May 2, 2009

Ski in Mendoza - Las Lenas Ski Resort

Enjoy the best holidays in Mendoza and live the adventure at the mountain, now is possible visiting Las Leñas Ski Resort. This mountain center is located at 500 kilometers from the capital city of parks and sweets, with excellent roads that allows to quickly reach to one of the best mountains in Argentina, with excellent slopes, more than 17 thousand of hectares for skiing and all the amenities in its hotels.

Las Leñas is located right in the mountain, in the southern point of Cordillera de Los Andes, and because of this location and altitude, it has one of the best and longest season of the year, from june to october. The base of Las Leñas is at 2200 meters, and the summit elevates over 3400 meters, offering an amazing and unforgettable view of the mountain landscape.

To reach Las Leñas ski resort you have to get to Malargue town, which has an airport at just 90 kilometers from the mountain center. From here, you take a beautiful road through the snow and the hills to enjoy of the best stay, with excellent attention and wonderful summits.

Besides of its privileged weather conditions, the ski slopes in Las Leñas Ski Resort are always in perfect conditions. The mountain counts with 30 artificial snow machines, covering from the base to Eight Tower. The machines count with 25 terrestrial canyons and 5 aerial canyons, and 5 snow tread machines, with capacity to smooth two tracks at the same time.

One of the best things here are the ski slopes. There are 28 tracks to slide, with different levels of difficulty for every kind of skiers, from the beginners to experts, and also 2 thousand of illuminated tracks that can be used for night skiing. The mountain center counts with one of the largest descent which has 7 kilometers for sliding, produced by the join of three main slopes of the mountain, Apolo, Neptuno and Venus, creating one of the most exciting adventures in Las Leñas.

There are special zones for extreme sports in the snow, such as a Terrain Park of 1500 meters, with the best equipment of rails, bumps and jumps. The freestyle lovers count with the Minerva II slope to practice their tricks, while in Minerva chairlift there is the Snowpark of the mountain. Las Leñas also has a place for slalom.

The ski resort counts with 13 elevation media to reach to the slopes and the Extreme Expeditions, where the skiers can get to the best off piste sector of the mountain, with expert guides of the mountain. They also offer classes to learn the freeride technics and for the most adventurous ones, Las Leñas counts with heliski, to access to the most secret and highest sectors of the mountain's summit.

For resting after an exciting day at the mountain, Las Leñas offers the best restaurants to enjoy of the exquisite Mendoza's gastronomy. At the base, inside the hotels located right beside the slopes, there are more than 10 different kinds of meals, from international cooking at the Cuatro Estaciones Restaurant, italian food in Il Legno, the argentinean flavors at the Malbec, and fast food in the Hydra.

Above the mountain and more close to the ski tracks, there are three different restaurants to take a break admiring the landscape of the mountain. Santa Fe is located beside Neptuno chairlift and offers tex-mex food; at Eros II slope is Bistec with its barbecues; and Olympos, outside of Minerva chairlift, counts with fast food, stew and hamburguers.

Another reason to visit Las Leñas Ski Resort is to stay in its excellent hotels. They are the five stars Hotel Piscis, which counts with 90 rooms, Hotel Acuario, in front of chairlifts Urano, Minerva and Caris, offering 116 beds, the elegant Hotel Escorpio, and the incredible Hotels Virgo and Aries. All of them have comfortable rooms and attentions, and also spa service and swimming pools, to relax and enjoy.

For friends and groups who look for a relaxed but comfortable accommodation, there are other lodgings in the mountain, such as Club de Nieve, located at few meters away from Urano ski lift, the apartments at Capricornio Luxury; the apart hotels Atenas, Delphos, Esparta, Corinto and Tebas; and Geminis apart hotel, which also offers a covered swimming pool. All of them offer the best services, full equipment and an exquisite hot chocolate, at the afternoon.

In Las Leñas Ski Resort, you will find thousand ways to live the mountain, for experiencing the best of Mendoza in this snow season.

Mariel Lizana is a chilean journalist expert in Argentina Ski Resorts and writes tourism guide about Las Leñas ski resort hotels and Las Leñas ski packages.

Mariel Lizana - EzineArticles Expert Author

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