April 17, 2009

Cheap Ski Vacations

Skiing is no longer just a sport for the wealthy. Although ski vacations have a bad rap for being overly expensive, there are now many ways you can find less expensive options for you and your family without having to spend a fortune on tickets, lodging and equipment. Cheap ski vacations often still offer you beautiful scenery, warm and quiet lodging and great ski slopes and classes, you just may have to do a little research to find these great deals. If you learn some of the following tips, you and your family will be well on your way to the perfect ski vacation!

As with most deals in life, the best way to find yourself a quality ski vacation on a budget is sufficient planning. Although the internet will provide you with a wealth of options for finding great deals, you do have to be careful and make sure all of the deals are legit. The best advice for finding the perfect deal is to become friendly with a good travel agent. Ask your friends and co-workers if they have any reputable recommendations for you. Make sure to treat your travel agent well. Send your travel agents cards and small gifts on holidays and be sure to send a thank you when they go above and beyond. Travel agents find out about great packages and deals right when they become available and they also have access to the deals that aren’t available directly to the general public. Although you may have only thought to use a travel agent for cheap Disney vacation packages or booking cruises in the past, they can also be your best connection to deals on ski packages too!

Another way to save money on your ski vacation is to build a relationship with the desk staff at the resort you usually stay at. Like travel agents, the desk staff will know about deals that the resort has before the general public and will be able to give you tips on how to take advantage of these great deals. The more you stay at one resort, the more they will be likely to give you advanced notice on upcoming specials and events. They may even be able to give you access to a frequent traveler’s discount club if one is offered at the resort. If you and your family frequent the slopes, then this may be a great option for you to save money in the long run.

If you are traveling to the slopes with a large family and don’t think that a good travel agent or frequent traveler discount will save you enough money to make your vacation a reality, then you may want to consider planning your trip for a ski resort that isn’t in one of the most popular locations like Colorado or the Alps which will cost you a lot more. One place that has fantastic ski slopes with all the amenities but without the crazy cost is Michigan. You may not have realized this, but Michigan is quickly becoming one of the most popular, family friendly places to ski without the high cost. Michigan offers award winning service and more than 40 different ski resorts for every type of skier from the beginner to the champion skier. They also cater to families and offer many programs for children ages three and up, so no one will miss out on the fun.

Planning the perfect ski vacation doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! Although ski resorts have a bad reputation for costing an arm and a leg to enjoy, there are many methods you can utilize that will save you enough money to make this dream vacation possible. Before you give up on this dream, look into great travel agents, discount clubs and less expensive ski resorts and see if they don’t help you hit the slopes in no time! For more information on how to save money on your vacation, visit http://www.topcheapvacations.com.


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