April 13, 2009

Planning Family Holidays

A family holiday means enjoying holiday with your family, kids or close relatives.

Though proper planning is required in almost any kind of tour and travel, special care should be taken while venturing out for a vacation with your family members. While the number of places to be visited is important, attention must be given to the duration of rest between long travels and the diets everybody is taking during the tours.

The group must be led by one capable person who can take best decisions. Generally this can be done by the eldest and the fittest one in the group. Before you start packing for the planned vacation make a list of items that may be needed during the vacation tour. Try to keep your luggage as small as possible. Things which are readily available anywhere and are less priced do not need to be carried from home. While on a vacation, a very important thing is to stay fit. For this to achieve, one has to strictly avoid the foods he/she is not adaptable to. None in the group should compromise with the food quality. It may be better to avoid one or two meals but not to take undesired food. While going on a holiday vacation for a short period, the group may carry some homemade food items which last a long time. Dry fruits, packaged juices, biscuits must be carried with as they are both light and healthy. Since the climatic conditions at the places of visit may be quite different from your home town, always carry some extra clothes. Your children may need them anytime. It is always better to carry some medicines for simple ailments like cough, cold, fever, pain etc.

Out of the places to visit, parents must consider the interests of their kids too. Places like hill stations, old monuments shall definitely cause boredom to the young kids who look for some fun. A visit to the zoo, a water park or a sports park may be a very good idea to enthuse your kids. The idea is to keep the vacation entertaining for the whole family. It is always best to plan as early as possible once the vacation has been decided. Early planning may help you spent less money on travel. Collect information about the weather conditions, roadmap, means of communication available, hotels etc at the place of visit. Long journeys in trains or vehicles should be avoided as it would make everybody tired. Better break your journeys in to short trips and take enough rest in between. While going on a vacation to sea shores or water bodies, give necessary advices to your kids beforehand.

Carry cash enough to meet the expenses during the vacation but not too much. Carrying ornaments and valuable items should be minimized. Always carry identity cards with you to avoid any kind of untoward incidents at the visiting place.

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By: Dave Saltonstall


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