April 25, 2009

Hiking Outdoors & Hiking Equipment - The New Trend of Family Tents and Pop-Up Tents

Because of a shift in the world's economy, people are being forced to tap into their creativity and talents to make do in areas they once took for granted. Less people are traveling and taking the lavish vacations that they once took. Families are staying closer to home and are opting for camping trips and nearby vacation spots. Because of this, there are new trends that are emerging as the "In thing" to do.

One such activity that has emerged is family camping. And because many more families are opting to camp, the trend of family tents has become huge. The sales of family tents have skyrocketed since Spring 2009. Family tents are tents large enough to sleep an entire family - many as large as 12 people at one time. Some of the leading tent manufacturers are names like Eureka!, Coleman, Big Agnes, Chinook, Wenzel, Sunncamp, and many more.

How to Choose a Good Family Tent

The general rule is to choose a family tent that is 1-2 people more than your family size. If you have 5 members in your family, you should get a 6-8 person tent or larger. Give yourself ample room move around, especially on an inclement day. There are also tents with privacy flaps to insure total privacy.

Get a tent that is light enough for you to mobilize when you go on your next trip.

Make sure you purchase a tent that you will be able to set-up and take down. Although most tents are relatively simple to set up, some are a little harder (technical) than others. Get something that you feel you can tackle without becoming frustrated. There are tents that are called "Pop-Up Tents" that are very easy to set up and take down. These tend to be a little smaller to the larger family tents but they are very durable and work really well with small sized families.

For a variety of 2-persons, 3-persons, 4-persons, 5-persons, 6-persons, 7+-persons tents and screen tents, visit the Hiking Outdoors & Hiking Equipment Store. It is good to set your price range first and then see how much tent you can get for your money. They will all give you and your family a weekend to remember!

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