July 4, 2009

Disney Rental Homes

Did you know that the fastest growing lodging segment in the bustling Orlando Disney World market is private Disney rental homes? There are more of these types of accommodations that have sprung up in the last seven years than that of hotels. The reasons for this growth are because the weather in this part of the world is very attractive, the popularity of Disney World and Orlando where over one million visitors come each and every week, the popularity of this lodging segment with people from overseas, the average increase of 14% per annum on single family homes in Central Florida, the availability of cheap money to purchase investment real estate.

Now, many of these benefits are no longer. The mortgage market for vacation homes has virtually dried up. The average annual increase in single family homes rising 14% is over and vacation home values have dropped like a rock in water over the last two years. But, understand during their hay day this was a very popular investment and one that has ushered in a great opportunity for visitors to Disney World today.

It is estimated there are now over 30,000 Disney Rental Homes with a pool within a 10 mile radius of Disney World. They stretch from Kissimmee to the east and Davenport to the West and as far south as Reunion. Most of these vacation homes were constructed in the building boom years of 2004 through 2007.

For those desiring to vacation in Orlando these facts all present one whale of an opportunity. Since there are so many virtually new homes the nightly rental rates are lagging far, far behind. The demand is simply not keeping up with supply, and it is a buyers market.

Recently, I visited a home that offered four bedrooms three baths fully furnished complete with pool, spa, lanai, a living room, dining area, full kitchen, two car garage and complete with it's own laundry room for the nightly rental rate of $165. Mind you this home cost the owner including the gorgeous furniture package every bit of $500,000. Disney rental homes certainly offer the best value to vacationers.

If one is looking to vacation in private Disney rental homes in the Disney World area, he is finding the below list of amenities that come standard:

1. private swimming pool complete with lanai and furniture

2. complete kitchen with all pots and pans as well as all dishes, glasses and silverware

3. vast living space offering some 4 to 5 times the size of a hotel room

4. location inside of 14 minutes to Disney World's Main Entrance

5. virtually new construction

6. Laundry room

It is definitely a buyers market for vacation homes. The economy is sour and the supply is too great for the tepid rental demand. Nightly rental rates have fallen and with it there is a fabulous opportunity to enjoy not only the "magic" of Disney World but do so with your own private pool home close to the attractions. Check it out, you will be amazed at the rental rates for top quality vacation homes!

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