July 4, 2009

Camping Supplies Checklist

After many years of camping I've found that having a list of supplies to take with me before camping is the best way to be prepared. Whether you will be hiking, canoeing, or just enjoying the great outdoors, you will want to check out this list before your next camping adventure. Where and when you'll be camping determines much of what you'll bring both as necessities and luxuries. Consider night time temperatures, the likelihood for rain or snow, and whether or not you can build a campfire.

1. ESSENTIALS: a. Tents b. Flashlights and batteries c. Sleeping bags d. Tents e. Folding chairs f. Tarp with rope or cord g. Knife h. Lantern i. Waterproof matches j. Insect repellent k. Axe l. Sunscreen

2. COOKING: a. Propane stove b. Plates c. Propane or fuel d. Dishwashing tub and towels e. Cooler f. Dishwashing soap (biodeg.)

3. CLOTHING: a. Bathing suit b. Hat c. Sweatshirt/light jacket d. Rain coat/umbrella e. Beach towel/blanket

4. HIKING a. Backpack b. Whistle c. Hiking boots d. Water bottles e. Hiking socks f. Pocket knife g. Running shoes h. Food container i. Compass

5. OTHER ITEMS: a. Binoculars b. Fire starter c. Camera, film, batteries d. Wood/kindling

You can save time by keeping much of your camping supplies packed all the time in plastic storage containers - convenient for loading and storing between trips. You can use the checklist above by marking the appropriate supplies and then crossing it off as it is packed. Make sure you check your list twice, it's never fun to be in the great outdoors and not be prepared! Have fun!!

Anna R Smith - EzineArticles Expert Author

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