October 24, 2009

Family Vacation : How to Turn a Family Vacation Into a "Eureka!" Moment - The Ultimate Vacation Planning Opportunity

Family Vacation

Just because you're going on vacation with your family doesn't mean that young minds have to go to sleep, and loose their sharpness. A well-planned vacation can be packed with exciting activities to stimulate your child's mind. This is the ultimate vacation planning opportunity, a chance to bond with your kids, and celebrate the learning experience together.

Even a vacation to the beach can awaken in your youngster a range of interests that could lead to truly rewarding careers in biology, bio-physics, astronomy, language, writing, and who know what else...

Most kids complain that school is boring, so why not use your vacation time to awaken their potential. For example lets see how we could turn a Caribbean vacation into a life changing "Eureka!" moment: Instead of planning to spend every day at the beach, use some of this time to explore topics that will awaken the sleeping giant of possibility dormant within your little genius.

For starters consider Caribbean islands like Trinidad and Tobago when planning your vacation, islands that offer more than just pretty beaches and blue seas. Islands where your child's interest in biology could lead you to investigate the numerous species of bird and animal life that are easily accessed in the tropical rain forests, swamps and marshlands of Trinidad and Tobago.

Fostering Your Child's Interest in Biology

Consider a trip to Tamana Bat Caves to experience first hand tens of thousands of bats, a plethora of species including vampire bats, exiting the hidden depths of the earth as they journey forth each evening on their nightly food gathering and hunting forays. Or...

Consider a kayaking adventure into the Nariva Swamp and Bush-Bush Nature Reserve for a face-to-face encounter with an endangered West Indian Manatee, or sea cow. Or a nighttime adventure with giant leather-back sea turtles, dinosaurs of the deep that have been laying their eggs on beaches since the dawn of time. Or go turtle watching when the babies of these lumbering sea giants make their way into the blue Caribbean Sea to begin their own adventures.

Or perhaps simply exploring the tropical gardens of your Trinidad and Tobago hotel to find the minuscule tropical tree frogs whose nightly serenades fill Caribbean night with their song might spark your child's interest in biology.

Fostering Your Child's Interest in History

An interest in history could be sparked by examining Caribbean Pirates and adventurous like Sir Walter Raleigh, and searching out some of the many old colonial forts of Tobago, visiting such romantically named beaches as Pirates, Bloody and Man-O-War Bays, and discovering how these early Caribbean explorers lived.

Fostering Your Child's Interest in Cooking

An interest in cooking could develop after discovering the unusual candies enjoyed by children in Trinidad and Tobago. Candies, or sweets as the are called locally, like Sour-Sweet, which turns your turns blood red; Tamarind Balls, made from the tart fruit of Tamarind trees mixed with cane sugar, or Chinese sweet-and-salt plums, and a range of other delights that even you might find excitingly enjoyable. So...

These are just a few ideas but with an open mind, a little forethought and some preplanning you can keep your kids occupied with educational activities, which they won't even recognize as teaching opportunities because they were having so much fun.

Caribbean family vacations, such as these, become investments in your family's future as much as they do memorable adventures.

Escape with your kids, and learn a thing or two in the bargain...

For more information about exotic miniature tropical tree frogs visit http://www.amazing-trinidad-vacations.com/tree-frogs.html, and for old colonial forts and a range of other exciting possibilities visit http://www.amazing-trinidad-vacations.com/colonial-forts.html.

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