December 16, 2009

The Best Places to Visit in Mexico With a Yacht Charter

Mexico is known for its warm hospitality and its ancient culture. It is steeped in history and has a colorful vibrancy about it that can leave nobody untouched. The food, culture, architecture and traditions here are all unique and can be quite an experience for someone who has never been here before, a feast for all the senses.

Some of the best places to visit in Mexico are along the coast of Sea of Cortez, there are plenty of beautiful beaches, ports and quaint fishing villages here that can make any holiday a dream vacation. Mexico has so many islands and beaches that perhaps to include them all in your holiday the best way would be through a Mexico yacht charter. A yacht charter Mexico would allow you to go island hopping everyday, enjoying a different beach everyday.

Some of the best locations in Mexico are:

* La Paz- La Paz is classic Mexico, old world charm, upscale fashion and a laid back lifestyle. There are plenty of road side cafes and restaurants here, perfect for an evening coffee. The beach here provides a stunning view of the landscape, the bright blue waters against the red cliffs.

* Isla Partida- this beautiful island is one of the most stunning islands in Mexico. There are plenty of things to be done here including water sports, swimming, snorkeling and diving. The reefs, seals, sharks and the manta rays in the waters here make it a perfect location for scuba diving.

* Puerto Vallarta- Puerto Vallarta is one of the liveliest and the most sophisticated towns in Mexico. The city is surrounded by wooded hills on one side and the stunning bay on the other side. The beaches here are stunning with white sand and clear waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

* Acapulco- Acapulco is a round the clock party place, one of the most vibrant places in Mexico. The beaches here have golden sand and are dotted with pubs and cafes. There are several architectural attractions and museums here too for those who are interested in exploring the history and culture of Mexico.

* Manzanillo- Manzanillo is a busy port town that is fast becoming a tourism hub. The golden beaches here are perfect for spending a day relaxing in the sun. There are several nightclubs, pubs and restaurants here to enjoy the nightlife.

* Mazatlan- Mazatlan is a unique destination as a historic town and a popular beach destination. The old town of the city is marvelously charming with its cobbled streets, narrow alleys lined with historic old buildings and small restaurants that serve amazing food. The beach here is one of the most famous beaches in Mexico and there are several museums and architectural wonders here that are basked in ancient history.

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