April 25, 2009

How to Take Your First Family Camping Adventure

Like I said, you are ready for that family camping adventure, and wow there are so many decisions to be made. What will you do?

Of course there are multiple choices. If you look for economy or want to start out close to nature, either camping under the stars or tent camping will be your best bet. Choose your tent wisely by the season you will be doing most of your camping in. you can control the temperature in your tent by the color of tent you buy. Oh, don't forget the sleeping bags, a tarp and something to put outside the door to scrape your feet on. That way most of the dirt won't end up in the tent with you.

If you have already decided you would like something more substantial, you will probably want to go shopping for a travel trailer, fifth wheel camper, toy hauler, any of the multiple classes of motor homes or a bus. You will want to take inventory of what you already have. For instance, if you buy a travel trailer or any camper on wheels, do you have a vehicle big enough to pull it? If you don't you will also have to purchase that too.

While you are looking at all the choices, you will fall in love with almost every one you see for one reason or another Shop wisely and choose something your family will get the best use out of. Only you and your family can make that final decision because you know what you will be using it for.

But alas, if you and yours just absolutely can't make up your mind no matter how hard you try, yet you really do want to get that first family camping adventure underway, your problem can be solved with a trip or a phone call to your favorite RV/Recreational Vehicle dealer to make arrangements to rent one similar to what you are thinking of purchasing. Don't wait till the last minute because the rentals go fast and they are also in limited supply. You can do the rental camping as often as you need to if it will help you settle on the type of camper or camping you and your family want to do. Just explain to your dealer that you want to get it right and of course you want to make your family happy in the process as well.

Happy family camping adventure to all!!

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