July 4, 2009

What is the Best Family Tent For a Family Camping Trip?

Camping can be an economical way to get a family vacation, but if you want it to be a pleasant one, you need to choose the best family tent for your needs.

Today, since everyone seems to be pinching pennies due to the serious economic downturn, there are many people who cannot afford going on holidays. Hotel prices are extremely high in most tourist destinations, especially when it comes to families with kids. Camping can prove to be a great solution for those who want to go on holidays on a budget. It is fun, easy and can be a great opportunity for kids to connect with nature. Let's see what you should look for when choosing a family tent.

First of all you need to buy a lightweight but durable tent. A family tent should not be heavy, because you will need to carry it all the way to the camping site. You also need plenty of room so as to have where to sleep and store all your gear.

Tents are usually sold based on the amount of people they can accommodate, therefore, if your family consists of 4 people, the best family tent for you which will allot you enough space is a tent meant for 6 people. If you want to buy a tent for four people, keep in mind that you might not have enough space to put your clothes and gear.

Moreover, you need to make sure that you buy the proper tent for the right season. Some tents can be used all year round, while some others are specifically made for winter or summer. A three season tent is probably the best choice, since going on winter holidays with the family is highly unlikely.

One of the most important factors you need to check is the ease of installation; some tents are way too complicated. You need to buy a tent that will not require an hour or two of your time. Setting up and pitching your tent can prove to be a daunting task, unless you check its installation manual in advance.

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