May 2, 2009

Chapelco Mountain, Magical Snow Forest

This wonderful ski resort is located at 21 kilometers from the picturesque and beautiful city of San Martin de los Andes, inside mountains Chapelco and counting with forests in the middle of the ski runs, so you can ski through trees covered with lichens, like magical veils that decorate the snow.

San Martin de los Andes zone has all the charms of a patagonian city, with the exquisite gastronomy and its specialties such as chocolates, lamb, deer, jabali among others; and a exuberant andean flora, with species of trees such as pine, cypress, rauli and ├▒ires, most of them inside of the incredible Lanin National Park.

Located at 2000 meters above the level of the sea and with a base at 1250 meters, in Chapelco Mountain there is snow during the whole winter, so you can practice white sports from the beginning of season.

The ski resort counts with 140 skiable hectares and 29 ski tracks for every level, being the longest of them of 5,6 kilometers. The beginners slope has 20 degrees of inclination, which rises until get to the 45 degrees in the black and red ski tracks, for expert skiers.

One of the main attractions of Chapelco Mountain are its ski lifts and the lift cabin, for six passengers, which ascends to 1600 meters. There are another eleven lifts to get to every ski track in the mountain.

Chapelco Mountain also has an excellent base, where the visitors can find the best restaurants with exquisite patagonian specialties, stores, rental of ski and snowboard equipments, drugstore and a free parking area. It counts with a Kindergarten too, for children from 3 months to 6 years old.

The ski resort is not just the perfect place to practice ski in every of its styles or walking in the snow. Chapelco also has a Snowboard park, located in the highest part of the mountain, with all the needed bumps and obstacles for parallel slalom, big air, half pipe, among others.

The mountain offers the ideal excuse to enjoy of gastronomy, counting with three excellent restaurants, besides the restaurants of the nearby hotels and lodgings. La Base restaurant has a warm environment with two chimneys and capacity for 240 passengers. The coffee shop Abuela Goye is distinguished by its delicious cakes, infusions and sandwiches and at 1600 meters above the level of the sea, there is the Antulauquen restaurant, with variety of menus and the best view of the mountain, for 400 people.

Chapelco Mountain has many entertainments not only in winter time. During the summer there are canopy, mountain bike in a Bike Park, Mini golf court, Archery, horseback riding and an exciting andean tobogan, which descends 800 meters from the 1700 meters of height, through ski track Los Pioneros.

Other activities for the most adventurer ones are trekking, mini quads circuits in quadricycles through paths inside the forests, climb through nets and bridges in the trees and ascensions to Lanin volcano, Lacar lake and the Villarrica and Choshuenco Chilean volcanoes.

Enjoy the beauty of Andean forest and the adventure with the best facilities and amenities in Chapelco Mountain Ski Resort.

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