December 16, 2009

Discover the Croatian Coastline With a Yacht Charter

Europe is known mainly for its history, culture, architecture, art and food. Some of the most famous countries and probably the most visited ones are France, Italy and England. Croatia has still managed to remain a haven without the touristy crowds, and this is probably not many people yet knows of the surprises that lay hidden on the Croatian coastline.

A yacht charter Croatia would probably be the best way to explore this vast coastline since there as so many islands and ports that it is not possible to visit them all except for sea travel. And if you are considering a Croatia yacht charter the best thing to do would be to begin with Venice in Italy.

Venice is different things to different people, it is a cacophony of sounds, colors, tastes and smells that can mystify and enchant anyone. Everyone probably knows of the famous gondolas and the romantic atmosphere of the city and it certainly stands up to its reputation. Every street, every café and every building here would take you by surprise and so it is highly recommended that you start here.

Along the coastline in Croatia, the Mediterranean fishing village of Rovinj is a beautiful place to watch the fishermen bring in their catch every morning. The wooded hills and the narrow pedestrian streets here serve as good places to stroll on the sunny afternoons.

The Brijuni Islands which are a part of the National Park of Brijuni are known for its stunning beauty. All of these islands have picture perfect beaches, most of which are deserted and thus can be the perfect locations for a day picnic. Since there are so many islands here that a Croatian yacht charter can be the best possible way to visit them all.

The ancient town of Zadar is a must visit for anyone. This ancient roman town still has plenty of Roman ruins, medieval churches and buildings and some interesting museums. The old town of Zadar is surrounded by an ancient fortification and the narrow streets with their numerous crowded and colorful shops are a sight not to be missed.

The Kornati National Park along the coastline has several small islands that are exceptionally beautiful. The sea here has some stunning reef and a perfect place for diving. The many islands here offer the chance to visitors to just bask in the pleasant sun and do nothing other than just enjoying the natural beauty around.

Split is one of the largest transport hub and the center point for the surrounding locations. The harbor side promenade here is lined with outdoor cafes and restaurants where one can spend an evening watching the sunset. The Diocletian's Palace here is a World heritage site and is one of the major landmarks here.

Croatia's coastline is one of the most beautiful ones in Europe, surrounded by hills that are covered with woods, glistening waterfalls, beautiful islands and fishing villages.

If you considering visiting the coastline here through yacht charter Croatia, you may want to visit these links to see how to get a Croatian yacht charter.

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