April 17, 2009

Holy Week: Vacation plus Suffering

It's been 8 days since I went home, to my province, because of Holy Week. Hope to spent more time with my family and friends. But because of duty call, I have to return to my place. Well, same routine, for me it's so boring. I wake up early, go to office, after work I go home, eat while watching TV and sleep. I don't know how will it change.

So now, looking back when I'm in Bicol (my province) where you can find the Mayon Volcano which is known for having a perfect cone. So simple place, I love the fresh air and having a simple living there is what some people are looking for. Our home is near in sea area that's why when summer season the air is warm and I always feel sleepy (I don't like cold places). In those 8 days we spent there I'm so thankful 'coz the weather is fine, actually it's hot. But I love it, most of the time we're out. We went to this place called Kawa Kawa (shape like a big cooking pan), located above the hill. Actually it's sa sacred place. you'll see the Station Of The Cross, the statue is like a human size. Filipinos are know for being religious and Station of the Cross is one way to follow Jesus Christ in his passion and to see ourselves mirrored in him. That's why climbing up in the hill with the heat of the sun burning your skin is a courageous experienced, suffering a little will not kill you.

But after the vacation, I see myself in the Bus Terminal again. What else, me and my sis have to take 12hrs for a road trip. Yeah! 12 long hours on the road. Nice thing because we enjoy the sounds inside the bus. Oh! I remember, while we're on our way to Manila, we get pissed off. Because one of the bus take over us, and the worst part is the smoke coming from the muffler is so dark and almost block our way. So the driver go to slow down. It takes almost 1 hour for us to get over with that smoke belching bus. I almost curse the bus owner because of not checking their property.

And now, we're heading to Manila, we see the skyscrapes buildings, busy people going to work and the loud noise of the cars. The only thing that I like it here in Manila is if you want to have fun. Everywhere you look cost a lot of money. The shopping malls, restaurant, beautiful houses, and a lot of modernize things you'll find it here. Thanks to the modern technology, like what most of the architect does, mechanical drawings help their job to make it easier and faster.

But for me, staying here is not really tough. I'm used to these place. I start loving it. With the liberated people and these crowded place, I'm gonna learn a lot and I must be clever enough to deal with these people.


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