July 4, 2009

Stay at Algarve - The Ideal Place to Relax and Enjoy a Grand Holiday Break

Given the abundant list of relaxation and vacation packages available in the market, we have plenty to choose from. We can simply have a massage in a spa salon, catch a cruise liner or go to a holiday destination, or do something else exciting with our family and friends.

If you are in Portugal and thinking of having a stay in a relaxing holiday destination, then the best place to be is in the Algarve. Located in the southern most region of mainland Portugal, the Algarve has a tourist friendly Mediterranean climate, long coastlines, scenic sunset views, golf ranges, and a lot more. With that in mind, the Algarve can truly be a unique experience.

The place is famous for its whitewashed holiday homes and narrow streets which are cobbled up together. A relatively small size, having a lesser than half million people, the place nearly doubles its population during its peak vacation season, the summer.

Being one of the most affordable destinations for villa holiday rentals, the warm sunny climate of the place makes it an ideal location to spend your holiday at any time of the year. Algarve will also let you see the stunning golden coloured beaches stretching over 100 holiday villas and limestone cliffs along its coasts. An ideal place for sunbathing and swimming, the pools are beside the idyllic views of the coastline allowing you to swim and enjoy its picturesque combination. These are just few, among the many reasons why more people are moving in and making the place their home.

Furthermore, the beaches of Algarve also offers you sailing on the traditional boat called the 'Bom Dia' where you can have cave tours while having a friends or family barbeque on the trip or perhaps some fishing. The trip will usually cover less than five hours of sailing along the caves and rock formations of the area.

Golf breaks in Algarve will also give you the chance to enjoy superb sunny holiday. Combining the sun, sea beach and golf, this can be truly exciting. The Algarve has a number of options for renting luxury villas. The villas are situated either facing the rustic rural or the sea. Villas in Algarve are designed to suit your relaxation and vacation needs. The comfort of your own home can be found in the luxury villas of the Algarve: privacy, luxury with fully furnished facilities, complete with all the features and amenities you need from A to Z, bath and bedrooms, luxury pools, fully equipped kitchens, maid services and barbeques.

Apart from the sporting facilities such as tennis courts, archery, bowling, and sailing that you can access near the villas, you can also enjoy the company of alternative foreigners who are also on vacation on the area. Hanging out on the beach, playing some physical sports with sun and sand, or having some barbeque in the late afternoon, are just some of the things you can do in an ideal vacation.

Through the years, people from Germany, Italy and the UK decided to make Algarve as their new home and as many Europeans have experienced it, it is no doubt that you will also enjoy what the luxury villas in Algarve has to offer you.

Try to see for yourself what I am talking about, find out what is in store for you in the Algarve and you'll be amazed with all the incoming surprises. This is true to most people who have visited the place, and the same as to you. So what you need at this point is to try to have a look on the internet and find a luxury villa that you think is best for you. This process is just a speck of a lifetime compared to what you will experience.

Jo is a writer for 'Villa Retreats' (http://www.villaretreats.com), a business that offers vacation home rentals in Europe and the USA. If you are to tour Barbados then look for some beautiful and elegant but reasonably priced luxury villas in Barbados, where you can make your holiday there indeed a one of a kind experience.

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