July 4, 2009

Buying a Vacation Home in Today's Real Estate Market

Want a place to get away? While the idea of buying a vacation real estate may seem unrealistic right now, it is actually a great time to buy that get-away home. Finding an affordable home is possible because market prices have plummeted all over the country, people are trying to unload pieces of property they can't afford, foreclosures are up, and interest rates are down.

Whether you are looking for a beach house, a mountain hideaway, a lakeside boating dock, or a ski villa, there are some things to consider, which would ensure that you are getting the best deal on your vacation real estate.

Go For Out Of-The-Box Thinking:

Look at spots that are not "the place to be." Trendy locations are less likely to have deals on real estate. But, there are plenty of locations that offer the same kind of fun without the high price tag. It's like choosing between a brand name and a generic one. You are really paying extra for the name. Just make sure that there is actually stuff to do and that you are close enough to a city for comfort.

Look For Emerging Vacation Spots:

If you want to buy off-the-beaten path, look at areas that show signs of growth but are in their infancy as a vacation destinations. You can get in on the ground-floor at a great price. By the time it is a booming location, your realty value would have risen to phenomenal levels.

Get Pre-Approved:

This tells you exactly how much you have to spend. You can also get locked in to a rate provided you finalize the loan within the pre-approval window.

Be Cautious With Foreclosures:

While they can be great real estate purchases, foreclosures can also become money pits. Get as much information as you can about the realty, give it a good look, and decide if it is worth it. The problem comes from places falling into disrepair or even intentional property damage, which can make it quite expensive to fix up.

Think Of Renting Out The Property:

To help offset the costs of having a holiday home, consider renting it out for the time you won't be using it. This means you will need to have a rental manager, but you would have needed a caretaker anyway. This person can handle all of that as well as renting the house. Be clear about the qualifications for renters to protect yourself and the property.

When you start your search, it is a good idea to hire an agent who is familiar with the area as well as what is going on in that market. Once you've found your property and made the transaction, you can start enjoying your getaway. It is something that your family and generations to come can also enjoy.

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