April 25, 2009

Pitching Your Camping Tent

If you have gone on a family camping trip and found out that you made some bad choices when it comes to pitching your tent, here are some things to remember. Things you will want to do include placing your tent in a flat dry area preferably on a slight incline to provide runoff if it rains. We pitched our family camping tents in a low area one time and it came up that night and rained. We found ourselves in a puddle and had to evacuate to our friend's van. The wind blew and finally our camping tent collapsed. The next morning we packed up our soggy tent and placed it in the back of our pickup. The camper next door came over and said "sure glad I wasn't sleeping in that tent last night". We had to control ourselves from exploding into laughter as we realized this man didn't know that he was talking to the people that had been sleeping in that tent.

Be sure that there are no rocks, branches or other objects that would prove to be uncomfortable to lie on or might puncture your tent. Position the opening away from the wind to keep you warm. If you are unsure of the wind direction, throw something lightweight into the air and see which way it goes. Always drive tent stakes in very good and tie lines as if you thought it was going to storm. Make sure the area you pick does not have a tree above with loose limbs, as they could fall on your tent. Keep your tent clean and crumb free, crumbs attract ants and bugs.

There are many things to consider when selecting backpacking tents. First and probably the most important is to find lightweight and compact backpacking tents. The fabric that your tent is made of should be nylon. There are three-season tents and four-season tents. Three season tents are the most popular and are great spring, summer, or fall. Four season tents are designed for heavy snow conditions for those extreme hikers, bikers, hunters and outdoorsmen. If you travel very far on you backpacking trip you will definitely notice the difference a few pounds can make.

Also it is very important that your backpacking tents keep you warm and comfortable. Keeping warm and dry in your tent helps reduce stress and gives you confidence when are sleeping. Knowing that when you get up to start your trip the next morning you will be fresh, alert and full of vital energy. What is a person tent? This is a fancy name for a tent that typically holds anywhere from 1-7 people. There is an A-frame style and a dome style. The A-frame is suitable for up to 3 persons because of the limited space it has. A dome tent is the best choice for many individuals.

If you are looking for a specific size and you know how many people you are wanting to accommodate, then by categorizing the tent as a person tent, you can find what you are looking with a person tent.

Choosing the right camping tent or backpacking tent can be the foundation for a great vacation. -Brenda Fought (Camping Enthusiast)

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