July 14, 2009

Vancouver Day Trips For 2010

The North Shore

An exhilarating drive over Lion's Gate Bridge offers the first gorgeous views of the Burrard Inlet and English Bay. You may also elect to approach the North Shore on the Seabus, leaving from Vancouver's Waterfront, and enjoying the scenic cruise.

At the North Shore, visitors delight in visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which hovers over the Capilano River, 230 feet below. This breath-taking experience is enriched by the rainforests around it and the bird's eye view of the river below. The Treetops Adventure comprises walkways and suspension bridges that connect one towering tree from another, allowing visitors to walk between them and take in a totally different perspective of Vancouver.

Once you have descended from the boughs of the rainforest, Cleveland Dam is sure to beckon. This is a man-made dam that restrains the contents of Capilano Lake. Close to this gorgeous expanse of water is the fish hatchery, where Pacific salmon are reared. These spawn on the river, and visitors are privy to watching these fish swim the final part of their reproduction journey upstream. Around the hatchery, the magnificent rainforests are home to a host of wildlife and plant species. Trails through this forest lure busy travellers to be part of the serenity.

At the base of the nearby Grouse Mountain, gondola trips to the Peak of Vancouver are an absolute necessity for visitors to the area. Avid skiers will be well rewarded during the winter months, as Grouse Mountain is coated in a thick layer of snow.

The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is most ideally accessed by the ferry systems for which Vancouver has become known and loved worldwide as a destination. In fact, the whole of British Columbia boasts an impressive ferry system. The two major ferry terminals near Vancouver are within an hour's drive of the city centre. An added feature of these ferries is that travellers with their own vehicles are able to drive these on board for use on the other side (reservations recommended during the busy summer months). To get to the Sunshine Coast, travellers board a ferry at the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal in the west of Vancouver. The trip on the ferry takes approximately 40 minutes, the entire duration of which is spent looking out onto and appreciating the gorgeous surrounds.

The ferry lands in the Langdale Ferry Terminal on the Sunshine Coast. The coastal establishments here are enchanting, and the hikes provide a fantastic experience of this area. Shopping enthusiasts will be happy to enjoy the curio shops. After a day spent exploring the Sunshine Coast, a relaxing ferry cruise back to Vancouver is the ideal way to wind down and prepare for the exciting 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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