April 17, 2009

Camping: It's what you are missing

I have written a number of articles on camping. I have because camping is one of those activities that can really bring a family together. I can remember all of the camping trips on went on with my father when my brother and I were just kids. From those trips we learned a great deal from him about living and enjoying the outdoors as well as respecting it and leaving it better off then we found it.

Camping gives you a great starting point or base camp if you will, to venture off into other activities. Many campgrounds allow for various hiking trails, fishing spots, canoeing, and so much more. I have been to campgrounds that even take it a step further with guided tours of the environment that teach you the various wildlife that surrounds you and the vegetation that grows there. I never thought I would find this stuff interesting but it truly is and quite fascinating I might add.

Of course you can do simple day trips for these same tasks, but there is nothing like going on a long hike through the trails at Rickett’s Glenn and returning to your campsite, getting the campfire going, and sitting around with family and friends and talking about the day, what you saw and what you experienced.

Not too soon after the aroma of your dinner (for us its normal barbecued chicken) roasting over the open fire can be smelled from every campsite around. If you have never experienced cooking dinner out in the open over a fire, trust me, you are missing quite a bit.

Later in the evening, when the sun goes down and the crickets come out, it’s marshmallow time. Why for some reason do we as a people only eat marshmallows after roasting them over a fire I will never know, but the kids (and some adults, I won’t mention names) absolutely love it. I believe the kids get more fun out of looking for the perfect stick to put the marshmallows on then the marshmallow itself.

If you are feeling really ambitious you can make that campfire treat that has been around for generations, smores. They are simple to make, in between two graham crackers you will put a piece of chocolate and a roasted gooey marshmallow. Trust me they create a sugar rush unlike anything you have ever had.

These activities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what camping brings to the table. I have stories that I could write a book about and I am sure, once you get your family into camping, you will too. Would you like to make some extra money writing about your camping experience? You can join Bukisa today and start earning residual income on every article that you write about camping.


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