July 4, 2009

What Foods Are Best For Tent Campers?

As promised, we want to make the suggestions we mentioned and most certainly want to attempt to make your camping adventures enjoyable. We don't want camping to sound like it's too much work because it absolutely is not. Please don't turn it into a chore. Below are some ideas for meals at the camp ground and more specifically for Tent Camping Adventures to keep things easy for you.

1. Drinks: It is best to choose non-liquid beverages. Choose powders of your favorite choice. If you have packed your water purifier, you will have an abundance of water to use to make the drink of your choice whenever you want it. Powders are much lighter to pack & save space too.

2. Boxed Foods: Mac & cheese, noodles, rice and the multitude of other wonderful tasting items that come in a box today are wonderful choices. They are fast, easy and their remains are easily disposed of when cleaning up afterwards.

3. Canned Foods: While they are heavier to pack, they do serve a purpose as well. They are also fast, easy and the cans are wonderful for storing other items in around your campsite. If you are into target practice, they are a good target as well.

4. Breads of Choice: This is a good multi-purpose food. You can make hot & cold sandwiches, pizza, dessert pies and more. Of course, don't forget the staples to make these things with.

5. Breakfast Food: Unless you want to build a fire and cook every day, breakfast bars or meal bars come in a multitude of choices and flavors. These are quick & easy so you can hit the activity of your choice nice and early. Trail mixes can fall into this category as well so you don't have to stop for lunch either.

Do yourself a favor and try a few of these things. These camping foods tend to please the family and friends because they are not something you do on a routine basis (a treat so to speak), they are easy to carry, again they are quick to fix or use and they leave very little trash. Hey, they are even easier on whoever does the cooking. Don't forget the s'mores-graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Every camp has to serve those at least once an outing!

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