December 16, 2009

Best Places For Backpacking in India

Introduction to backpacking

India is one of the cheapest places to go backpacking for. The tourism is continually rising but even today there are places where you can get accommodation at 100 rupees a day. This only makes India a preferred destination among backpackers. The three basic requirement clothing, shelter and food are absolutely manageable and easily affordable here. For these practical reasons and also owing to the huge publicity it receives as being a land of rich culture, heritage and traditions, India easily lures hundreds of backpackers every year.

There Is Enough to See In India for Years

India is a huge country. Not just in size but also from tourism point of view. If you decide to explore the entire nation you would probably have to come back every year for the rest of your life. Culture wise India is very rich and multifaceted. To understand the lifestyle and people here one needs to invest time, money and emotions. There is such a huge contrast in people, language, dressing and values within the same country that most people feel lost yet attached to this place.

Many backpackers come here for spiritual gains. They go and stay in Rishikesh or any other Himalayan settlement and probably never return from there. Some who like to have a feel of all the sides of India design itineraries that cover all the four direction of the country. Backpacking in India for foreign tourists is a cheap affair. Traveling takes time but each journey is a learning experience, a peek into yet another aspect of Indian culture.

Places for backpacking in India

Depending on what whether you are visiting India you can choose your destination accordingly. Or Vice Versa where you want to go and what's the temperature like. Either ways knowing the temperatures makes your trip a lot less hassle. These are a few names mentioned for backpackers to explore. But it does not end here. The options are endless.

New Delhi

The capital city New Delhi has an extreme climate. Summers are long and hot, winters last 3-4 months and are very cold. It doesn't snow here but the temperatures go as low as 0 degrees. As far as tourist attractions go Delhi is a huge city and has many types of entertainment activities for everyone. It also offers adventure sports and great sight seeing places. Delhi is an urban city with shopping malls and star rated hotels.

The culture is cosmopolitan and can suit even foreigners. Delhi is also a city of thugs where you never know who might con you. So when here give priority to your safety. Other things to do while here are shop at Janpath or Rajori bazaar, eat at chandni chowk or paranthe wali gali or see the red fort or India gate.


Mumbai climate is humid due to the sea. It never gets too hot or too cold here. Monsoons come earlier here and end late. Mumbai is the commercial hub of the country. It is cosmopolitan and absolutely a tourist's favorite. There are many excursions from Mumbai like Ajanta and Ellora caves, Aksa Beach, Pune etc. In Mumbai you can visit the famous siddhi vinayak temple, shop at linking road, Crawford market or Fashion Street. Take a taxi ride on the Bombay-worli sea link or enjoy the chatpata food of Juhu Chopati.


Summers here are humid and temperatures exceed 40 degrees. Winters are short but extremely chilly and rainfall is moderate. Calcutta is a land of artists, literati and revolutionaries. It also has rich spiritual wealth. There is a strong influence of Romans, British and Moghuls. There are many historical monuments of tourist attractions and several adventure activities that you can indulge in. The China town, Howrah Bridges, tiffany's pub is very famous here. Calcutta is also place where coffee-houses are quiet an old trend.


Shimla is a cold place and has moderate warm weather. Snowfall occurs in December. The places to see in Shimla are the summer hill, Annadale, Christ church, Kufri, Kasauli and many more. There are hostels in shimla especially for backpackers. You can go trekking and camping in the Shimla Hills. You can also shop for handmade shoes, dolls, woollen caps, carved wooden sticks, toys in the Shimla Mall.

Things to carry in backpack

Here is a master list things which you can refer to if you plan for a backpacking trip. These few essential things can make your backpacking trip very easy.

• A route map which gives you locations of petrol pumps and toll booths. But this is a personal choice as backpackers generally like to discover places as and when they reach there. A big marker to keep a check on the places covered or any important notes to make. Lots of plain paper and cardboards and paper clips.
• Keep a small foldable umbrella with you. A large towel, toiletry, liquid peppermint soap, toilet paper, deospray.
• A sleeping bag, waterproof compression sack.
• Warm clothes: 3-4 t-shirts, lots of socks and under garments, a jacket, wind cheater, warm woolen leggings, 2 pairs of jeans, sneakers, flip flops, chewing gum, peppermints, water bottle, drinks, books, pack of cards.
• First-aid kit, sewing kit
• Torch, camera, iPod, CD player.
• Your cell phone.

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  1. In India, You can easily get accommodation as per your budget. And this only makes India a preferred destination among backpackers. Culture wise It is very rich and multifaceted. That's the reason, Every year a huge number of Indian and global tourists plan their trip for this country and take help of travel agents to book their
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