May 1, 2009

Galapagos Vacations

The Galapagos Islands are a group of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, 970Km West of Ecuador. It is a world heritage area with wildlife found on the islands that doesn't exist anywhere else on the planet. In times gone by the Islands were very difficult to get to however, Galapagos vacations have become a reality in recent times due to the tour operators meeting the demand for cruises and tours around the area.

The theory of evolution was inspired by visits to the Island by Charles Darwin. There are 13 main Islands and your Galapagos vacation could take you around most of them.

Wild life is abundant in the area; everything from giant tortoise to iguana can be seen roaming around the islands as well as hundreds of species that are unique to the Galapagos Islands.

The weather on the islands varies depending upon the time of year you visit. For example June to November will bring a comfortable temperature of 22 ºC, whereas May to December brings a much higher temperature of 26 ºC. Heavy rains can occur in the rainy season which is effected by the El Nino phenomenon.

A Galapagos vacation will more than likely come with all the trimmings and luxuries of any other cruise except with the addition of seeing this bizarre place in the middle of the Pacific. You can expect to see things that very few people have ever seen and experience this exciting, remote environment.

A tour around the Galapagos Islands isn't for everyone. It is a destination like no other and an adventure like nothing you have ever seen. The whole family will enjoy it. Your accommodation will be the luxury ship that brought you there and you will likely be able to book excursions around the islands.

The ship will be fully stocked with everything you need and will be luxury accommodation. The ships that cruise around the Galapagos Islands are usually smaller ships with a smaller number of crew making for a friendlier, more family like atmosphere. Instead of formal dining you will likely have a BBQ.

There will usually be a specialist on board, supplied by the cruise operator, a naturalist who will be an expert on the animals and plants on the islands. This guide is an invaluable asset who can show you the best the islands have to offer, be sure to utilize them to the maximum. They love their subject matter and love to talk about it so ask as many questions as you like.

The Galapagos Islands are undoubtedly one of the strangest and interesting destinations on the planet and up until recent years were inaccessible to most people. The invention of Galapagos vacations has brought the Galapagos Islands easily within reach of the masses.

Steven owns and runs a Cruise lines review and information site. Celebrity cruise lines travel to the Galapagos Islands as part of their standard cruise packages.

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