May 2, 2009

Castor Mountain - Ski at the End of the World

Located in a dream place, Castor Mountain Ski Resort is the most exclusive winter center of Argentina, located at the south hill of the mountain, where is protected to the winds and its excellent snow can be compared to the snow in Moscu, Russia.

The ski tracks in Castor Mountain counts with the best preparation for winter, and from the 600 meters above the level of the sea, the ground is planted with grass to retain the snow when the defrost starts. In its 600 hectares, the ski resort has 24 ski runs and a snowpark, with a slope of 800 meters.

In Castor Mountain, everyone can learn the winter sports. It counts with a team of 60 instructors to teach ski and snowboard in individual or collective classes, or also more extreme styles, like ski off piste and mountain guides service, where the students will learn rescue techniques and risk management.

For children, Castor Mountain offers a Ski School until 12 years old. There are also a Snow Kindergarden for kids from 3 to 5 years old and an excellent nursery for babies from 2 months old to two years old, located in front of the ski runs.

Because of its features, Castor Mountain offers one of the longest ski season, going from june to the middle of octuber, with enough snow to practice ski and snowboard, always at -5 degrees to 5 degrees.

Castor Mountain is also the ski resort most visited by international ski teams, who train in its excellent ski tracks, with perfect snow. To guarantee this, the mountain counts with 10 canyons to generate artificial snow from the 480 meters to the base, so the thickness in the soil is always the ideal one.

It has the best ski lifts, with capacity to carry 2700 passengers, and the ski runs together have a length of 24 kilometers.

Castor Mountain also counts with Castor Ski Lodge, a wonderful lodging with 15 cabins, full equipped with services and amenities like bathrooms with hydro massage, living with chimney and satellital television, with different capacities depending on the number of passengers, from two to ten people.

In the mountain you can also enjoy of the exquisite gastronomy of Patagonia, with excellent restaurants such as Morada del Aguila, the place of the after ski, which is located in Villa Castor at the base of the mountain, with the patagonian lamb as its specialty. Snowbar is a coffee shop that is also in the base, with capacity for 80 people. Parador Cota 480 is distinguished by its delicious sweet preparations, buffet service and desserts and also its Sushi Bar. Parador La Barra is highest in the mountain, at 600 meters and exclusive for skiers.

Besides of these excellent services, Castor Mountain is located at just 26 kilometers away from Ushuaia, offering the possibility to visit the city and its lodgings, restaurant, artisan fairs and different activities. Discover Castor Mountain and the heights at the southernmost point of the world.

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