May 2, 2009

London Hotels, London B&B

When travelling in Europe, you often find yourself questioning what type of accommodation would best suit you. The same goes for visiting London, people seem to favour the choice of either a bed and breakfast or hotel. European bed and breakfast are being seen more and more as the romantics’ prime choice of accommodation. Are bed and breakfasts all what they’re made out to be, or is staying in a hotel the better option.

London has accommodations that can suit almost anyone’s needs, whether it is a business trip or a weekend vacation to experience the culture. It goes without saying that London’s bed and breakfast are the cheaper alterative to hotels, and with more homeowners entering the trade, London is seeing the bed and breakfast option becoming increasingly popular. They offer a more relaxed environment, and you can enjoy comfortable beds and home made food. The hosts are friendly and welcoming and will try their best to make sure your stay is as pleasant as it can be.

However London hotels have their good selling points, which still make them a good place to stay while visiting London. Hotels have a lot more services to offer their customers, ranging from health spas, restaurants to shops. The sizes of the rooms are significantly larger than the ones you’ll find in bed and breakfast’s. The customer also has a lot more freedom, as they are able to choose when they come and go.

Bed and breakfasts are worthy competitors to hotels, so much that London hotels are now offering a range of products and discounts in an attempt to bring travellers to them. Reductions in prices and complementary products such as meals are still making hotels attractive to London visitors. In the end, the choice of accommodation is down to the preference of the traveller, no matter where you choose to stay; there are plenty of fantastic and interesting places to spend the night.

Search online to find cheap hotels in London. Compare both London bed and breakfasts and London hotels to find what best suits you. Hotels in London offer a range of services to make your stay enjoyable.


Take A European Cruise - The Ultimate Adventure Vacation

f you are looking for a vacation adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life you should definitely consider a European cruise.

Whether it is a European river cruise or a Mediterranean voyage you can experience the historic cultural sites of the magnificent continent of Europe from a luxury floating hotel. You will enjoy tantalizing gourmet food, world class entertainment, and fabulous amenities during you time aboard ship.

However, the highlight of any European cruise isn't the boat itself, but rather the amazing ports of call you will visit on your voyage. Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Turkey are but a sampling of the destinations possible on a Mediterranean cruise. Some of Europe's most ancient, culturally significant cities like Venice, Athens, Barcelona and Istanbul, just to name a few, will be on your itinerary.

Want to see areas of Europe the big cruise ships can't take you? Try a European river tour. The smaller riverboats can navigate some of Europe's most famous rivers. Cruise the Danube, the Rhine, the Seine, or even Germany's Elbe River are all options for those looking to cruise inland Europe. Though smaller than their ocean-going cousins these riverboats don't lack for luxury, and often plenty of old world charm and ambiance to boot.

A European river cruise also allows you to see many of the smaller villages and towns that many travelers to Europe never get the chance to village. Here you will see culture virtually untouched for hundreds of years, a significantly different experience than visiting Europe's bustling major cities.

So whether you opt for the open ocean or the winding rivers of Europe you are sure to have a magnificent adventure. If you want to experience an amazing adventure on your vacation this year try a European cruise. I guarantee you won't regret it.


Gudauri - Ski Resort Of Georgia

Gudauri: Mountain-skiing resort Gudauri is located on the southern slopes of the main Caucasus ridge, 2,153 meters above the sea level, 120 kilometers from Tbilisi, is beloved by skiing, snowboarding and heli-skiing fans. Depth of the snow is reaching 2 meters frequently and the climate is mild with lots of sunshine during the season that lasts in Gudauri from December to April.

Skiing: at the altitude of up to 3,000 meters, there are four 18 km. marked skiing track lines, fitting the European standards for: slalom, giant-slalom, super-giant and downhill track lines, which are popular among professionals and amateurs. Three Dopplemayer elevators with 3 and 4 seats connect all skiing areas. Gudauri slope is always entirely available for those who like to ski on virgin snow; they have at their disposal the slope of 4 km wide and 5 km long, with difference in altitude up to 1,000 meters. Special helicopters for heli-skiing are provided for experienced skiers, who can avail the service to go as high as 3,800 m which is the height of the Main Caucasus Ridge. All lines (red, blue, and black categories) are perfectly prepared and certified with FIS certificate. Gudauri ski resort is a real haven for professional and amateur alpine skiers.

Gudauri Hotels:
Hotel OZON
Hotel Seven

Gudauri Guesthouses:

Available services at the Gudauri Hotels: restaurant with the european and national cuisine, snack-bar, night bar, fax, internet, translator, conference hall, billiard room, bowling, table tennis, indoor tennis courts, sports ground, fitness hall, sauna, solarium, indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, sport and souvenir shops, medical station, beauty salon, parking, modern ski and snowboard's rent, transport service, excursion programs: helicopter excursions, hiking and horse riding.

Exotour Georgia Travel Company

Rocky Mountain Ski Resorts to Experience

There are dozens of ski resorts throughout the Rocky Mountains. Many of them are small such as Beaver Mountain Ski Resort just a few miles from my home. But, there are others that warrant at least one visit in a lifetime. Some of these resorts may offer star gazing, while others showcase the magnificent beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Whichever the case, here are my picks for the top resorts. (These are not listed in any particular order.)

Park City Mountain Resort: Park City, Utah

One of the sleepy town ski resorts that transformed to a mega resort in my lifetime. Growing up, the mountain wasn't crowded and it wasn't overly expensive. There was a mountain top lodge with views that never stopped and runs with moguls that would swallow the timid. Later on, Jupiter Bowl was opened (when weather permitted) and had some runs that would begin an adrenalin rush that would last for the next week. After all of these years, it is still one of my favorite resorts for the variety. From some of the most difficult to pleasant runs for the beginner, Park City Mountain Resort offers skiing for all abilities.

Other reasons that you may want to visit Park City Mountain Resort is for the Sundance Film Festival held every January. If you go during this time, be prepared for crowded restaurants, crowded runs and non-existent hotel rooms. The star gazing may be a premium during this time, but so are the people. After the crowd has left, take a stroll down Main Street for some great restaurants, gift shops and an architectural glimpse of the old mining towns of the west.

Sun Valley Ski Resort, Ketchum, Idaho

In the middle of nowhere and that is why people love it. The rich and famous fly into the Hailey, Idaho airport on their private jets (and they are lined up), or people like me can drive in from Boise, Idaho (3 hours), or Salt Lake City, Utah (about 5 hours). There are regional flights from both Boise and Salt Lake City if you would rather fly into Hailey.

Sun Valley has a rich history of the resort life. It did begin as a sleepy resort town with a luxurious hotel, huge log lodges at the base of the mountain and on the summit. Once you enter one of these lodges, it is almost impossible to want to return outside to the cold. With small hotels, large condominium developments and cabins that rival the ski lodges, there is something for everyone. In the evenings, there are hundreds of restaurants, movie theaters and bars to keep people busy. The town fathers have managed to keep a feeling of openness with most of the area. But there is no mistaking that there is a ton of development hidden behind those pines.

Vail, Colorado

Can you picture a camera focused on a single skier in the middle of a mogul run with nothing but white surrounding them? Now, the camera begins to zoom out with the picture getting wider and wider. Another second and the skier is just a spec on a field of white. With this picture in mind, you may begin to feel the immensity of some of the bowls of Vail. This is a place that I only dreamt of and now I dream of returning.

With a narrow valley that includes an interstate (I-70) and the town of Vail, everything is at the base of the mountain. The resort area seems to go on forever with the feel of small villages every so often. Hidden in these villages are restaurants, hotels, condominiums, ski schools, rental offices and the essence of Vail.

Back to the picture of the lone skier in the middle of the mogul field. Sitting at the top of the mountain, the sun was shining on me and my two friends with me. There wasn't just one of these vast fields of moguls, but three. Each was as large as the next. It was pure heaven for a mogul nut. However, beyond was something that everyone should experience at least once ... the view across the top of the Rocky Mountains. The heavens touch to the tops of the mountains and you realize the majesty of the mountains.

Lee Everton lives in the Rocky Mountains and publishes Strictly Rocky Mountain online magazine ( to promote the beauty and uniqueness of the Rocky Mountain states. He has traveled in all of the Rocky Mountain states experiencing the sites and sounds of the Rockies.

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Colorado Ski Resorts Off The Beaten Path

Colorado ski resorts offer skiers and snowboarders world-famous conditions and unbelievable scenery. From champagne powder snow to bluebird skies and endless mountain views, it's easy to see why so many people visit Colorado in the winter.

If you're a snow sports fan, you probably already know about the most popular Colorado ski resorts or have even visited them.

You know the ones:

• Aspen
• Breckenridge
• Steamboat Springs
• Vail
• Winter Park

These are the most popular ski resorts in Colorado, and with good reason. There is plenty of terrain, lodging, and nightlife activity, and they're generally easy to get to, off the major I-25 interstate. But that also means there are a lot of people there. And you might find that you pay a lot of money for the experience.

But there are several Colorado ski resorts and ski areas that most people from out-of-state don't consider visiting, or might not even know about. The "off the beaten path" places, so to speak.

Most are actually quite easy to get to, but might require a little more drive time. And in my opinion, this isn't a bad thing. The scenery is breathtaking, and you'll find that time flies when you're up in the Rocky Mountains.

Here are a few Colorado ski resorts you should consider this winter...

Eldora Mountain Resort is 20 miles west of Boulder, and is skiing, snowboarding, cross country and snowshoe friendly. They have 100% groomed terrain (more than any other resort in Colorado) and get 300 inches of snow per year. They are also known for giving you a great "first time" experience with their SnowSports School.

Ski Cooper is located in the beautiful San Isabel National Forest near Leadville. Their tag line is "long runs, no lines." They offer an affordable alternative for Colorado ski vacations, with all-natural snow, a family oriented atmosphere, and a prime location.

Monarch Mountain is a gem in the center of the state, just south of Salida. They are known for abundant snow (350+ inches), friendly people and reasonable prices. They are also known for their Snow Cat tours and backcountry skiing. You won't find condos and furs, but you'll surely find some great skiing.

If you're a dedicated powder hound, head to the southwest corner of the state for a double-dose of Wolf Creek and Durango Mountain.

Wolf Creek Ski Area is 15 miles from Pagosa Springs, and touts "the most snow in Colorado" at 456 natural inches! I've been there in the middle of a 20-inch snow dump, and it is truly an amazing experience. The vibe is family-oriented and laid back, and due to its relatively remote location, the traffic is usually low.

Only an hour west of Wolf Creek is another family-friendly establishment: Durango Mountain Resort (also called Purgatory). Ski Magazine says, "If ever a mountain was created for families, it's Purgatory." Here you'll find 85 trails, and 2 terrain parks--the Paradise Freestyle Arena and Pitchfork Terrain Garden.

So if you're looking for Colorado ski resorts that are more affordable and less crowded but still bring that incredible Rocky Mountain snow, try one of these "off the beaten path" suggestions.

And have a great time on the mountain!

KK Farber publishes the website "Colorado Springs Vacation Insider," an independent travel guide focused on Colorado's Pikes Peak region. Find reviews and information on local attractions, lodging, outdoor recreation, restaurants, and fun things to do. See more at:

Ski Vail - The Largest Ski Area in the USA

Ski Vail the whole winter and probably never ski the same place more than once.

There are many things to do here in Vail, Colorado aside from skiing. Of course, if you went through all the trouble, not to mention saved a fortune, just to make it here, you definitely have to go skiing. This elite mountain resort is arguably the Disney World of ski resorts. But despite all its accolades, all in relation to winter sports, there are many things about this place that you just have to love.

There are many winter activities to choose from that are equally as enjoyable. Perhaps not as thrilling, but enjoyable nevertheless; especially if you're here with your family. Not everyone in your family, particularly the little ones, can be so crazy about skiing. Hence, it would be nice to let them enjoy their stay as well. Some of the activities you can indulge them with are skating, visiting art exhibits, riding the Gondola or a hot air balloon to view breathtaking sights underneath, or simply loitering around in the various upscale cafes. Restaurants offering gourmet foods from different cultures dot the town, so you might want to dine out at different spots every night.

If you want them to try out more adventurous activities, you can take them to the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola for on-mountain activities such as ski biking and kid snowmobiling. But for the ultimate fun-filled family bonding activity, nothing beats catching a tube together. This mountain resort offers the best tubing facilities you've ever tried.

For those who just keep on itching to hold a golf club the whole year round, you can avail of the golf swing analysis machine at the Vail Golf Club. This is done indoors of course. Those looking for a more laid back activity can also enjoy the services of a European style luxury day spa at Allegria Spa. Other recommended spa services can be found in Marriot Mountain Resort, Spa Struck, Vail Plaza Hotel & Club, Holiday Inn, Heaven Massage and Spa, & Sonnenalp Resort. These spas offer different kinds of therapeutic services.

There are more things to see every year. This year for example, a spiral shaped ice sculpture measuring 28 feet across and commemorating the fact that Colorado was once beneath a prehistoric sea was shaped. So the next time you plan for your ultimate winter experience in this ski resort, remember that there are other things aside from skiing that you and your family can try out.

Vail Colorado has a lot going for it. Summer sports and activities, and of course the largest skiing area in the whole United States. When you ski Vail CO you'll be spending lots of time in powder snow you haven't been over before. For the latest information on Vail, go to: This quality website has info about Vail lodging, rentals, restaurants, Lionshead and many other interesting facts.

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Europe hotel reservations that offer Discount Hotel prices

Travel to costly countries of Europe is a little intimidating. Seeing costs of hotels in Europe, people put a break to their vacation plan. Euro is a powerful currency and converting even the US currency into Euro does not amount to much. Hotel rooms play an important role in deciding a budget of your Europe tour. A limited budget stops people from visiting these costly areas.

Generally people like to source around for Discount European Hotels, but they aren’t always able to search for them, due to lack of proper search sources. Internet is a good medium, which can help people in selecting good Discount European Hotels. With the help of online sources, people can search for a discount European hotel and book a room in that hotel in advance. As Discount European Hotels form a strong base of many Europe vacations, care should be taken when selecting them. Finding a good 3star, 4star or 5star hotel reduces burden of people. One common doubt which most of the people have when searching for European hotels is regarding the features of these Discount Europe Hotels.

A discount Europe hotel deal doesn’t mean that, people get minimized comforts within limited rentals. It simply means that Discount European Hotels have the ability to provide great luxury comforts within a small price. Another common doubt which people have is regarding features of a good hotel. Good hotels offer luxury comforts within a limited budget, and they are generally located near the heart of the city, at a picturesque setting, close to international airports, and metro stations.

Booking a room in advance is definitely a good advantage because heavy discounts are offered on advanced bookings. Summer is an exciting season as this is the time people love to spend time on beautiful beaches. In summer many tourists visit Europe. At that time hotels increase their room rent and this makes it difficult for people to get a room. However, if you book a room 2 months in advance, you’ll be offered a discount: This is because 2 months before summer, its winter and rates offered are low to get Discount European Hotels.


All Inclusive Ski Vacations - Everything Under One Price Tag

Gone are the days when skiing used to be a very expensive affair - something meant only for the rich. Now with all inclusive ski vacations, you can enjoy some great savings and enjoy a memorable getaway at a very economical price. However, it is very important for you to understand that these offers are often available only for those who want to enjoy skiing with their entire family.

Save A Fortune

As the term is self-explanatory, it includes everything under one price tag - from flight or train tickets to food, accommodation, and resorts. In most cases, food includes only breakfast and dinner, not lunch. The main reason behind this is that people often do not get time for lunch because this is the time that they prefer to spend on the slopes. You definitely do not want to waste precious time in restaurants for lunch. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to carry a small snack in your pocket for the slopes so that when you get hungry, you will have something to eat.

Sometimes, you may find the price of an all inclusive ski vacations exorbitant, but when you compare the cost of each and every service individually, you will be amazed to see that you are actually saving a fortune. In fact, it is not just about saving money. When you choose to go for these offers, you also save a lot of time for yourself. Besides that, it makes the process completely hassle-free.

Always remember that good deals and bargains are always the result of thorough research. For example, you must book in advance, especially if you are planning your vacation during the winter. If it is something that you do it every year, it is always better to inform your travel agent well on time and he will be more than happy to do the needful. You can either contact a local agent or an online one for all inclusive ski vacations. However, you will get more choices on the Internet only.

Visit CORE now to get free access to advice and information on ski vacations.

Why a cruise across Europe?

You probably know by now that a cruise vacation is one of the most pleasurable experiences anyone can have. But if this cruise travels across European territory it can also be unforgettable. The main difference between a cruise through Europe and other pleasure cruises (like a Caribbean cruise for example) are the destinations. On a cruise in the Caribbean, the destinations are almost irrelevant, and tourists often prefer to spend the time on board instead of visiting the various ports. In Europe, besides the pleasure on board that all the cruises offer, you can also visit some of the most beautiful places in the world. Unique cities full with historical, cultural, culinary, and architectural attractions. In Europe you can find options that allows you to choose among the most beautiful beaches, incredible fjords, or the most amazing cities in the world. Just imagine ... spending the night on the cruise and during the day touring cities such as London, Barcelona, Venice or St. Petersburg. Book a cruise through Europe. It can be one of the most fascinating experiences of your life.

European cruises deals


Top 3 Western United States Ski Resorts

If you are planing a ski vacation this winter, the United States has hundreds of ski resorts that you can choose from. Many of them offer amenities and guest services that allow them to compete with some of the best five star hotels. With so many available choosing the one that's right for you can be difficult. Here are the top 3 ski resorts in the United States.

• Jackson Hole

Definitely number one on the list; Jackson Hole in Wyoming is made up of two areas, Tetons Village and the Town of Jackson. This area is ideal for anyone that loves natural beauty and snow. Although it is known as some of the toughest skiing in the country, there are also fantastic intermediate and beginner trails available. Rendezvous Mountain gives you some of the highest in bound terrain available, rated as black and double black diamond trails.

Apres Vuos Mountain is considered an intermediate trail that's great for cruising and enjoying the majestic mountain views. Once your day of skiing is finished relax at the Tetons Mountain Lodge and Spa. This ski resort is located slope side to the Jackson Hole Resort. Warm up next to the fireplace in your room, or make your way to the recently added Solitude Spa. There you can enjoy one of 10 treatment rooms that are available or take a relaxing swim in the heated pool. Top off the evening with a dip in the 24 person rooftop hot tub.

• Park City Mountain Resort

This ski resort is number two on the list. Not only is it home to some of the best skiing in the world, but it's also home to the United States Olympic Ski Team. The slopes are great with everything from beginners to "Oh my goodness are you crazy" trails. A bonus this ski resort offers is accessibility. You can ski directly to Main Street and have a selection of 100 shops and restaurants that you can visit. When you're finished you can ride back to the slopes on the Town Lift.

Lodging is plentiful with several convenient locations to choose from. The Resort Plaza is located at he base of Park City Mountain Resort and offers one to four bedroom condo style units, underground parking, and full kitchen units.

• Squaw Valley

This ski resort is number three on the list. Located in the North Lake Tahoe Region of California some of the most awe inspiring slopes can be found here. You will enjoy watching some of the best skiers in the world brave the 100 foot cliffs and some of the ride down lines look almost impossible. If your skills are not quite that of an expert Squaw Valley also offers beginner and intermediate trails as well. Cruising to High Camp Summit gives you a gentle ride with great views of the beautiful mountains.

There are several lodging choices near this beautiful ski resort. The Resort at Squaw Creek has the ability to rival any five star hotel. It is connected to the ski resort through it's own lift system. Suites are equipped with slate entryways and gas fireplaces. The view from your room will allow you to see historic ponderosa forests and beautiful meadowlands. If a bed-and-breakfast inn is more of what you're looking for then Lake Tahoe's North Shore may be more what you're looking for.

Mike Greaves is a self-made entrepreneur, a well known travel consultant and internet marketer. Over the years he has travelled across the world and has numerous writings credited to his name in many renowned publications. His areas of writing include travel experiences including reviews of Luxury Spas, Ski Resort and Beach Resorts.

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Mountain Creek & Crystal Springs - New Jersey's Burgeoning Vacation and Real Estate Destination

Recreational activities

Tucked away in the Northwest corner of New Jersey lie two little known gems - Mountain Creek Resort & Crystal Springs Golf Resort (affiliated with the Minerals Resort). Far and away the top ski and snowboard destination in New Jersey, Mountain Creek offers not only fabulous skiing and snowboarding, but a top notch water park for those hot summer months. Being at elevation in quaint Vernon, NJ not only serves the skiers well but helps to keep the temperature an average of ten degrees warmer in summer.

The snow resort is home to classic beginner-through-expert terrain on Vernon and Granite Peaks. First-timers, families and all leisure skiers and snowboarders spend their time playing then choose where to relax for a break. Discount lift tickets are available for much less than the retail price. There are myriad places in nearby Vernon, Warwick NY, and other small towns which offer a tremendous selection of activities for both singles and families. More about this below.

Mountain Creek - formerly known as Vernon Valley or Great Gorge - has long been a fixture in the NJ Skylands region. In the 70's Action Park was the summer attraction. It has long since been revamped and modernized and is now called the Mountain Creek Water Park, a truly unique park carved into the natural mountainside, and featuring over 26 rides and attractions.

When mountain biking became popular in the 80's the designers sculpted out an internationally renowned mountain bike course. Diablo Freeride Park has risen to the top of every thrill-seeking mountain biker's must ride list. Playing host to the U.S. Open of Mountain Biking, Diablo features challenging terrain serviced by the open air gondola used by skiers and snowboarders in winter.

If golf is your game, you can experience world class golfing just minutes from Mountain Creek. Choose from six award-winning golf courses, each with its own set of characteristics and challenges. From beginners to experts, the courses offer something for everyone. There are 6 distinct and challenging courses to choose from:
- Crystal Spring Golf Club in Hardyston, NJ
- Wild Turkey Golf Club - Hardyston, NJ
- Great Gorge Country Club - McAfee, NJ
- Minerals Golf Club - Vernon, NJ
- Ballyowen Golf Club - Hamburg, NJ (rated #1 public golf course in NJ)
- Black Bear Golf Club - Franklin, NJ

Real Estate
As urban and suburban areas get more and more congested, people are increasingly moving further and further from NYC and the more congested areas of NJ.

The Village at Crystal Springs is an exclusive, northern New Jersey real estate community in a comfortable resort setting. Nestled in the scenic Kittatinny Mountains, the collection of luxurious New Jersey homes are situated in the Northeast's premier four-season residential resort.

This choice selection of prime real estate in New Jersey is complemented by Crystal Springs Resort's 7 award-winning golf courses, 2 luxury spas, world-class dining and wine-cellar - and is just 47 miles from Manhattan.

Whether you're looking to buy a primary residence, vacation getaway spot or investment property, you'll find a variety of home styles and floor plans to meet every taste.


Elements Spa

The Elements Spa is located at Crystal Springs Resort (often called Minerals Resort) is ranked in the top 20 spas in America and #1 in NJ. This Northern New Jersey luxury spa was designed in such a way that the healing powers of the earth have been incorporated into breathtaking design and rejuvenating services.

Reflections Spa
The brand-new Reflections Spa is certain to challenge Elements for the honor of being the # 1 ranked spa in NJ Reflections' Service Menu includes many themes and elements of the resort and local environment, such as "The Wine Cellar" featuring treatments using wine and grape seed extracts.

Other local attractions and activities in the NJ Skylands region:

There are a plethora of things to do year round in this area. Pumpkin and apple picking, hayrides, wineries, vineyards, and distillers. Experience how wine is made and life on the orchard.

Explore the Appalachian trail through the Kitatinny range in Northern, NJ. You'll find amazing scenery and you only need a day to hike a portion of beautiful New Jersey. Hot air balloon rides are offered by

They are located just over the border in Harriman, NY.

Warwick, New York

Located fifty-five miles from New York City, The Town of Warwick has a distinctly rural character with rolling hills and farmland dotted with red barns and gracious old farmhouses. The Town of Warwick spans 104 square miles and includes three villages (Florida, Greenwood Lake, and Warwick) and five hamlets (Amity, Bellvale, Edenville, New Milford and Pine Island). Warwick's natural beauty extends beyond its farmland to mountains, streams and lakes. Greenwood Lake, the closest lake to New York City large enough to accommodate water sports, has long been a popular summer resort of such famous entertainment and sports figures as Babe Ruth. The ten-mile-long lake straddles the New York / New Jersey border.

Robert Creek
Your one stop portal for all of the great attractions in and around Mountain Creek & Crystal Springs resort is:
Here you will find links to most everything mentioned in the article as well as discount lift tickets, ski and snowboard apparel, online golf reservations, dinner and banquet reservations, spa reservations, and much more.

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Looking For Luxury Ski Accommodation in Wanaka, New Zealand?

Visitors to the area looking for luxurious accommodation will not be disappointed by the magnificent selection of boutique lodges, bed and breakfasts, superior apartments, villas and executive resort hotels available.

Let us explore a few of these sophisticated options in some more detail.

Boutique Lodge / Bed and Breakfast
A popular choice for couples and small groups seeking the comforts of home, within a relaxed and friendly environment, delicious food and wine, pleasant company and personalised service. Hosts will go the extra mile in these up-market lodges to ensure your stay with them is an unforgettable experience. After a long day on the ski fields a cozy open fire, comfy couches, freshly made scones and stunning lakefront and countryside views will be the perfect way to end your day.

Superior Apartments / Villas
For those travellers and visitors seeking more independent accommodation as part of their ski holiday, Wanaka has a choice of superior apartments and villas available for short and long term stays. These stylish, modern and self contained buildings are a desirable option for families, groups of friends and passionate skiers seeking somewhere private and exclusive to stay. You will be sure to find a contemporary and spacious apartment that captures the essence of this winter wonderland, often complete with stunning alpine and / or lakefront views.

Executive Resort Hotels
The functionality and services inherited in resort style hotel accommodation is often an attractive option for families and groups who appreciate in-house features and services such as: a heated indoor / outdoor pool, spa, restaurant & bar, gym, day spa, childcare and laundry facilities. A beneficial service offered by some first class hotels in Wanaka are drying rooms and ski gear maintenance & repair - a particularly valuable offering for a family of skiers. After a hard day on the slopes the convenience of returning to your hotel room where everything has been done for you, will allow you to enjoy a soak in your private spa.

With numerous luxury ski accommodation providers available to you in Wanaka, you will be certain to find lodging that complements your personal preferences.

Danny's most recent project Lakeshore Springs in Wanaka is a NZ architecture award winner offering exquisite design and quality. Ten luxury villas are positioned on the lakes edge and in the heart of Wanaka, New Zealand's tourism crown jewel. Wanaka a four season destination offers incredible skiing, boarding, wineries, restaurants, golf, and every outdoor pursuit you could imagine all with a back drop of some of the worlds most dramatic and beautiful scenery. Lakeshore Springs is arguably the finest accommodation of its kind on offer, each 250 square metre + villa is equipped with every luxury you might expect including sauna, spa bath, gourmet kitchen, surround sound and views to die for. Inspirational architecture, designer furniture all within a three minute stroll to exceptional dining and entertainment make Lakeshore Springs a truly memorable experience and the perfect compliment to one of the worlds most beautiful and inspiring destinations.

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Ski Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a natural freshwater lake in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range between California and Nevada, USA. It is situated between the large cities of Sacramento CA and Reno NV. Lake Tahoe is about 22 miles end to end, with over 70 miles of shoreline, it does not freeze over in the winter so it is a spectacular view year round. It is surrounded by mountain peaks in the 10,000ft/ 3300M range with Ski areas throughout them.

There are approximately 15 major ski areas in the Tahoe region. Heavenly Valley is the largest of them. Heavenly's chair lift comes down into south shore, so you can walk to the lifts. From the top of Heavenly Valley you overlook Lake Tahoe and all the majestic peaks that surround the Lake. The view is awesome.
Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are more on the North West side of the lake. Squaw Valley was the site of the Winter Olympics in 1960, there you will find a very large mountain with a lot of expert skiing terrain. Some of the other major ski resorts in the Tahoe region are, Mt Rose, Northstar, Kirkwood and Sugar Bowl. You will find first class skiing at all these resorts from expert runs to beginner. Tahoe is an excellent destination for a family vacation.

The ski season usually begins in November and lasts through May. The storms roll through the Sierras coming out of Alaska dumping snow then the sky clears up and you will have the bluest sky's you have ever seen.
If you are flying to Tahoe, Sacramento (SMF) or Reno (RNO) has large airports with rental vehicles. You can catch smaller commuter flights to Lake Tahoe or Truckee from larger international airports like San Francisco International (SFO). Lake Tahoe is about an hour's drive from Reno or an hour and a half from Sacramento.
Food and Lodging around the Lake are plentiful. There are large hotels and casinos on the South shore or you can find more mountain type lodging (cabins, small hotels) on the North shore, West shore or Truckee. All of these major ski areas have small villages where you can find great lodging and chair lifts that come into town.

If you are visiting Lake Tahoe and you have some down time from skiing visit Truckee. It is an old historic town originally along the pioneer trail in the 1800 then developed to support the railroads. The railroad still goes through town with a historic looking train station where you can catch the train going to Sacramento or Reno for another excursion. The Northstar-at-Tahoe ski resort is located in Truckee. There are villages at most of these resorts where you can find lodging and the ski lifts come into the village so you don't have to have a vehicle for daily commuting.

Tim Horner is a member of the Global Resorts Network marketing team. They strive to help people find cost effective solutions to expensive resort lodging. Go to

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Chatel - The Best Kept Secret in the French Alps

If you know a bit about skiing, and someone asks you what the largest ski area in the world is, you would probably say the Three Valleys. Similarly, if you were asked where the best "snow sure" ski areas are, you might mention some of the glacier resorts such as Tignes and Val Thorens. In both cases you would be wrong!

Currently, the largest linked ski area in the world is the Portes du Soleil area in the Northern French and Swiss Alps. The area benefits from North facing slopes and the highest average snowfall in the Alps, meaning that Avoriaz and Chatel tend to get some of the best snow conditions in Europe from the start to the end of the season. In fact, the lifts of Avoriaz often stay open until the first weekend in May. Not bad for a resort with no glacier who's lifts only go up to 2500 m!

Avoriaz is a striking purpose built resort built on an impressive cliff top at 1800 m. Its architecture evokes a mixed response. It is extremely convenient for skiing and is right at the center of the Portes du Soleil.

Of course, purpose built resorts are not for everyone, and if you would prefer a more traditional chalet style resort, then Chatel might be for you.

Chatel is built on the side of a sunny south/west facing slope so visitors staying in the village get beautiful views up and down the picturesque Vallee d'Abondance. However, the strength of Chatel lies in its spectacular North facing ski slopes of Linga & Pre La Joux. These areas have some of the most exciting and interesting terrain in the whole of the Portes du Soleil, and two chairlifts will take you up to Avoriaz in about 10 minutes or so.

The area gets a phenomenal amount of snow on an annual basis, and because of its aspect, it keeps it well. The domain often gets slated for its low altitude (1200 - 2500 m) but those in the know have long since realized that a high altitude resort is no good if the area doesn't generally get much snow!

Chatel itself is a beautiful place to stay. All the buildings are chalet style and there are a number of original old farms still full of cows to be found in and around the village centre. There isn't just skiing to keep holidaymakers entertained - the village has two cinemas, an ice rink, a lake where you can go ice diving, lots of fantastic bars & restaurants, spa facilities in a number of hotels and a whole list of non-ski related activities such as dog sledding, snow shoeing and paragliding.

One of the best things about Chatel is that it is relatively undiscovered. It attracts "people in the know" who want to avoid the crowds and find the most extensive skiing in the best areas.

The village also makes a spectacular destination in summer, but that needs a separate article dedicating to summer in Chatel.

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Whistler Accommodation - The Aspens Advantage

Looking to escape the chaotic clamour of city life? The Aspens lodge is your Whistler accommodation solution for a peaceful alpine getaway. Tucked away on the serene slopes of Blackcomb Mountain, the Aspens includes all the comforts and amenities to ensure a pleasurable Whistler stay.

Amazing Amenities

As one of the mountain's most spacious and luxurious lodgings, get the peace of mind that your Whistler accommodation includes some of the finest amenities on resort. After an intense day of skiing, take a dip in the outdoor heated pool or unwind in one of the three slope-side hot-tubs. Each Aspens condo allows you to create a culinary masterpiece in a fully equipped kitchen, snuggle up near a crackling fireplace or admire the Blackcomb peaks from your very own private balcony.

Desirable Location

Stay accessible to all the excitement of the village, yet avoid the noise and late night clamour. Located on Blackcomb Mountain, the Aspens is a short stroll or free shuttle service away from Blackcomb's Upper Village and Whistler's main village. As a ski-in/ski-out Whistler accommodation, the Aspens offers quick access to ski slopes and is moments away from Blackcomb's Wizard Express Chair.

In the summer, explore Whistler's natural environment and wildlife. With Lost Lake Park nearby, the Aspens is easily accessible to activities such as hiking, mountain biking or simply a scenic stroll. For families with kids, the Blackcomb Base Adventure Zone is the ultimate destination. Play a round of mini golf or slide down the Westcoaster Luge, the Adventure Zone includes an array of activities to ensure a memorable summer vacation!

Affordable Nightly Rates

Don't sacrifice comfort and quality just to save on your Whistler accommodation, the Aspens offers luxury lodging at a penny-pinching price! Take for example a one bedroom condominium in April; the Aspens offers a unit for as low as $75/ night, while in the village rates start at $125/night. The Aspens allows you to enjoy a top quality Whistler accommodation without blowing your budget.

Devon O'Malley is a staff writer for Allura Direct, an accommodations website offering powerful search and instant booking features for vacation rentals. Stay in the Aspens Whistler today and experience a world class Whistler accommodation.

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10 Ideas for Family Holidays in Europe

European holidays proffer a potpourri of destinations for holidaymakers to enjoy. Families can expect to have a fun-filled, memorable excursion should they decide to take a European holiday vacation. Here are some tips to make your vacation a success.

1. Make a trip to Paris, the city of love. Paris has always enchanted the true-blooded ancient art inclined families. If you happen to be one, head straight to the Louvre, a place revered by medieval art history lovers. Apart from housing the legendary ‘Mona Lisa’ it has an enormous collection of 18th century masterpieces ranging from paintings and sculptures to an assortment of other collectibles. It is a good idea to get the “Museums and Monuments Card” from the tourism office for unlimited visits if you plan on visiting museums and art galleries during your stay.

2. To give your children a special treat, include Disneyland Park, Paris in your travel itinerary. This is your chance to enjoy adventure and action packed rides at the park that are fun for the whole family. Children can get to meet celebrated Disney characters and watch the magical cinematic illusions at the Walt Disney Studios as well.

3. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the tower over the Cathedral, is an original and architectural masterpiece. It has fascinated voyagers since long due to its mysterious design. This is certainly a must see place cultural, historic and architectural indulgence is on your wish list.

4. Take a cable car ride to the top of Mount Titlis in Switzerland. Apart from seeing the country’s highest mountain peak, you can also take in a variety of breathtaking scenes from 10,000 feet above sea level. The ride lasts for 45 minutes and is very enjoyable.

5. If you want to mix art and religion with some pleasurable sight-seeing, the Sistine Chapel in Rome is an excellent option. A celebrated work of art, it showcases the exceptional aesthetic proficiency of Michelangelo.

6. Enjoy the Amsterdam City canal cruise and witness marvels of Dutch history and culture. The cruise offers travellers a view of the famed historic canals and old cities situated on its banks along with some visually captivating scenery. Dinner is also served aboard these cruises apart. Musical Cruises are also available for those who love music.

7. The kids are guaranteed to love this one. A visit to the chocolate factory at Hanau is a must when you are travelling with young children. Get a firsthand account of delicious chocolate being churned out and sample some of the best varieties of these dark treats.

8. Take a trip to Innsbruck and the Swarovski Crystal Factory (Wattens, Austria). Here you can shop for rare and exquisite pieces of crystals apart from witnessing the making and polishing of the crystal artwork.

9. If you are planning to rekindle some romance, Venice beckons you. Take your partner for the famous boat ride over St. Marks Square and enjoy the magnificent sights of roman architecture in the form of the Basilica, Ducal Palace and the Bridge Of Sighs.

10. Nature lovers will enjoy the Rhine Falls, a massive waterfall situated in Zurich. You can also take the cogwheel train to the Jungfrau peak and visit Interlaken (situated between two lakes), the picturesque town where numerous Bollywood films have been shot.

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Cathedral Mountain - The Best of Winter in Argentina

Cathedral Mountain is probable the best image of the winter atractions in Bariloche. This magnificent mountain has two sides, the southern one with many stone needles that gives to it the name of a gothic temple and are the perfect place for mountaineering; and the northeast side, with smooth slopes, where is located one of the best ski centers in Southamerica, Antonio Lynch Winter Center, most known as Cathedral Mountain.

For its characteristics, Cathedral Mountain is one of the best places for winter sports. It counts with a slope of 60 degrees and its longest ski run brings a descend of 9 kilometers without interruptions. The highest track off piste is at 2180 meters over the level of the sea, so the expert skiers can slide through it admiring the overwhelming landscape, from the top to the base.

The whole mountain elevates over 2300 meters and has 600 hectares of surface, with ski runs, ski lifts, beautiful forest and the area of the base, where is Villa Catedral, a place with excellent services and many hotels with 3, 4 or 5 stars of category, with all the amenities and services needed for the visitors.

Inside Villa Catedral there is Las Terrazas Shopping Center, with a commercial gallery, stores and a food court with different kind of menus. Other commercial spot is Paseo Plaza Amancay, located inside the Amacay chairlift. Here there is a big restaurant, ski rental stores, ski schools and the lobby of some hotels of the base. And for the amusement of the visitors by night, there are also a disco and a Casino, inside the Hotel Club Catedral.

Cathedral Mountain offers many stores for ski rental, with the best equipment and excellent technology. The Ski Resort has 7000 ski equipment and 1500 for snowboard, plus sledges and snowshoes for hiking in the snow, so the visitors only need their enthusiasm to slide across the perfect 53 ski runs of the complex, full conditioned for the best experience, counting also with artificial snow machines to create the ideal thickness in the ground.

The ski center counts with ski runs of different levels for every kind of skiers. The highest of the ski tracks is located at 1950 meters above the level of the sea. To get to the tracks, Cathedral Mountain has 39 ski lifts, among chairlifts and media drag to get to every corner in the mountain.

In Cathedral Mountain the visitors can practice every kind of ski, nordic ski, alpine ski and snowboard, using tracks specially conditioned with bumps and obstacles, like the Terrain Park, a place where sports event are developed such as the Big Air Reef, Rip Curl Winter Search, among others.

During the summertime, those same ski runs are used to practice mountain bike or mountain board, sliding in special boards with rubber wheels. Other activities that the mountain offers are rappel, climbing, trekking, canopy for children, horseback riding and skating in a skate park.

After an excellent day at the snow, in Villa Catedral the visitors can enjoy of the gastronomy in the exquisite restaurants of the base, which prepare delicious patagonian plates and international cooking. There are also coffee shops in higher spots to take a break and eat a sandwich or a hot drink.

Cathedral Mountain is located at just 19 kilometers from Bariloche, so the visitors can also discover this enchanting city in argentinean Patagonia, that also counts with transfers to the Ski Resort. Take the adventure and visit this wonderful place, with incredible summits, forests and landscapes.

Mariel Lizana authors several articles of Cathedral Mountain hotels and Cathedral Mountain Ski Packages . For more information visit my website at

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Castor Mountain - Ski at the End of the World

Located in a dream place, Castor Mountain Ski Resort is the most exclusive winter center of Argentina, located at the south hill of the mountain, where is protected to the winds and its excellent snow can be compared to the snow in Moscu, Russia.

The ski tracks in Castor Mountain counts with the best preparation for winter, and from the 600 meters above the level of the sea, the ground is planted with grass to retain the snow when the defrost starts. In its 600 hectares, the ski resort has 24 ski runs and a snowpark, with a slope of 800 meters.

In Castor Mountain, everyone can learn the winter sports. It counts with a team of 60 instructors to teach ski and snowboard in individual or collective classes, or also more extreme styles, like ski off piste and mountain guides service, where the students will learn rescue techniques and risk management.

For children, Castor Mountain offers a Ski School until 12 years old. There are also a Snow Kindergarden for kids from 3 to 5 years old and an excellent nursery for babies from 2 months old to two years old, located in front of the ski runs.

Because of its features, Castor Mountain offers one of the longest ski season, going from june to the middle of octuber, with enough snow to practice ski and snowboard, always at -5 degrees to 5 degrees.

Castor Mountain is also the ski resort most visited by international ski teams, who train in its excellent ski tracks, with perfect snow. To guarantee this, the mountain counts with 10 canyons to generate artificial snow from the 480 meters to the base, so the thickness in the soil is always the ideal one.

It has the best ski lifts, with capacity to carry 2700 passengers, and the ski runs together have a length of 24 kilometers.

Castor Mountain also counts with Castor Ski Lodge, a wonderful lodging with 15 cabins, full equipped with services and amenities like bathrooms with hydro massage, living with chimney and satellital television, with different capacities depending on the number of passengers, from two to ten people.

In the mountain you can also enjoy of the exquisite gastronomy of Patagonia, with excellent restaurants such as Morada del Aguila, the place of the after ski, which is located in Villa Castor at the base of the mountain, with the patagonian lamb as its specialty. Snowbar is a coffee shop that is also in the base, with capacity for 80 people. Parador Cota 480 is distinguished by its delicious sweet preparations, buffet service and desserts and also its Sushi Bar. Parador La Barra is highest in the mountain, at 600 meters and exclusive for skiers.

Besides of these excellent services, Castor Mountain is located at just 26 kilometers away from Ushuaia, offering the possibility to visit the city and its lodgings, restaurant, artisan fairs and different activities. Discover Castor Mountain and the heights at the southernmost point of the world.

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Chapelco Mountain, Magical Snow Forest

This wonderful ski resort is located at 21 kilometers from the picturesque and beautiful city of San Martin de los Andes, inside mountains Chapelco and counting with forests in the middle of the ski runs, so you can ski through trees covered with lichens, like magical veils that decorate the snow.

San Martin de los Andes zone has all the charms of a patagonian city, with the exquisite gastronomy and its specialties such as chocolates, lamb, deer, jabali among others; and a exuberant andean flora, with species of trees such as pine, cypress, rauli and ñires, most of them inside of the incredible Lanin National Park.

Located at 2000 meters above the level of the sea and with a base at 1250 meters, in Chapelco Mountain there is snow during the whole winter, so you can practice white sports from the beginning of season.

The ski resort counts with 140 skiable hectares and 29 ski tracks for every level, being the longest of them of 5,6 kilometers. The beginners slope has 20 degrees of inclination, which rises until get to the 45 degrees in the black and red ski tracks, for expert skiers.

One of the main attractions of Chapelco Mountain are its ski lifts and the lift cabin, for six passengers, which ascends to 1600 meters. There are another eleven lifts to get to every ski track in the mountain.

Chapelco Mountain also has an excellent base, where the visitors can find the best restaurants with exquisite patagonian specialties, stores, rental of ski and snowboard equipments, drugstore and a free parking area. It counts with a Kindergarten too, for children from 3 months to 6 years old.

The ski resort is not just the perfect place to practice ski in every of its styles or walking in the snow. Chapelco also has a Snowboard park, located in the highest part of the mountain, with all the needed bumps and obstacles for parallel slalom, big air, half pipe, among others.

The mountain offers the ideal excuse to enjoy of gastronomy, counting with three excellent restaurants, besides the restaurants of the nearby hotels and lodgings. La Base restaurant has a warm environment with two chimneys and capacity for 240 passengers. The coffee shop Abuela Goye is distinguished by its delicious cakes, infusions and sandwiches and at 1600 meters above the level of the sea, there is the Antulauquen restaurant, with variety of menus and the best view of the mountain, for 400 people.

Chapelco Mountain has many entertainments not only in winter time. During the summer there are canopy, mountain bike in a Bike Park, Mini golf court, Archery, horseback riding and an exciting andean tobogan, which descends 800 meters from the 1700 meters of height, through ski track Los Pioneros.

Other activities for the most adventurer ones are trekking, mini quads circuits in quadricycles through paths inside the forests, climb through nets and bridges in the trees and ascensions to Lanin volcano, Lacar lake and the Villarrica and Choshuenco Chilean volcanoes.

Enjoy the beauty of Andean forest and the adventure with the best facilities and amenities in Chapelco Mountain Ski Resort.

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How to Save Money Skiing in a Recession

With the recession tightening its stranglehold on the UK, here are some ways in which you can save money on your next ski holiday.

First of all, why not consider a self catered holiday? In this day and age, self catering doesn't automatically mean tiny studio apartment s with fold down beds and people sleeping in the lounge. There is now a wide selection of excellent large self catered chalets available online, often with hot tubs and saunas. Self catered holidays tend to be quite cheap per person, as long as all bedrooms are filled.

Another excellent way of saving money is to drive to your ski holiday. Cross channel ferries seem to constantly have low prices in order to compete with the budget airlines, and with a full car you will pay a lot less than if you fly - especially over the main holiday weeks.

Another good reason to drive is that you can fill the car with provisions bought in the UK. This will stop you from losing money in resort because of a poor exchange rate. If the exchange rate recovers, having a car will still save you money because it will allow you to shop at the larger (and cheaper) out of town supermarkets rather than the smaller more expensive ones in the centre of the resort.

Once in resort, you should consider buying a local area lift pass rather than the full wider area one. Most people tend to buy the most expensive lift pass which covers the greatest area. In reality, for 6 days skiing, the local area is often enough. It is also good to get to know the local area really well, rather than just skiing every piste once in the wider area.

Another mistake that many people make is that of pre-booking their ski hire online. Very often, the prices are no cheaper and indeed are often more expensive than if you walk into a shop off the street, and the equipment they give out is often of a low quality. Furthermore, once you have handed over your credit card details online you are also tied to that one particular shop. A better option is to talk to your tour operator and see what sort of deals they have for you in resort. Chances are they work with a particular shop because of the good service, good equipment and excellent pricing on offer.

In order to keep costs down as illustrated above, it is important to get your destination right. There is no point in planning to economise and then booking a holiday in Courchevel! Resorts such as Chatel, in the Portes du Soleil will help you save money for the following reasons;

1) The resort, although a major ski resort in the world's biggest ski area, is actually very reasonably priced since it is still predominantly visited by the French - it is an undiscovered treat of a resort.

2) The resort is located in the Northern French Alps so is one of the first ones you can get to when driving from Calais.

3) Because all the accommodation is chalet style, there is a huge selection of well priced high quality self catered accommodation.

Although part of the massive Portes du Soleil ski area, the local Chatel ski domains has some fantastic skiing to explore in three main areas - Super Chatel, Linga & Pre La Joux.

5) If you do decide to ski the whole area, the lift pass for the whole Portes du Soleil is a lot cheaper than some of the other big domains, namely the Trois Vallees or Verbier.

However, all of this doesn't mean that Chatel is some kind of second class resort. It is a beautiful alpine resort with a highly sophisticated skiing infrastructure in place.

In summary, just because money is tight doesn't mean that you have to put your annual ski pilgrimage on hold. You just have to choose your ski resort well.

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Bulgaria Ski Packages - Are You Getting Your Moneys Worth?

Bulgaria ski packages really are starting to come to the forefront of ski holidays in Europe. Both markets for long holidays and short breaks, first time skiers and seasoned veterans are catered for everyone looking for something a little different from the norm. Bulgaria ski packages could be the ideal option if you're suffering the winter blues or just want to go somewhere where the snow is a fine powder, the sun never disappears and the air is as crisp as nature intended.

When you add all these things up, it doesn't take a genius to realize why Bulgaria is fast emerging as a popular ski-ing destination with amazingly cheap prices on their ski holidays. Compared to strong contenders such as Italy, France and Switzerland, Ski resort prices in Bulgaria are more than competitively priced.

If you're concerned that the overall "presence" of Bulgaria isn't quite what you imagined, then you might be right, but not in the way you think. Gorgeous landscapes, friendly locals and some of the cheapest prices for food and drink this side of the Atlantic. This amazing combination makes for a country that has others talking and raising it's profile at a phenomenal rate. Yet luckily for the holiday maker, this raised profile hasn't raised the prices.

Never been on a skiing holiday before? Not a problem as Bulgaria ski packages can be individually tailored from absolute beginners enrolling in a ski school, learning the equipment and the green slopes, intermediates wanting to brush up on their developing skills on the blue slopes, all the way up to seasoned ski-ers looking for fun and challenging ski-ing on the advanced slopes.

Bulgaria ski packages are easily affordable for ski-ers, food and drink is incredibly cheap and you will always be greeted with kind and welcoming staff and locals alike. If you have any inclination of taking a short break ski-ing in Europe then Bulgaria should certainly be at the top of your list.

NOTE: Right now there is an incredible offer for a 2/3 day break in a premium Bulgarian Ski Resort for less than 50 quid!. Not a bad offer, but when you get free flights, transport AND accomodation it becomes UNBEATABLE!

Click Here to arrange a callback to discuss your individual requirements. (UK ONLY)

See you on the slopes, Darren.

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Ski Holidays - 10 Myths Exposed

If you are new to skiing, the whole idea of going on a ski holiday can be quite daunting. On a number of occasions I have seen people who have never skied before worry about things which just aren't true. So, here I expose the top 10 ski myths:

1. A skiing holiday has to be expensive

Things have changed in the world of skiing - no longer is it an elite sport for the rich. It is quite possible to take a family of beginners skiing and for it not to break the bank. How?

- Go self catered. Self catered ski accommodation is often excellent and doesn't cost very much per head. You can also choose to squeeze more people in on sofa beds to bring the price down even more. Don't book via large tour operators - go directly to local estate agents or independent property suppliers.

- Drive. With four people in a car, and if traveling to areas in the Northern Alps, driving is a very cost effective way of getting to a ski resort. - Try and avoid the main school holidays (Christmas, New Year, Half Term) if at all possible.

- Keep an eye on when budget airlines release their flights and book early!

- You don't need to go to the world's biggest ski area if you are beginners. Go to a smaller resort where you will find everything in resort (lift pass, ski hire etc) to be a lot cheaper.

2. Skiing is dangerous

Although skiing does involve traveling downhill on planks of wood without any breaks, the vast majority of skiers who learn to ski with instructors and ski within their limits will have a happy lifetime of incident free skiing. Yes accidents do sometimes happen, but more often than not ski related accidents are less to do with the actual skiing and more to do with amounts of alcohol consumed and not taking care on icy surfaces etc. If you learn to ski properly, you will also learn to ski safely.

3. The weather is cold and horrible when skiing

Well, yes, the weather is usually cold. And sometimes it can be snowing. That is a fact about holidaying in the mountains in winter. However, when the sun comes out in the mountains there is nothing like it. Alpine sunshine, clear blue skies and temperatures of -5 degrees can certainly feel a lot warmer than a UK winter day when the temperature might be 10 degrees. That is why people come back from ski holidays with sun tans!

4. I won't understand what the ski instructor tells me

Gone are the days when your only choice of ski instructor would be a mustachioed instructor who's only English was "Bend ze Knees". Now there are many progressive English speaking ski schools and independent instructors, indeed there are many excellent British instructors working out in the Alps.

5. If I don't enjoy the skiing, my holiday will be rubbish

If for any reason you don't get on with the skiing side of a skiing holiday, wintering in the Alps is still an excellent experience. Most resorts have plenty of non skiing activities on offer such as dog sledding, snow shoeing, thermal springs, ice diving, para gliding. Plus many alpine resorts are very picturesque and so sightseeing and shopping aren't out of the question.

6. Because of global warming, there won't be much snow

It is true that global warming was blamed for the bad winter of 06/07 in the European Alps. However, this was down mostly to lazy journalists not researching their facts properly. The bad winter that year was down to the weather, and not the climate. Plus, the skiing wasn't actually bad - it just wasn't as good as it could have been.

The last few years have seen some of the best winters for skiing on record. Global warming MAY start to affect European skiing over the next 50 years, but at the moment there is no real evidence that it has started.

7. It is a lot of hassle on a ski holiday

It doesn't have to be any hassle. You can opt for a catered chalet holiday where all you need to do is get yourself to the airport. The rest is taken care of by the chalet hosts. You are picked up at the airport and taken to your chalet, they arrange your lift passes and ski hire, they cook for you, they clean for you and they take you to the slopes every day. Where is the hassle in that?

8. My kids will have problems in French speaking creche/ski schools

Like the point about ski instruction, things have changed a lot in the world of Alpine childcare. Creches and kids' ski school usually have English speaking staff, and it is not unusual to find a number of British kids in classes during the school holidays. Teaching your kids to ski at a young age is one of the greatest gifts you can give them!

9. I don't like mountain food

Nowadays, eating out in ski resorts isn't all about cheese and ham (although there is plenty of that on offer for those who look forward to their annual fondue or raclette). Most resorts now sport a wide variety of restaurants - some with real cosmopolitan ambiance and menus. And if you don't want to eat out every night, a trip to the local supermarket will reveal that the gap between French and British food shopping has narrowed considerably over the last few years.

10. I can't take a baby skiing

Nearly all ski resorts have excellent creche/nanny facilities. And for those people who worry about the cold/altitude etc, don't forget that babies are born in the mountains every year and they do OK!

Hopefully the above will help to dispel the main worries of a nervous first time skier. And if you never try it, you might never know what you are missing!

White-Peak Holidays has a range of self catered and catered ski chalets in Chatel, France

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Carrbridge, Highland is a Beautiful Scottish Ski Resort Area

Carrbridge, Highland is absolutely lovely. This beautiful village is known as the original ski area of Scotland, and it is the first. It is also known for it's many stone bridges. These arched bridges were built in order to accommodate work horses. There are many still standing today.

"Landmark forest adventure park" is a great opportunity for an outing with the kids. There is so much to explore, you are sure to be kept busy all day, and will want to return again, and again. From water coasters to "sky diving" the thrills are sure to please. Here you may climb the tallest fire tower in the country, and meet the Clydesdale horses. The kids are sure to be delighted with all there is to do here.

"Highland wildlife park" is another attraction that is sure to delight young and old alike. Here you will drive your own car through the reserve, watching the wild animals in their own habitat. There are many traditional Scottish animals as well as other exotic, wild animals from aroung the world. They even have a program where you may become "warden for the day", where you may get up close, and help to feed, train and clean the animals. You must be eighteen or over for this one, but what an exciting adventure.

Explore the beauty of the ancient stone bridges that you will find in Carrbridge. Spend the day skiing in one of the finest resorts in this area, followed by a fantastic meal in one of there excellent restaurants. Enjoy the walking trails, or have a picnic. No matter what you choose, you will have a wonderful time while visiting Carrbridge.

A Day Sking in Alpe D'Huez

As is typical of a weeks winter ski holiday with us, I offered the guests one day skiing in Alpe d'Huez. When you buy a 6 day ski pass at Les Deux Alpes you get a couple of days free in Alpe d'Huez. Since the center of the resort is only 25 minutes drive away from our Lodge, it is a nice day trip out and guests get the chance to see the famous cycling 21 hairpin bend climb.

This week Alpe d'Huez and the British Universities Snowsports Council are hosting the Universities ski ans snowboard championships, so the resort was a little crazy with hundreds of students enjoying the fresh snow and sunshine.

Alpe d'Huez, most famous for key cycling stages of the Tour du France is also a fantastic ski resort. It has nice easy return piste to the town center, beautiful satelite villages such as Villard Reculas and Vaujany to explore and suposidly the longest groomed black run in the world. Once away from the often busy main area in front of the resort, you can find hidden tree skiing around Auris, steep moguls from the tunnel and backcounrty routes off the pic Blanc at over 300 meters.

During the summer the famous 21 hairpin climb to the resort is busy with road cyclists trying to get somewhere near Maroc Pantani's record accent of 37mins 37 seconds. On the years when the Tour du France finishes a stage in Alpe d'Huez, this stretch of road is packed with campervans and is said to host up to a quarter of a million spectators.

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Ski in Mendoza - Las Lenas Ski Resort

Enjoy the best holidays in Mendoza and live the adventure at the mountain, now is possible visiting Las Leñas Ski Resort. This mountain center is located at 500 kilometers from the capital city of parks and sweets, with excellent roads that allows to quickly reach to one of the best mountains in Argentina, with excellent slopes, more than 17 thousand of hectares for skiing and all the amenities in its hotels.

Las Leñas is located right in the mountain, in the southern point of Cordillera de Los Andes, and because of this location and altitude, it has one of the best and longest season of the year, from june to october. The base of Las Leñas is at 2200 meters, and the summit elevates over 3400 meters, offering an amazing and unforgettable view of the mountain landscape.

To reach Las Leñas ski resort you have to get to Malargue town, which has an airport at just 90 kilometers from the mountain center. From here, you take a beautiful road through the snow and the hills to enjoy of the best stay, with excellent attention and wonderful summits.

Besides of its privileged weather conditions, the ski slopes in Las Leñas Ski Resort are always in perfect conditions. The mountain counts with 30 artificial snow machines, covering from the base to Eight Tower. The machines count with 25 terrestrial canyons and 5 aerial canyons, and 5 snow tread machines, with capacity to smooth two tracks at the same time.

One of the best things here are the ski slopes. There are 28 tracks to slide, with different levels of difficulty for every kind of skiers, from the beginners to experts, and also 2 thousand of illuminated tracks that can be used for night skiing. The mountain center counts with one of the largest descent which has 7 kilometers for sliding, produced by the join of three main slopes of the mountain, Apolo, Neptuno and Venus, creating one of the most exciting adventures in Las Leñas.

There are special zones for extreme sports in the snow, such as a Terrain Park of 1500 meters, with the best equipment of rails, bumps and jumps. The freestyle lovers count with the Minerva II slope to practice their tricks, while in Minerva chairlift there is the Snowpark of the mountain. Las Leñas also has a place for slalom.

The ski resort counts with 13 elevation media to reach to the slopes and the Extreme Expeditions, where the skiers can get to the best off piste sector of the mountain, with expert guides of the mountain. They also offer classes to learn the freeride technics and for the most adventurous ones, Las Leñas counts with heliski, to access to the most secret and highest sectors of the mountain's summit.

For resting after an exciting day at the mountain, Las Leñas offers the best restaurants to enjoy of the exquisite Mendoza's gastronomy. At the base, inside the hotels located right beside the slopes, there are more than 10 different kinds of meals, from international cooking at the Cuatro Estaciones Restaurant, italian food in Il Legno, the argentinean flavors at the Malbec, and fast food in the Hydra.

Above the mountain and more close to the ski tracks, there are three different restaurants to take a break admiring the landscape of the mountain. Santa Fe is located beside Neptuno chairlift and offers tex-mex food; at Eros II slope is Bistec with its barbecues; and Olympos, outside of Minerva chairlift, counts with fast food, stew and hamburguers.

Another reason to visit Las Leñas Ski Resort is to stay in its excellent hotels. They are the five stars Hotel Piscis, which counts with 90 rooms, Hotel Acuario, in front of chairlifts Urano, Minerva and Caris, offering 116 beds, the elegant Hotel Escorpio, and the incredible Hotels Virgo and Aries. All of them have comfortable rooms and attentions, and also spa service and swimming pools, to relax and enjoy.

For friends and groups who look for a relaxed but comfortable accommodation, there are other lodgings in the mountain, such as Club de Nieve, located at few meters away from Urano ski lift, the apartments at Capricornio Luxury; the apart hotels Atenas, Delphos, Esparta, Corinto and Tebas; and Geminis apart hotel, which also offers a covered swimming pool. All of them offer the best services, full equipment and an exquisite hot chocolate, at the afternoon.

In Las Leñas Ski Resort, you will find thousand ways to live the mountain, for experiencing the best of Mendoza in this snow season.

Mariel Lizana is a chilean journalist expert in Argentina Ski Resorts and writes tourism guide about Las Leñas ski resort hotels and Las Leñas ski packages.

Mariel Lizana - EzineArticles Expert Author

Bansko is No Turkey - Exclusive Audio Review

How does Bulgaria compare to Turkey and other countries for skiing? A personal review from English speaking Serap from Istanbul, Turkey, shows that whilst not everything was perfect, the Bulgarian mountain resort of Bansko can compete with not just Turkish resorts- but more prestigious alpine resorts too.

Serap gives her first impressions of Bansko, making comparisons with Turkish and other resorts, and talks about what she liked the most - and the least.

Of particular note are the Visa requirements for Turkish visitors. A visa to Bulgaria from Turkey only costs €60 per visit but at present is a cumbersome process. This, she believes, seems to be affecting tourism in Bulgaria from Turkish visitors. It's worth noting that there is no visa requirement for passengers originating from other EU countries.

Turkish skiers pay higher prices in Turkey than Bulgaria. In Turkey skiing is still considered the preserve for the wealthy - so Bulgaria's ski and mountain tourism has an important price advantage.

But What About Quality? Serap has high standards. But can Bulgaria and Bansko deliver the ski satisfaction that will bring her back to Bansko?

From airport transfer, to accommodation, lessons, restaurants and service: she believes Bulgaria and Bansko compared favorably to both Austrian and Turkish ski resorts.

She sensibly took advantage of doing her research before traveling to Bulgaria. She avoided the traps. Traps which await the unwary. She used quality transfer operator, and utilized the internet to find accommodation just next to the gondola. She avoided overpriced restaurants and poor exchange rate booths, as well as some in supermarkets those in the know avoid.

But being prepared was the key for a positive first experience. And because of this, she came back again later in the season with her daughter. Being prepared this second time, came in useful in an unexpected way. Her daughter was ill late one evening. But, the doctor's telephone number was at hand. He arrived promptly and found him very capable. She found Bansko to be child friendly, and would have no hesitation in recommending her friends to try Bansko.

As an all round resort many will be arriving for the biggest event of the year, the Bansko Jazz Festival. This annual festival starts on 8th August and runs until the 13th, Bansko could be welcoming record visitors for this free summer event.

Bansko and Bulgaria are destinations for those who are keen for a change whatever the time of year. Like Serap advises... do your research and you could well be coming back for more.

Cerro Chapelco - Ski Looking at Nahuel Huapi Lake

Cerro Bayo Ski Resort is located in Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, inside the argentinean patagonia. It has a boutique style with a personalized attention and the best services in ski, snowboard, slopes and gastronomy.

The ski resort is distinguished by its beautiful natural surroundings, such as a way of 5 kilometers, where you can see the great Nahuel Huapi Lake, and deep forests where the ski tracks go through, and the best powder snow, ideal to practice winter sports.

The base in Cerro Bayo is located at 1050 meters over the level of the sea and the summit of the mountain gets to 1800 meters, with 22 slopes of every levels, from the green ones to beginners and black for experts, plus an off piste ground which starts on 1500 meters of height, crossing virgin forests in the mountain. To reach these ski tracks, Cerro Bayo has 12 elevation media until the 1700 meters of height.

Cerro Bayo has the best tecnology for the safe of its visitors, counting with WI FI service and GPS system to locate children and skiers in off piste grounds. The visitors can also check the status of slopes in their mobile phone through text messages and the ski center has modern passes for the access in the mountain.

There are three places for ski rental,two of them in the base and the third at the 1500 meters, so the visitors don't have to use the elevation media without knowing how to handle their equipment. Cerro Bayo has the Fast Track system, for previous renting of equipment of the best quality and technology.

The ski center also counts with 90 expert instructors for teaching the best techniques in the snow, but there is also a Ski and Snowboard School for skiers of every age and level. The children have their own Kids Club with schools for different ages: Copitos, for children from 4 to 6 years old, Bayitos, for kids from 7 to 12 years and a special freestyle park. Cerro Bayo has also a nursery located on the base of the mountain with inflatable games for children under 4 years old.
To the extreme sportsman, Cerro Bayo has a funny Aeropark, a freestyle zone for ski and snowboard which has two spots: one for beginners, located in the number 18 ski track with bumps and sliders, and a zone for experts, located in the middle of forests, with two lines of bumps and obstacles for skiers of intermediate and expert level. The Aeropark has also a rest area with comfortable sofas for relaxing and listening music in a wonderful landscape.

Other activities

Cerro Bayo has also other activities such as tubbing, a funny activity where you can slide through the mountain in a rubber , alone or with friends, to enjoy all the adrenaline of the snow without any danger. Other alternatives are the walkings in racket in the snow and forests; and Canopy, where the visitors can "fly" over the trees and mountain.

Boutique Style

Cerro Bayo has the best services for its visitors, such as a staff of 20 persons specialized in the attention of the tourist in the mountain. Also has a system of pre-entries which avoids the agglomerations in the base and an excellent web site, where find all the information that you need of the mountain.

Besides of this, it counts with exclusive services such as Space of Regeneration, a place where the visitors can relax with body therapies, stretching and massages, before and after of ski practicing, to get ready for every activity in the mountain.

The ski center also invites to enjoy the exquisite gastronomy of the zone and for this, it counts with different alternatives for every taste, such as Bar Sovia, which is located at the base of the mountain, offering plates of international cooking and delicious desserts, besides animated live spectacles, events and samplings. Other excellent places are Casa Tematyco, to enjoy of different flavors of tea, sandwiches and wines and La Quesoteca, opposite of the main ski slope, which offers fabulous cheeses and wines.

Other places to eat are located at 1500 meters of height in the mountain, where the skiers can take a rest and have an energetic meal during their adventure. Some of them are 180, which offers patagonian plates, Tosh and Tronador, with mountain plates and Point Escorihuela Gascon.

Cerro Bayo has also excellent lodging alternatives in Villa La Angostura, which is located at 85 kilometers away from San Carlos de Bariloche, or in Puerto Manzano, at 7 kilometers away from the center of Villa La Angostura. This village has a mountain style in its architecture and gastronomy, besides of the warmness of its inhabitants, which makes of the visit to Cerro Bayo a wonderful experience, from the dawn to twilight.

Mariel Lizana is an expert journalist in Argentina ski resorts and writes tourism guides about lodgings in Cerro Bayo Ski Resort and Ski Packages in Cerro Bayo.

Mariel Lizana - EzineArticles Expert Author

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