May 2, 2009

Ski Vail - The Largest Ski Area in the USA

Ski Vail the whole winter and probably never ski the same place more than once.

There are many things to do here in Vail, Colorado aside from skiing. Of course, if you went through all the trouble, not to mention saved a fortune, just to make it here, you definitely have to go skiing. This elite mountain resort is arguably the Disney World of ski resorts. But despite all its accolades, all in relation to winter sports, there are many things about this place that you just have to love.

There are many winter activities to choose from that are equally as enjoyable. Perhaps not as thrilling, but enjoyable nevertheless; especially if you're here with your family. Not everyone in your family, particularly the little ones, can be so crazy about skiing. Hence, it would be nice to let them enjoy their stay as well. Some of the activities you can indulge them with are skating, visiting art exhibits, riding the Gondola or a hot air balloon to view breathtaking sights underneath, or simply loitering around in the various upscale cafes. Restaurants offering gourmet foods from different cultures dot the town, so you might want to dine out at different spots every night.

If you want them to try out more adventurous activities, you can take them to the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola for on-mountain activities such as ski biking and kid snowmobiling. But for the ultimate fun-filled family bonding activity, nothing beats catching a tube together. This mountain resort offers the best tubing facilities you've ever tried.

For those who just keep on itching to hold a golf club the whole year round, you can avail of the golf swing analysis machine at the Vail Golf Club. This is done indoors of course. Those looking for a more laid back activity can also enjoy the services of a European style luxury day spa at Allegria Spa. Other recommended spa services can be found in Marriot Mountain Resort, Spa Struck, Vail Plaza Hotel & Club, Holiday Inn, Heaven Massage and Spa, & Sonnenalp Resort. These spas offer different kinds of therapeutic services.

There are more things to see every year. This year for example, a spiral shaped ice sculpture measuring 28 feet across and commemorating the fact that Colorado was once beneath a prehistoric sea was shaped. So the next time you plan for your ultimate winter experience in this ski resort, remember that there are other things aside from skiing that you and your family can try out.

Vail Colorado has a lot going for it. Summer sports and activities, and of course the largest skiing area in the whole United States. When you ski Vail CO you'll be spending lots of time in powder snow you haven't been over before. For the latest information on Vail, go to: This quality website has info about Vail lodging, rentals, restaurants, Lionshead and many other interesting facts.

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