July 4, 2009

Disney Vacation Homes - The Way to Save and Get the Most Out of Your Stay!

Many people coming to Orlando are looking for a vacation pool home. They would love to have it located inside Disney World. To date however, Disney has not built any vacation pool homes in the confines of their parks. In light of this fact, people wanting to visit Disney World and desire to rent a Disney vacation home will need to look south of Disney World when searching for a pool home to rent.

The city fathers in their wisdom a number of years ago decided that the area south of Highway 192 both east and west of I-4 was the proper location for the vacation home communities. I am not sure when they made this determination over ten years ago that they would have visualized the growth of this hospitality segment.

Today, there are over 30,000 vacation homes in the Orlando market. Most of these are own by investors, who were lured by the warm weather and the fact that over one million visitors visit the home of the "magic" each and every week. Today, there are so many homes in the market, renters are finding homes costing as much as $400,000 renting for as little as $100 a day. Now, that is a buyers market!

All of the vacation pool homes are substantial in size. When comparing them to a normal hotel room, it is no wonder why they are so popular. Matter of fact, one of our smaller homes sporting 3BR/2BA and having its own private pool and lanai offers the family four times the space of a normal hotel room. Many families who are desiring to spend more than a couple of nights in Orlando, find that when they choose a lovely home with a private pool, all of these benefits come together to enhance the overall vacation experience. That's why it's best to put your money towards Disney Vacation Homes rather than an over priced hotel room.

Everyone today is looking to find ways to save money especially when it comes to planning a Disney World Vacation. One of the more appealing features of renting a vacation homes is having the complete kitchen. Here a family of four can save upwards to $40 a day by eating just breakfast in their vacation home. When you take those savings and multiply it over the average five night rental, the family will save enough to pay for an adult ticket to all of Disney's theme parks for the entire vacation.

One of the drawbacks to a vacation pool home is that the family must have a car. None of the homes offer shuttle service free or otherwise to the theme parks. It all has to do with the insurance. With so many kids in the neighborhood, the shuttle buses in all cases are not allowed to venture past the gates. Therefore, to get to the Orlando theme parks or other attractions, a vacationer will need his or her car.

Look at it this way: if you are desiring more space, you want your own private pool, you want to be close to Disney World and the other attractions and you desire to save money to boot, then you need to really consider renting a vacation pool home for your upcoming Disney World Vacation...it is definitely a buyer's market!

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