May 2, 2009

Bulgaria Ski Packages - Are You Getting Your Moneys Worth?

Bulgaria ski packages really are starting to come to the forefront of ski holidays in Europe. Both markets for long holidays and short breaks, first time skiers and seasoned veterans are catered for everyone looking for something a little different from the norm. Bulgaria ski packages could be the ideal option if you're suffering the winter blues or just want to go somewhere where the snow is a fine powder, the sun never disappears and the air is as crisp as nature intended.

When you add all these things up, it doesn't take a genius to realize why Bulgaria is fast emerging as a popular ski-ing destination with amazingly cheap prices on their ski holidays. Compared to strong contenders such as Italy, France and Switzerland, Ski resort prices in Bulgaria are more than competitively priced.

If you're concerned that the overall "presence" of Bulgaria isn't quite what you imagined, then you might be right, but not in the way you think. Gorgeous landscapes, friendly locals and some of the cheapest prices for food and drink this side of the Atlantic. This amazing combination makes for a country that has others talking and raising it's profile at a phenomenal rate. Yet luckily for the holiday maker, this raised profile hasn't raised the prices.

Never been on a skiing holiday before? Not a problem as Bulgaria ski packages can be individually tailored from absolute beginners enrolling in a ski school, learning the equipment and the green slopes, intermediates wanting to brush up on their developing skills on the blue slopes, all the way up to seasoned ski-ers looking for fun and challenging ski-ing on the advanced slopes.

Bulgaria ski packages are easily affordable for ski-ers, food and drink is incredibly cheap and you will always be greeted with kind and welcoming staff and locals alike. If you have any inclination of taking a short break ski-ing in Europe then Bulgaria should certainly be at the top of your list.

NOTE: Right now there is an incredible offer for a 2/3 day break in a premium Bulgarian Ski Resort for less than 50 quid!. Not a bad offer, but when you get free flights, transport AND accomodation it becomes UNBEATABLE!

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See you on the slopes, Darren.

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