July 20, 2009

This is not Award, Only Love Share

I am a newbie in blogger, this "friendship award", make me don't believe it and surprised, what I am, but feel bloggers considered my existence. My new best friend who have give me, thank to you Raini Munti : Way Of Harmony (from a friend : Albertus). As a symbol to keep friendship among bloggers.
Several days I am puzzled how post this, as a newbie, still don't know what the rule, fear that caused hurt someone.
I still try to post them, hopefully there is no wrong with this. Even if it still happens, I shall not intentionally and this is just an accident. I learn from friends who also get this (which is already post them), so this is more or less that I have learned.


  1. What a fantastic photo...thanks so much for sharing!

  2. jiiah since yesterday i've try to send comment in this posting...i hpe n ow i can do it hehehhe...it nice post ..(actualy i duni what u mean hehehe, it's about friendship???or award?? heheheh)
    salam knal n hangat j



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