tend to have more amenities such as swimming pools and even putt-putt. They cater to families with smaller children and those families who really don't like "roughing it." Examples of these types of campgrounds include KOA, Jelly-stone and Reserve-America.

Privately Owned Campgrounds

Privately owned campgrounds are typically smaller and may have less amenities than the larger commercial campgrounds. But they are usually run by families or couples who love camping and have a lot of experience.

National Parks

National Park campgrounds offer some of the most spectacular views available in the US. They also offer a wide variety of camping facilities depending on the location. Campground reservations are usually expected and can fill up a year in advance depending on the location so be sure to take this into consideration when planning your camping trip.

State Parks

State parks are plentiful throughout the United States and can offer some great locations, many at the beach or by a lake. Not all accept reservations and campground spots may be available on a first come; first served basis.

Here are some great links for finding the perfect place to camp:


National Park Service

Sandy Taylor has been camping since she was three years old. She and her husband John have been camping with their two boys on lakes, beaches, forests and mountains. With over 40 years of camping experience, she has a wealth of camping knowledge she likes to share through her website FamilyCampingPlanner.com. Sandy especially enjoys helping young families learn how great camping can be. Sign up for her free camping checklist at http://www.familycampingplanner.com

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Camping Supplies Checklist

After many years of camping I've found that having a list of supplies to take with me before camping is the best way to be prepared. Whether you will be hiking, canoeing, or just enjoying the great outdoors, you will want to check out this list before your next camping adventure. Where and when you'll be camping determines much of what you'll bring both as necessities and luxuries. Consider night time temperatures, the likelihood for rain or snow, and whether or not you can build a campfire.

1. ESSENTIALS: a. Tents b. Flashlights and batteries c. Sleeping bags d. Tents e. Folding chairs f. Tarp with rope or cord g. Knife h. Lantern i. Waterproof matches j. Insect repellent k. Axe l. Sunscreen

2. COOKING: a. Propane stove b. Plates c. Propane or fuel d. Dishwashing tub and towels e. Cooler f. Dishwashing soap (biodeg.)

3. CLOTHING: a. Bathing suit b. Hat c. Sweatshirt/light jacket d. Rain coat/umbrella e. Beach towel/blanket

4. HIKING a. Backpack b. Whistle c. Hiking boots d. Water bottles e. Hiking socks f. Pocket knife g. Running shoes h. Food container i. Compass

5. OTHER ITEMS: a. Binoculars b. Fire starter c. Camera, film, batteries d. Wood/kindling

You can save time by keeping much of your camping supplies packed all the time in plastic storage containers - convenient for loading and storing between trips. You can use the checklist above by marking the appropriate supplies and then crossing it off as it is packed. Make sure you check your list twice, it's never fun to be in the great outdoors and not be prepared! Have fun!!

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RV Campgrounds in the Washington DC Area

Washington, D.C. is the capital of United States of America. The District of Columbia was founded on July 16th, 1970. Washington D.C. is a great place to visit for tourists from all over the world. One of the best ways to explore this beautiful place is through RV camping. So, if you are in Washington don't forget to try the RV camping that are absolute fun for you and your family.

Some of the best RV campgrounds in Washington are:

1. Cherry Hill Park
If you are looking to explore nation's capital this is a perfect destination for you. It is a perfect place for those who are looking to relax in their vacations. The basic facilities available are swimming pool, hot tub and sauna. This campground is open all year and gives a monumental experience.

2. Peaceful Pines RV Park
This campground is spread over an area of 7 acres and is an absolute camping paradise for all. The campground offers 28 sites with ample area for tenting. They offer daily and monthly rates for tourists. They also do have a fully furnished kitchen with all the essential equipments. Free Wi-Fi internet service is also provided to the tourists and you can also enjoy TV cable with no additional costs.

3. Spokane RV resort
The place is full of ambience and fresh air. One enjoys gorgeous sunset and great outdoors. If you enjoy large RV's then this place is certainly for you. The view of nearby mountains and high peaks captivates everyone. Don't forget to enjoy camping in this resort if you are in Washington.

4. Grandview Inn Motel And RV Park
This is a place where enjoyment and comfort meets. If you like to hunt and fish then you've come at the right place. The Kettle Falls Marina is just a few minutes away. You can enjoy boating, swimming and fishing. They also organize a turkey tournament in kettle falls which is a great fun!

5. Sun Basin RV Park And Campground
The campground is located in heart of Columbia basin. This place is an easy access to Moses Lake Washington. They provide large tenting sites and free wireless internet service. They even welcome your pets and give restroom facilities. You can call them for monthly and weekly rates. Contact for great peaceful camping experience.

These are some of the best RV campgrounds in Washington D.C. Check out these places to make your vacations adventurous!

Read more about RV campgrounds directory. Going to Washington? Know all Washington RV Parks.

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5 Camping Traditions That Make Camping a Fun Event For All Members of the Family

No family camping trip is complete without the practice of some popular camping traditions. Singing songs around the campfire, setting up tents, etc. are all camping traditions that are deeply-rooted in history. Make your next camping vacation one to remember by incorporating these fun camping traditions into your stay.

1. Setting up Tents

Staying in tents is not only an economical way to camp out - tents are a traditional dwelling that Native Americans used long before Europeans arrived. The tents that Native Americans used were known as Tipis. Tipi is a Sioux word for "dwelling." The shape of Tipis allowed them to shed wind and rain. Nowadays, tents are far more compact and easier to carry around. The nights you and your family spend camped out in a tent while listening to the sounds of the night and going outside to admire the star-studded sky will become lasting memories.

2. Campfire Songs

Campfire songs are an oral tradition that cannot be traced back to a particular culture or time in history. Singing around the fire is a common practice across many different cultures and popular campfire songs have a variety of origins. The popular campfire song, "Home on the Range," is Kansas' state song while "Blow the Man Down" is a traditional sailor song from the 19th century. Some campfire songs even have spiritual significance. Both children and adults love to belt it out in front of a campfire. Bring a guitar, hand drums, and/or tambourines to make singing around the fire with your family even more fun. Only the crickets will hear you so it doesn't matter if you don't exactly qualify as a good singer, let loose and enjoy singing around the fire on your next camping trip.

3. Campfire Storytelling

While packing your tent, food, and everything else you need for your family camping trip, don't forget to stock up on great campfire stories! Storytelling is a tradition in every culture of the world. Native Americans have been telling stories for thousands of years in North America. Telling stories around the campfire with your family will bring you closer together. Let your imagination run wild and make up your own stories or consult a great storybook and pick out the best stories you can find.

4. Making S'Mores

No one knows exactly where everyone's favorite campfire treat originated but there was a recipe for a similar treat in the 1940 Girl Scout Handbook that was called "Some Mores." Everyone in the family can enjoy this delicious sandwich cookie that consists of fire-roasted marshmallow, melted chocolate, and graham crackers.

5. Campfire Cooking

Whether you're going to cook with a charcoal grill, dutch oven, campfire, or camping stove, making and sharing food with your family is a lovely tradition that shouldn't be left out of any camping trip. Cultures around the world have different methods of outdoor cooking and in North America the Scouting movement and wilderness educators are excellent sources of information on the subject.

Margie Dettman, is the owner and operator of the Jellystone Park Camp-Resort at Natural Bridge, one of the most popular sites for camping in Virginia. Her work has allowed her to become very familiar with family vacation hotspots such as the Natural Bridge campground and cabins in Virginia, enabling her to give insider tips for fun family vacations.

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What is the Best Family Tent For a Family Camping Trip?

Camping can be an economical way to get a family vacation, but if you want it to be a pleasant one, you need to choose the best family tent for your needs.

Today, since everyone seems to be pinching pennies due to the serious economic downturn, there are many people who cannot afford going on holidays. Hotel prices are extremely high in most tourist destinations, especially when it comes to families with kids. Camping can prove to be a great solution for those who want to go on holidays on a budget. It is fun, easy and can be a great opportunity for kids to connect with nature. Let's see what you should look for when choosing a family tent.

First of all you need to buy a lightweight but durable tent. A family tent should not be heavy, because you will need to carry it all the way to the camping site. You also need plenty of room so as to have where to sleep and store all your gear.

Tents are usually sold based on the amount of people they can accommodate, therefore, if your family consists of 4 people, the best family tent for you which will allot you enough space is a tent meant for 6 people. If you want to buy a tent for four people, keep in mind that you might not have enough space to put your clothes and gear.

Moreover, you need to make sure that you buy the proper tent for the right season. Some tents can be used all year round, while some others are specifically made for winter or summer. A three season tent is probably the best choice, since going on winter holidays with the family is highly unlikely.

One of the most important factors you need to check is the ease of installation; some tents are way too complicated. You need to buy a tent that will not require an hour or two of your time. Setting up and pitching your tent can prove to be a daunting task, unless you check its installation manual in advance.

Next, check out our selections for best family tent and get tenting and camping tips at http://www.bestfamilytent.com.

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What Foods Are Best For Tent Campers?

As promised, we want to make the suggestions we mentioned and most certainly want to attempt to make your camping adventures enjoyable. We don't want camping to sound like it's too much work because it absolutely is not. Please don't turn it into a chore. Below are some ideas for meals at the camp ground and more specifically for Tent Camping Adventures to keep things easy for you.

1. Drinks: It is best to choose non-liquid beverages. Choose powders of your favorite choice. If you have packed your water purifier, you will have an abundance of water to use to make the drink of your choice whenever you want it. Powders are much lighter to pack & save space too.

2. Boxed Foods: Mac & cheese, noodles, rice and the multitude of other wonderful tasting items that come in a box today are wonderful choices. They are fast, easy and their remains are easily disposed of when cleaning up afterwards.

3. Canned Foods: While they are heavier to pack, they do serve a purpose as well. They are also fast, easy and the cans are wonderful for storing other items in around your campsite. If you are into target practice, they are a good target as well.

4. Breads of Choice: This is a good multi-purpose food. You can make hot & cold sandwiches, pizza, dessert pies and more. Of course, don't forget the staples to make these things with.

5. Breakfast Food: Unless you want to build a fire and cook every day, breakfast bars or meal bars come in a multitude of choices and flavors. These are quick & easy so you can hit the activity of your choice nice and early. Trail mixes can fall into this category as well so you don't have to stop for lunch either.

Do yourself a favor and try a few of these things. These camping foods tend to please the family and friends because they are not something you do on a routine basis (a treat so to speak), they are easy to carry, again they are quick to fix or use and they leave very little trash. Hey, they are even easier on whoever does the cooking. Don't forget the s'mores-graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Every camp has to serve those at least once an outing!

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49 Ways to Save Money While on the Road

1. Watch those speeds. Your already fuel-guzzling RV only consumes more fuel as you lead foot across the country rather than cruising at a steady 55 mph.

2. Lighten the load. A heavier rig (and trailer!) works harder, thus uses more fuel, thus costing you money.

3. Reuse rather than replace. While paper plates, plastic utensils, and other "disposable" items do help keep onboard weights lower (as opposed to their plumper counterparts),this practice also requires spending more cash to replace these items again and again.

4. Skip the water view. Since campground fees often vary by location, our advice is to skip the often pricey scenic sites whenever possible. You can't see what your missing during the night, and we bet you'll be too busy during the day to enjoy the scene outside your RV's window. Make up for it by taking the spouse on a (free) romantic walk to see what the fuss is all about.

5. Ask for discounts when checking into an RV park. Beyond the obvious ones, lowered nightly stays have are sometimes gained for Triple A members, military service, and police and fire personnel as well as a few others.

6. Buy a diesel. Yes, it's more money upfront, but boasts lower fuel costs (and better mileage) and diesel's well-known longevity should make up for it - and then some - over the life of the vehicle.

7. Fuel lies at the heart of an RV's ongoing costs. Therefore, it makes sense to belong and practice membership in as many fuel suppliers as possible, where lots of money can be saved.

8. Eat in. Dining out almost always costs more money.

9. And if you must eat out, favor places offering early-bird specials. You'll find similarly sized portions, but lunch-time prices. Moreover, breakfast and lunch provide the biggest bang for the dining-out buck.

10. Only pay for what you can use. When reserving a campsite, don't sign on for full hookups if you won't be using them. Carefully examine what you need - and what you can do without - to avoid doubling up on expenses.

11. Don't overpay for cell phone use. Shop around. Long-time phone commitments are soooo over.

12. Libraries have thousands of books just waiting for someone to read them. Loads of new titles, too. Best of all, they're free, begging the question, why buy splurge at the book store?

13. If a national park(s) is on the itinerary, definitely make sure to purchase a National Park Pass, which grants users (and their compatriots) free access to the nearly 400 locations within the system.

14. Keep those tires properly inflated. Doing so both increases fuel economy and prevents blow-outs, which should hopefully put an end to afternoons stranded on the side of the highway after a blow-out.

15. Join a roadside service. Yes, there's a fee, but it's much cheaper and more reliable than expensive tows in parts unknown.

16. Towable RVs last longer and are cheaper to operate and maintain than their motorized counterparts. It's not a value judgment, just a fact.

17. Visit all those primo vacation spots out of season or, better yet, when one season blends into another one. Disney world in January and February is significantly cheaper than the summer and holiday times when visitation (and prices) are at their highest.

18. Don't be afraid to price shop for campgrounds. However, be sure to factor in the recreation offered at each. A boring campground will cost you more money since you'll need to pay for your fun someplace else.

19. Subscribe to magazines rather than buying them piece meal. This nifty practice saves readers easily 50 percent and often markedly more per year. Better yet, hit that library and read the latest issues for free.

20. This is a nod to my economics teacher. Got extra cash lying around? Pay down that credit card debt. The juice on that Visa alone can cream your bottom line.

21. If you're looking into buying a vehicle to tow behind the motorhome, get the lightest, most fuel-efficient one you can. Don't overspend here. This is not a "status" vehicle, rather something simply to get you and yours from point A to B.

22. A high-quality, previously-owned RV obviously costs less than a new one. We can thank deprecation for that. However, that's assuming the vehicle is in good shape and buyers can identify a potential lemon when they see one. And in this market, there are great deals to be had.

23. Easy costs more. Convenience stores are just that, but expect significantly higher prices than traditional grocery stores. Campground stores, even more convenient still, are often even pricier. If the shopping list includes more than five items, take a trip into town where your dollar goes farther.

24. There are lots of free or low-cost attractions out there. State parks rarely charge admission; national parks fees are usually very low or non-existent. Call ahead for free days at museums and the like. Favor matinees over prime-times for movies. Get in the habit of asking, "Is that the best rate you can give me?"

25. Impulse buys rarely work out like you'd want them to.

26. Easy on the souvenirs. New rule: Every kid gets one souvenir. One. It's wise, of course, to share this mandate with youngsters before hitting the amusement park.

27. Don't over think the fun. I haven't met a kid who doesn't relish a chance to spend an afternoon in a swimming pool. Consider other low-cost, high-fun activities such as dropping a few lines in the pond, shooting hoops, teaching your daughter the strike zone, tossing the Frisbee, learning a new sport, exploring the woods, or riding bikes. What do these activities all have in common? Each provides lots of one-on-one with children, great exercise, and almost no money to enjoy.

28. When buying an RV, ask the dealership to throw in free RV storage or a year's worth of oil changes in order to secure the sale. You'd be surprised what they'll do to make quota.

29. Ask yourself this question when contemplating a purchase, any purchase: What purpose will it serve?

30. Don't be shy about employing that senior discount. You've earned it, you deserve it, so use it already.

31. Price shop when it comes time for fuel. A dime saved per gallon adds up big-time over the course of a summer's worth of travels.

32. To keep weight issues (and therefore gas issues down),enforce this rule: Every member of the crew can only bring one bag. Discuss.

33. Be aggressive when it comes lowering the RV's weight. Do you really need all those: 1) tools; 2) clothes; 3) canned goods, 4) cooking supplies; 5) weighty extravaganzas you know you'll never use. And empty that roof pod while you're at it, since most are only good for: 1) adding unnecessary weight; 2) impairing aerodynamics; 3) risking (your) life and limb when trying to access them for grandma's Swedish meatball recipe.

34. Shorten the trip. Must you really venture to the other end of the country for that ultimate vacation? Chances are your family would settle for a shorter driver and more leisure time instead. The tradeoff not only saves a small fortune in fuel, tolls, and wear-and-tear, but gets the vacation started that much faster.

35. I know you like your bottled water, but, well, come on now.

36. Visit the websites of the attractions you're most interested in. You'd be surprised at the wallet-saving coupons many offer - on the website only - as further incentive for a visit.

37. Recycle like a fiend. Those five-cent aluminum cans really add up. And they're ten cents in Michigan. Mother Earth will thank you.

38. A digital camera pays for itself in terms of forgoing expensive film development charges at the drug store. Not only that, but digital images are easier (and cheaper) to send and receive. Furthermore, a decent printer enables users to print out the best photos of the bunch.

39. Automatic bill paying, at best, yields discounts from creditors and, at worst, provides peace of mind, no missed payments, late charges, or mailing costs.

40. Before you leave home, put the newspaper on hold, lower the heat, suspend gym memberships, postpone garbage pick-ups, and contemplate any and all moves that can save you dough while you're away.

41. Unless you're full-timing, outfit the rig with second-hand items. Why spend top dollar for the gourmet cooking items, fancy linens and towels, or the latest gadget, gear, or gizmo when this is only a vacation home?

42. Keep the kids out of the arcade, gift shop, and souvenir stands as much as possible. Your accountant will thank you. Besides, wasn't this supposed to be a family trip? Start bonding with your kids, people.

43. Even paying modest prices for music downloads via the Internet saves major dollars as opposed to purchasing traditional CDs when gathering tunes for the family road trip.

44. My recommendation is cash in pocket is almost always quickly spent. Get in the habit of hitting the ATM fewer times and taking out less.

45. Just because you're on vacation, happy and relaxed and loving life, doesn't mean you have to spend money like a drunken sailor. Lose the carefree attitude when it comes to your cash. The bills will be waiting for you when you get home.

46. A night of board games is cheap and enduring fun.

47. Favor RV parks who refuse to charge extra for: running the air conditioning, showers, pets, or extra large rigs.

48. Do you know what a full holding tank weighs? Lots. Empty those tanks whenever possible, and resist the urge to top off on the freshwater supply. Remember, lower weights results in better gas mileage and less vehicle wear and tear.

49. Tickets for not wearing seat belts or speeding are futile expenses.

Article written by Brent Peterson for the January 2009 issue of the Camp Club USA E-newsletter.

Brent is the author of the Complete Idiot's Guide to RVing.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Brent_Peterson

Holiday Park Accommodation - 5 Great Holiday Park Benefits

Enjoy a fabulous New Zealand summer in the sun within a relaxed and social park like atmosphere. You will discover an array of benefits to this accommodation option, including the following five.

1. Fantastic Value for Money
Local New Zealand providers offer a range of accommodation options at affordable prices to suit every budget. Lots of holiday park providers have membership programmes that reward loyalty. If you choose to stay at other associated sites across the country you can receive accommodation discounts and save on various other travel services such as train and ferry transport, which your provider has affiliations with.

2. Quality Accommodation and Facilities
A full range of quality camping and motel style facilities, depending on the accommodation option you choose, are available to all travellers. A useful advantage of holiday parks, (especially for families) is the convenience of having access to an on-site kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities in one central location.

3. Range of Accommodation Options
Holiday Park providers offer travellers a wide choice of options to suit every preference and budget. Your choice of accommodation includes: powered and un-powered campground sites, tent sites, camper van / motor home sites, cabins and motel units. Prices will vary according to the provider, number of people you wish to accommodate and lodging style you decide upon.

4. Activities & Recreational Resources
A great advantage for families is the space and children's playground areas that are commonly found and appreciated at holiday parks. Most sites provide a range of recreational resources such as a pool and BBQ area. Depending on where in the country you are staying, activities such as beach / bush walks, fishing, water sports and town excursions are generally within driving or walking distance.

5. Social & Friendly Environment
New Zealand holiday park owner / operators can offer a great deal of information about their local region and the tourist hot spots to visit; such as the best places to eat and drink. The campground environment is also an ideal way to meet other domestic and international travellers.

There is no better way to experience a unique Kiwi holiday then staying at one of the numerous holiday park providers found across the country.

Kiwi Holiday Parks - Camping in NZ

Our goal is provide travelers in New Zealand with a unique and enjoyable experience in our nationwide range of quality holiday parks. With more than 50 strategically placed holiday parks around the country, we guarantee you a warm KIWI welcome on arrival and pledge that when you leave, it will be as a satisfied customer. David and his team hope that guests will continue to use their holiday park providers for every visit they make, and that you recommend us to your friends and family. http://www.kiwiholidayparks.com

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Beginners Guide to Caravanning - Maintaining Your Caravan

Regular maintenance of your caravan can save you money in the long run, by making sure everything remains in full working order, and avoiding costly repair bills.

The annual service is best carried out at your local dealer or approved workshop. This will involve checking all the mechanical and electrical elements such as the brakes and lights. It should also provide an overhaul of the habitation area with a thorough check of the gas, electric and water systems.

You can, however, carry out some routine maintenance yourself. Follow our top 10 tips for maintaining your caravan:

1. Just like your car, your caravan needs cleaning on a regular basis. So give it a good clean on the outside to remove any dirt and apply a suitable polish to protect it from the elements. Clean the inside surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaning solution and vacuum the carpets. If you plan to clean the upholstery and curtains, choose a warm day so you can leave the door and windows open (not leaving the caravan unattended of course!).

2. If your caravan hasn't been used for a while, give the battery a charge the night before you plan to travel.

3. Open and close all windows and doors and oil the hinges.

4. Check the handbrake is working correctly. If it has seized, make sure you apply lubricating oil and make any adjustments before setting off on your journey.

5. Check all the gas appliances work by coupling up a gas cylinder and checking the cooker, fridge and heating etc.

6. If your caravan has been in storage, clean out the water system with sterilising fluid.

7. Check the caravan's tyres. Tyres can become worn and damaged if the caravan is stood for long periods, so check the side walls for any cracks or bulges. Replace any tyres that look worn. Ensure the tyres are inflated to the manufacturer's recommendations and check there is sufficient tread across the full width of the tyre.

8. If you have an awning, check there are no signs of damage or any integral parts missing. You don't want to arrive on site and discover you've left something behind!

9. Connect the electrics up to your car and make sure all the caravan's lights, indicators and brake lights work correctly.

10. If you suspect any faults or damage to your caravan, book it in to your local dealer and let the professionals take care of it. Don't leave it until the last minute as the caravan dealerships will be busy over the summer months.

Buying a caravan is a big investment for your future holidays, so don't forget to look after it! Any damage caused by storm or flood should be covered on your caravan insurance policy, but check this with the individual insurer.

Caravan Guard offer specialist caravan insurance cover for touring caravans in the UK. For more helpful tips, sign up to our free email newsletter at http://www.caravanguard.co.uk

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Camping Dartmoor

For those who love camping, Dartmoor offers a wonderfully windswept retreat to explore, hike and enjoy. The Dartmoor National Park is one of the smallest in the UK, covering 954 square kilometres (368 square miles) and is mostly moorland with tors, which are granite hilltops, peat bogs, rivers, a few remote villages and the prison at Princetown. Although there are 450 miles of footpaths and bridleways, Dartmoor is designated as 'Access Land' and although it is privately owned, the public has free access rights over it.

Wild Camping on Dartmoor

Although there are organized campsites on Dartmoor, wild camping on open land is acceptable on Dartmoor. Campers cannot pitch a tent on farmland, moorland which is enclosed by walls, on archaeological sites or within 100 metres of a road. Otherwise you are free to backpack, tramp the moors and sleep beneath the stars as you please.

Things to do on Dartmoor

The most common pastime on Dartmoor is hill walking and visitors should be well prepared with proper hiking boats for the rough, sometimes wet terrain. Clothing, maps, a compass and emergency supplies should be carried, as the fog can descend, leaving hikers marooned.

Cycling both on the road and off-road is popular on mountain bikes. The Granite Way is a dedicated cycle path. For those making their own way, an off-road cycling map is recommended. There are many pre-planned cycle routes available on the Devon County Council website too.

The granite tors of Dartmoor are popular with climbers of all abilities, particularly around Haytor and Leigh Tor. The many rivers on Dartmoor provide not only a natural home for wildlife but also some great canoeing. After heavy rains the swollen rivers can make for some exciting and challenging conditions. The River Dart has some excellent whitewater areas. Fishing is also popular on Dartmoor.

Dartmoor Letterboxes

One pursuit which is unique to Dartmoor is letterboxing. A little like Geocaching or treasure hunting, people have hidden 'letterboxes' all over Dartmoor. Guidebooks can be bought listing clues to letterbox locations and when discovered the letterboxes usually hold a visitor's book for signing, and a rubber stamp which can be used to stamp the finder's record book. The stamp and visitor's book are then hidden again for the next seeker. Letterboxing adds an extra dimension to walking and camping on Dartmoor, especially for children as it captures their imagination and adds an element of excitement and purpose.

Every year, millions of people choose camping or caravanning as their preferred holiday type. However, the limitless options facing campers can be daunting - from the choice of region and campsite to the selection of activities and visits. Everyone knows that planning is one of the best ways to get the most out of any holiday. CampStead is an Internet-based organization dedicated to helping campers make the right decisions. Our website reunites all the information the camper requires, ranging from area descriptions and suggested activities to online reservation of pitches and bookings. To read more and to start planning your camping holiday to Dartmoor, please visit Camping Dartmoor.

Andrew Norris - EzineArticles Expert Author

Camping Safety Tips in the Northwest

The Pacific Northwest offers endless opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors. As you bike, swim, and hike your way to a fantastic adventure, it's important to remember that even the most innocent-seeming outdoor activities pose hidden dangers. By remembering a few simple safety procedures, you can guarantee a safe and fun experience. First, become aware of potential hazards. Keep abreast of what threats are specific to the area you will be enjoying. Aggressive wildlife, unpredictable weather, and dangerous terrain all pose serious safety threats.

Cougars. If you cross paths with a cougar, make yourself appear larger by standing tall and raising your arms and/or jacket over your head. Do not run or turn your back. Talk calmly and firmly to the cougar to make it think you are a predator, not its prey. If the animal becomes aggressive, shout at it and throw rocks and sticks to make it clear that you are a threat, not food. If you are attacked, fight back with whatever is handy (big sticks work well), and try to stay on your feet.

Bears. Most bear encounters happen in campsites, where bears have learned that humans often leave out food. The best way to avoid a bear encounter is to securely store food in airtight containers away from your tent or camper. If a bear does come into your camp, try to scare it away by making noise. If that doesn't work, slowly leave the area and let the bear have what it came for. Visit the Alaska State Parks website for more excellent tips on how to act if a bear threatens to attack you.

Poisonous snakes. Rattlesnakes are found in hot, dry places throughout the United States. If you are hiking or camping in arid terrain, stay on clearly marked trails and avoid rocks, holes, and other nooks where snakes like to hide. Remember, you will usually be able to hear a rattler before you see it.

The weather can also pose a serious threat if you are unprepared. The two most common outdoor weather-related problems are hypothermia and dehydration.

Hypothermia is the number one killer in the outdoors. Prevent hypothermia by:
-- Layering wool and synthetic fabrics for warmth and protection from the wind and rain.
-- Wearing a hat, as almost half of body heat is lost through the head.
-- Bringing rain gear and extra layers to change into should you get wet
-- Waterproofing your shoes or boots.

Dehydration can occur in any situation, so it is always important to carry plenty of water and take frequent water breaks.

In addition to traditional camping items like tents and pocket knives, essential supplies for a safe outdoor vacation include:
-- backup warm clothing,
-- supplementary food,
-- a compass,
-- a first aid kit,
-- fire starters, like waterproof matches,
-- sunglasses and sunscreen,
-- a flashlight with extra batteries, and
-- a map of the area.

These items will prepare you for common problems hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts often face.

The Pacific Northwest can be a lot of fun. It can also be filled with danger if you are not well prepared. Use common sense and good judgment along with these safety tips to ensure safe adventures for you and your loved ones.

~Ben Nystrom, 2009

Want more information on the latest safe camping flashlights? Visit the Coast website to view LED Lenser tactical torches for camping and hunting trips.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ben_Nystrom

Holiday Parks Or Camp Sites - Which Are Better?

Spending a holiday out with your family can be a lot of fun if you make a smart choice about where to go. But if the place you choose is not exciting at all it can be a huge let down for everyone. Many people are still fascinated by camping and going to campsites but that is because most of them have never been to one for too long. Things are just not the same at campsites.

Most people go to campsites for the nature trails and to be close to nature. But at camps there are lots of problems like insects and poor sanitation facilities. In addition to this, your kids and even you may soon get bored of doing the same things over and over again. How many times can you go hiking, fishing and roast marshmallows on an open fire? After one or two days, it will get extremely difficult to find entertainment.

It is thus a smarter thing to choose places where there are plenty of things to do and something will always keep you entertained. At holiday parks, you will find entertainment for all age groups. From the toddlers to the parents, everyone will enjoy the various activities at these places.

Teenagers often prove to be a tough crowd to please. They are too old to be enjoying cartoon characters and still too young to join the adults. But even they will be pleased at multiple things they can do at holiday parks. They can join their mates in a game of basketball; football or they can try out adventures sports like climbing, bungee jumping, ropewalks and much more. There are also water sports at beach and it is not just limited to surfing. Which campsite can give you so many options? And you can't even take children who are too young to campsites; it is just not safe for toddlers and young children.

However, at a holiday park, every member of your family will find multiple options of entertainment. You will even find beautiful nature trails to take leisurely walks or for horse riding and you can also go fishing. So you get all the advantages of being close to nature without having to give up anything, it is a win-win situation. And once you are done there, you can have a relaxing time at the spa or go and enjoy activities like archery and fencing with your kids.

A lot of top-notch holiday parks also have celebrity performances very frequently at their permanent stages. Plus they have regular live shows that entertain a wide variety of audience. You will love every minute you spend in such places. And the cost is reasonable too. Most holiday parks have visitors friendly packages whereby all your entertainment and boarding is part of one low cost package. You can enjoy all the activities included in your package an unlimited number of times and you can also add more activities to customize your entertainment. Now that is what I call holistic entertainment for the entire family.

Phil Adams-Wright has written this article on behalf of Butlins. Butlins provides family holidays at resorts across the UK. One of their flagship resorts is Bognor Regis.

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Barcelona Holiday Accommodations

As one of the leading providers of accommodation in Barcelona, Visit Barcelona was first conceived of in 2001, as a way of catering for the individual needs of each of our 15,000 customers each year. We aim to provide the best in quality and price, carefully selecting a choice number of apartments to ensure that every wish can be fulfilled. With a finger on the pulse, our rapidly expanding selection of apartments is the name in luxury, comfort and affordability. Take time to browse the current apartments that we have on offer, or use the tailored search engine to find exactly what you had in mind. We understand how difficult it is to find exactly what it is that you are looking for, and so have a range of properties, perfect if you are travelling with children, or in a larger group.

Choosing your accommodation in Barcelona - All of our accommodation is hand-picked and meets the rigorous requirements that we demand of every apartment. We want to go that little bit further to ensure that you get the most out of your stay, and so all apartments are designed with your comfort in mind, and come with every modern convenience, including a fully equipped kitchen.

Whether you are looking for a luxury penthouse suite overlooking the grand streets of Eixample, a cosy Catalan apartment in the quintessentially Spanish neighborhood of Barrio Gotico or a chic and modern studio in the heart of the hustle and bustle of La Rambla, there is guaranteed to be something to suit every taste. From city centre lofts and studios to luxury beach side apartments or that Spanish villa with the terrace and a view of the sea you've always dreamed of, with Visit Barcelona, your city retreat is realisable.

As we at Visit Barcelona are situated in the hub of this vibrant city, we are more that happy to welcome you to Barcelona, and share our local's knowledge. Barcelona is a city with a vast and culturally rich heritage, and within walking distance of all of our apartments are a great choice of bars, restaurants, and all sorts of sights and attractions - allowing you to sample the famous Spanish cuisine, tapas, or to simply take a stroll through the lively Spanish neighborhoods. To help you get to know Barcelona a little better before you arrive, we have tried to put together a few snippets of 'insider information' which can also be found on our website. Please do not hesitate to call or email us with any queries or questions you might have.

Five Best Bargain Vacation Spots

  1. Family Camps-- playing in the woods, watching the wild life, swimming in the lakes. Whether you stay in a lodge with organized activities or a secluded cabin in the woods. Hiking and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire at night, you can be sure the entire family will enjoy this very cost effective way to get away from it all and be together.
  2. Dude Ranch- -many of these ranches are open year round and are just as much fun in the snow as they are in the summer. Riding horses, playing in the creeks, swimming and fishing. Even mom and dad will have fun. Most ranches are all inclusive and very affordable. What a great way to spend a summer vacation.
  3. Working farms - Younger children love farms where they can gather eggs for breakfast, milk cows, feed the goats or even go for a hay wagon ride. These farms are also open year round and are usually all inclusive, at great rates often under 80.00 a person.
  4. Hula Vacations-did you know that Hawaii can be more affordable than you think. When you use off season packages and bargain air fares you can find great family deals for much less than you could imagine. Check it out, you may be surprised.
  5. Mexican Beaches-research the all inclusive resorts. They are always a big hit with families. Everyone can do there own thing at one affordable price and no tipping allowed, it is all included in the price. Usually you can get bargain rates until mid December.
Dee Ann Stickrath - EzineArticles Expert Author

Southwest Florida Vacation Homes - Affordable Quality Vacation Spots

Are you looking for the best vacation spot for you? Fort Myers Beach is a family destination with so much to do. You can walk the beaches for miles. Fort Myers Beach is known as one of the safest beaches with shallow waters. You can drive across the bridge to Sanibel to shell on the beaches. Sanibel is known for its shelling activities.

Fort Myers Beach is a tourist destination year round. The snow birds flock there during the winter. But, summer time is a great time to bring the kids. They can play on the beach, in the pools, go downtown to shop, rent jet skis, pontoon boats, go parasailing, go fishing. For the parents, there is also the beaches and the pools, sight seeing, a casino boat, golfing and many many more activities. You are about an hour drive from the Everglades to see the alligators and ride the airboats.

My favorite time of year to go to Fort Myers Beach is after August 15 and before Thanksgiving. The kids have gone back to school and it is quiet without many tourists. But, the quiet time allows lots of relaxation. The activities are still there to do, but there are less crowds.

The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are warm. Dolphins swim in Estero Bay and are often seen and Big Carlos Pass. Every nesting season, the Loggerhead turtle make their annual journey to lay fragile eggs on the beaches. Birds of all descriptions also call this wonderful sanctuary home. You can look out over the soft white sands and watch as boaters and fisherman come through Big Carlos Pass on their sea vessels. At dusk, you can watch the sunset on the beach.

Fort Myers Beach is a wonderful vacation destination for everyone. Affordable accommodations are available.

Restaurants are everywhere. Don't forget to try to locally caught grouper. Crunchy grouper is a local specialty. You can watch the shrimp boats come in and unload their catch.

Disney Vacation Rental Homes - Disney Discount Guide

A trip to the spectacular world of Walt Disney can be the trip of a lifetime but can be very costly. Hotels at Disney World are beautiful but quite expensive. When you stay at one of these hotels it also means that you most likely will be dining at the hotel, and this can add to your expenses. There are also several opportunities to spend extra money as you are tempted by the merchandise at the souvenir shops and boutiques. A Disney discount guide can show you ways to save money on your trip to Disneyworld.

One of the ways to cut costs is to rent a vacation home or a condo instead of staying at a hotel.

There are several vacation rentals such as condos, apartments and homes available in the Orlando and the Kissimmee areas. They are very cheap compared to staying on site and the locations are close enough to the parks but provide the ability to be able to dine in more reasonable restaurants and have a lot more space.

Online you can find many sites that rent out vacation homes and condos. The majority of these are privately owned and owners utilize websites to rent the venues. The costs can vary from $75 per night for a furnished 2 bedroom condo to $375 for a 7 bedroom, 6 bathroom house. There is always a kitchen area, living area and a minimum of 2 bathrooms.

Some additional fees and taxes may apply such as cleaning fees, damage deposit, rental tax and processing fees but the overall costs will still be much less than a single room on the Disney parks or resort areas. For a longer stay of over 5 nights the price will be cheaper and more affordable compared to a shorter stay which can become unaffordable with the additional charges.

Get breakfast in the kitchen before you start off the day and at night you can even make your own dinner rather than eat out again. Restaurant meals are fine in limited quantities but you can get fed up quite quickly. Additional benefits can include a private pool, game room, spa, bathroom, kitchen, washer, dryer and garage. There will also be a lot of sheets and towels as well as dishes, cutlery, mini appliances and pots on site. Most homes also have laundry detergent, coffee, dish washing materials and trash bags to start you off but you may need to bring some of your own supplies.

While a Disney Hotel is special and well designed it is at the end of a long day just a place to sleep. Two beds, a bathroom, closet and dresser. The ambiance is nice but most of the fun is in the sights and attractions. A Disney discount guide will show you many more ways that you can save big on your Disneyworld vacation.

A trip to Disneyworld can indeed be the trip of the lifetime for most families and is considered among the top vacation destinations in the world; but it can also be very expensive.

Our Disney Discount Guide will show you the best way to turn an expensive Disney vacation into a much cheaper Disney vacation. If you follow our money saving strategies, you are guaranteed to save thousands of dollars or more on your trip to the Wonderful World of Disney.

Russell Hancock - EzineArticles Expert Author

Your Vacation Home in Buenos Aires Argentina

Whether you are looking to invest in rental yielding property, buy a vacation home, or retire somewhere where your money can take you far, Argentina should be at the top of your list. As I have stated before, real estate prices are priced low enough where you can achieve a 7-8% net return annually.

I took a walking tour of the city with a group of tourists recently and some of the German and French people in the group were amazed layout and design of some of the buildings. They could not believe that a country in South America could have that type of culture. Most people that visit Buenos Aires are surprised at how European the city looks as far as the architecture of some of the homes and buildings. That could be a reason why some of the locals get a huge ego boost from these compliments and develop an attitude of the best/most sophisticated country in South America.

If you have made the decision that you want to get in on the affordable real estate market in Buenos Aires, your next question would be where do I look.

Fortunately, you have many choices to choose from. If you are drawn to the elegance and diversity of Buenos Aires, you will have access to beaches, cultural events, and entertainment almost any day. If you are looking for a more subdued or beach style living, you could go for places like Mendoza or Mar Del Plata.

For those looking for something in Buenos Aires, one of the most elegant sections of the city is Recoleta which is located on the north end. You can spend the day browsing through antique shops visiting the National Museum of Fine Arts or watching all the tourists flock to the Recoleta Cemetery to see the enormous mausoleum's including Evita's.

The Palermo section of Buenos Aires is the trendier side of town with an eclectic mix of restaurants, modern buildings, and upscale clubs. It is composed of smaller neighborhoods such as Palermo Hollywood, Las Canitas, Palermo Chico, and Bosques de Palermo. A growing infusion of expatriate musicians, artists, and VIP's can be found throughout these areas.

For those that have never visited Argentina, it should be high on your list of places to travel to. For those that have been there and want more of it. There is no better time than now to invest in its growing real estate market. Some of the better deals can be found at http://www.myargentinaplace.com

Disney Vacation Homes - The Way to Save and Get the Most Out of Your Stay!

Many people coming to Orlando are looking for a vacation pool home. They would love to have it located inside Disney World. To date however, Disney has not built any vacation pool homes in the confines of their parks. In light of this fact, people wanting to visit Disney World and desire to rent a Disney vacation home will need to look south of Disney World when searching for a pool home to rent.

The city fathers in their wisdom a number of years ago decided that the area south of Highway 192 both east and west of I-4 was the proper location for the vacation home communities. I am not sure when they made this determination over ten years ago that they would have visualized the growth of this hospitality segment.

Today, there are over 30,000 vacation homes in the Orlando market. Most of these are own by investors, who were lured by the warm weather and the fact that over one million visitors visit the home of the "magic" each and every week. Today, there are so many homes in the market, renters are finding homes costing as much as $400,000 renting for as little as $100 a day. Now, that is a buyers market!

All of the vacation pool homes are substantial in size. When comparing them to a normal hotel room, it is no wonder why they are so popular. Matter of fact, one of our smaller homes sporting 3BR/2BA and having its own private pool and lanai offers the family four times the space of a normal hotel room. Many families who are desiring to spend more than a couple of nights in Orlando, find that when they choose a lovely home with a private pool, all of these benefits come together to enhance the overall vacation experience. That's why it's best to put your money towards Disney Vacation Homes rather than an over priced hotel room.

Everyone today is looking to find ways to save money especially when it comes to planning a Disney World Vacation. One of the more appealing features of renting a vacation homes is having the complete kitchen. Here a family of four can save upwards to $40 a day by eating just breakfast in their vacation home. When you take those savings and multiply it over the average five night rental, the family will save enough to pay for an adult ticket to all of Disney's theme parks for the entire vacation.

One of the drawbacks to a vacation pool home is that the family must have a car. None of the homes offer shuttle service free or otherwise to the theme parks. It all has to do with the insurance. With so many kids in the neighborhood, the shuttle buses in all cases are not allowed to venture past the gates. Therefore, to get to the Orlando theme parks or other attractions, a vacationer will need his or her car.

Look at it this way: if you are desiring more space, you want your own private pool, you want to be close to Disney World and the other attractions and you desire to save money to boot, then you need to really consider renting a vacation pool home for your upcoming Disney World Vacation...it is definitely a buyer's market!

If you are planning to visit Orlando and would lie to get the best rates on vacation homes near Disney then be sure to visit us at http://www.dwvacationhomes

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Disney Rental Homes

Did you know that the fastest growing lodging segment in the bustling Orlando Disney World market is private Disney rental homes? There are more of these types of accommodations that have sprung up in the last seven years than that of hotels. The reasons for this growth are because the weather in this part of the world is very attractive, the popularity of Disney World and Orlando where over one million visitors come each and every week, the popularity of this lodging segment with people from overseas, the average increase of 14% per annum on single family homes in Central Florida, the availability of cheap money to purchase investment real estate.

Now, many of these benefits are no longer. The mortgage market for vacation homes has virtually dried up. The average annual increase in single family homes rising 14% is over and vacation home values have dropped like a rock in water over the last two years. But, understand during their hay day this was a very popular investment and one that has ushered in a great opportunity for visitors to Disney World today.

It is estimated there are now over 30,000 Disney Rental Homes with a pool within a 10 mile radius of Disney World. They stretch from Kissimmee to the east and Davenport to the West and as far south as Reunion. Most of these vacation homes were constructed in the building boom years of 2004 through 2007.

For those desiring to vacation in Orlando these facts all present one whale of an opportunity. Since there are so many virtually new homes the nightly rental rates are lagging far, far behind. The demand is simply not keeping up with supply, and it is a buyers market.

Recently, I visited a home that offered four bedrooms three baths fully furnished complete with pool, spa, lanai, a living room, dining area, full kitchen, two car garage and complete with it's own laundry room for the nightly rental rate of $165. Mind you this home cost the owner including the gorgeous furniture package every bit of $500,000. Disney rental homes certainly offer the best value to vacationers.

If one is looking to vacation in private Disney rental homes in the Disney World area, he is finding the below list of amenities that come standard:

1. private swimming pool complete with lanai and furniture

2. complete kitchen with all pots and pans as well as all dishes, glasses and silverware

3. vast living space offering some 4 to 5 times the size of a hotel room

4. location inside of 14 minutes to Disney World's Main Entrance

5. virtually new construction

6. Laundry room

It is definitely a buyers market for vacation homes. The economy is sour and the supply is too great for the tepid rental demand. Nightly rental rates have fallen and with it there is a fabulous opportunity to enjoy not only the "magic" of Disney World but do so with your own private pool home close to the attractions. Check it out, you will be amazed at the rental rates for top quality vacation homes!

If you are planning to visit Orlando and would lie to get the best rates on vacation homes near Disney then be sure to visit us at http://www.dwvacationhomes

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Coudriet

Slovakia Vacation - 5 Reasons Why Slovakia Self Catering Holidays Will Help You Forget the Recession

During these troubled times, when many of us are having to count the pennies, it is a good idea to look at different holiday destinations, where you can get the best possible value for your money, and so are not worrying the whole time how much your trip is costing you.

This is partly why Slovakia is becoming more and more popular as a European holiday destination, as there are a number of reasons why it is a great low-cost alternative to the likes of Austria, France and Italy.

Low cost flights into Bratislava and Poprad - Tatry

A number of the low-cost airlines now fly into Slovakia from all over Europe and it is possible to pick up return tickets to Bratislava or Poprad-Tatry for less than 100 Euros.

High standard cottages and holiday homes at a great price per person

While the better class of hotels can be quite pricey, it is possible for a family or a group of friends to stay at high standard self-catering accommodation for a great price per person. Always check out the off-season prices for the best deals!

Delicious food at incredible prices

Eating out is one of the top reasons why Slovakia is such a great value holiday destination. Restaurants serve good quality food at a fraction of the cost back home. The same goes for drinks, especially local wines and the excellent Czech and Slovak beers.

Getting around on a budget

Whilst there are no real savings to be made on hiring a car in Slovakia, Public Transportation can be ridiculously cheap and the country enjoys a good infrastructure. What's more, as a general rule, trains, buses and trams all run on time.

Great value sporting activities, tourist attractions and cultural events

The natural beauties of Slovakia are such that there is plenty to do and see all year round, whether you are skiing during the winter season, enjoying sporting activities in the summer, or simply sightseeing throughout the year. What's more, you are able to do so much without having to spend a whole lot of money.

There really is so much to do and see in this undiscovered gem, in the heart of Europe. And there really has never been a better time to visit Slovakia.

Luxury Self-Catering Holiday Home in Northern Slovakia

Why not take advantage of the cheap flights into Poprad - Tatry and stay at luxury Slovakia self catering accomodation in Northern Slovakia.

More information about prices, availability, skiing, eating out, sporting activities, cultural events, tourist attractions and how to get cheap flights can be found on http://www.chaluparia.co.uk

There has never been a better time to visit Slovakia.

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Kissimmee Vacation Homes - A Vacation Home Gem Among Disney and Orlando Travelers

What is the best deal when planning a vacation to Disney World. I would have to say it is in the nightly rental rates found for new Kissimmee Vacation Homes.

Almost all vacation pool homes in the greater Orlando area are actually situated in the town of Kissimmee, FL. Matter of fact, most people are not aware that a huge portion of the Disney World theme park complex is actually situated in Kissimmee.

I guess the first question that needs to be answered is what is a "private vacation pool home"? These are private homes that have been purchased by investors who desire to make money off of the rental income generated by his or her investment. Each home has a living area, a dining area, a great room and a number of bedrooms and baths depending on the rental needs of the vacationer. Oh yes, each of the homes have their own private screened in lanai and swimming pool.

As J. Avery of Springfield, IL said.... "We were looking at booking a hotel for our family of five that is until we found out about the prices of the vacation pool homes." The idea of having our own full size private swimming pool close to Disney World is what attracted us to book our home. What a fabulous Disney vacation this was."

The attraction of Kissimmee vacation homes is the low nightly rates. Years ago when there were not many short term rental homes in the market, the rates were significantly higher. With the over building due to the cheap mortgage money, this segment of the lodging industry grew far faster than demand. Today, because it is a "buyers" market, homes which sold for over $500,000 a few years back are now carrying rents of only $125 and $175 per night depending upon season. These nightly rates are unheard of. It is one of the reasons that many are checking out the possibilities of renting a private pool home close to Disney World.

When a person is looking to find the best value for his Disney World vacation, he will look long and hard. Attraction theme park ticket prices are set by the parks. But, the one area which offers the absolute best deal is the Kissimmee Vacation Homes where nightly rental rates are down somewhere between 30 and 40% from a few years back.

Here is a valuable tip for those looking to find deals in Orlando, check out the vacation pool homes in Kissimmee... you will be impressed with fabulous rates!

If you are planning to visit Orlando and would lie to get the best rates on vacation homes near Disney then be sure to visit us at http://www.dwvacationhomes.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Coudriet

Stay at Algarve - The Ideal Place to Relax and Enjoy a Grand Holiday Break

Given the abundant list of relaxation and vacation packages available in the market, we have plenty to choose from. We can simply have a massage in a spa salon, catch a cruise liner or go to a holiday destination, or do something else exciting with our family and friends.

If you are in Portugal and thinking of having a stay in a relaxing holiday destination, then the best place to be is in the Algarve. Located in the southern most region of mainland Portugal, the Algarve has a tourist friendly Mediterranean climate, long coastlines, scenic sunset views, golf ranges, and a lot more. With that in mind, the Algarve can truly be a unique experience.

The place is famous for its whitewashed holiday homes and narrow streets which are cobbled up together. A relatively small size, having a lesser than half million people, the place nearly doubles its population during its peak vacation season, the summer.

Being one of the most affordable destinations for villa holiday rentals, the warm sunny climate of the place makes it an ideal location to spend your holiday at any time of the year. Algarve will also let you see the stunning golden coloured beaches stretching over 100 holiday villas and limestone cliffs along its coasts. An ideal place for sunbathing and swimming, the pools are beside the idyllic views of the coastline allowing you to swim and enjoy its picturesque combination. These are just few, among the many reasons why more people are moving in and making the place their home.

Furthermore, the beaches of Algarve also offers you sailing on the traditional boat called the 'Bom Dia' where you can have cave tours while having a friends or family barbeque on the trip or perhaps some fishing. The trip will usually cover less than five hours of sailing along the caves and rock formations of the area.

Golf breaks in Algarve will also give you the chance to enjoy superb sunny holiday. Combining the sun, sea beach and golf, this can be truly exciting. The Algarve has a number of options for renting luxury villas. The villas are situated either facing the rustic rural or the sea. Villas in Algarve are designed to suit your relaxation and vacation needs. The comfort of your own home can be found in the luxury villas of the Algarve: privacy, luxury with fully furnished facilities, complete with all the features and amenities you need from A to Z, bath and bedrooms, luxury pools, fully equipped kitchens, maid services and barbeques.

Apart from the sporting facilities such as tennis courts, archery, bowling, and sailing that you can access near the villas, you can also enjoy the company of alternative foreigners who are also on vacation on the area. Hanging out on the beach, playing some physical sports with sun and sand, or having some barbeque in the late afternoon, are just some of the things you can do in an ideal vacation.

Through the years, people from Germany, Italy and the UK decided to make Algarve as their new home and as many Europeans have experienced it, it is no doubt that you will also enjoy what the luxury villas in Algarve has to offer you.

Try to see for yourself what I am talking about, find out what is in store for you in the Algarve and you'll be amazed with all the incoming surprises. This is true to most people who have visited the place, and the same as to you. So what you need at this point is to try to have a look on the internet and find a luxury villa that you think is best for you. This process is just a speck of a lifetime compared to what you will experience.

Jo is a writer for 'Villa Retreats' (http://www.villaretreats.com), a business that offers vacation home rentals in Europe and the USA. If you are to tour Barbados then look for some beautiful and elegant but reasonably priced luxury villas in Barbados, where you can make your holiday there indeed a one of a kind experience.

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