July 4, 2009

Holiday Park Accommodation - 5 Great Holiday Park Benefits

Enjoy a fabulous New Zealand summer in the sun within a relaxed and social park like atmosphere. You will discover an array of benefits to this accommodation option, including the following five.

1. Fantastic Value for Money
Local New Zealand providers offer a range of accommodation options at affordable prices to suit every budget. Lots of holiday park providers have membership programmes that reward loyalty. If you choose to stay at other associated sites across the country you can receive accommodation discounts and save on various other travel services such as train and ferry transport, which your provider has affiliations with.

2. Quality Accommodation and Facilities
A full range of quality camping and motel style facilities, depending on the accommodation option you choose, are available to all travellers. A useful advantage of holiday parks, (especially for families) is the convenience of having access to an on-site kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities in one central location.

3. Range of Accommodation Options
Holiday Park providers offer travellers a wide choice of options to suit every preference and budget. Your choice of accommodation includes: powered and un-powered campground sites, tent sites, camper van / motor home sites, cabins and motel units. Prices will vary according to the provider, number of people you wish to accommodate and lodging style you decide upon.

4. Activities & Recreational Resources
A great advantage for families is the space and children's playground areas that are commonly found and appreciated at holiday parks. Most sites provide a range of recreational resources such as a pool and BBQ area. Depending on where in the country you are staying, activities such as beach / bush walks, fishing, water sports and town excursions are generally within driving or walking distance.

5. Social & Friendly Environment
New Zealand holiday park owner / operators can offer a great deal of information about their local region and the tourist hot spots to visit; such as the best places to eat and drink. The campground environment is also an ideal way to meet other domestic and international travellers.

There is no better way to experience a unique Kiwi holiday then staying at one of the numerous holiday park providers found across the country.

Kiwi Holiday Parks - Camping in NZ

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