May 2, 2009

Carrbridge, Highland is a Beautiful Scottish Ski Resort Area

Carrbridge, Highland is absolutely lovely. This beautiful village is known as the original ski area of Scotland, and it is the first. It is also known for it's many stone bridges. These arched bridges were built in order to accommodate work horses. There are many still standing today.

"Landmark forest adventure park" is a great opportunity for an outing with the kids. There is so much to explore, you are sure to be kept busy all day, and will want to return again, and again. From water coasters to "sky diving" the thrills are sure to please. Here you may climb the tallest fire tower in the country, and meet the Clydesdale horses. The kids are sure to be delighted with all there is to do here.

"Highland wildlife park" is another attraction that is sure to delight young and old alike. Here you will drive your own car through the reserve, watching the wild animals in their own habitat. There are many traditional Scottish animals as well as other exotic, wild animals from aroung the world. They even have a program where you may become "warden for the day", where you may get up close, and help to feed, train and clean the animals. You must be eighteen or over for this one, but what an exciting adventure.

Explore the beauty of the ancient stone bridges that you will find in Carrbridge. Spend the day skiing in one of the finest resorts in this area, followed by a fantastic meal in one of there excellent restaurants. Enjoy the walking trails, or have a picnic. No matter what you choose, you will have a wonderful time while visiting Carrbridge.

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