April 17, 2009

Keep Your digital camera or digital video camera with power all the time When Needed

This has happened to me many times.When on a vacation and you brought your digital camera or digital video camera to take pictures or videos of you and or your family on vacation and your camera loses its power and the battery needs to be recharged and you are not near your battery recharger.

Before going on vacation or going on any special occasion and you bring your digtal camera.Go to the store and buy a couple more batteries for your digital camera.Charge all of the batteries up and keep them on you at all times.Then when 1 battery goes dead,you have a couple of charged backup batteries to use.

Or if you are at your hotel room or wherever you are staying at and you are going to be going out for the day with your family.Charge all those batteries up the day before.That way you will have constant use of your digital camera.


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